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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Desire For Blogging

I was actually trying to figure out what to write for my 100th post in my blog, so I asked my wife for a suggestion and she told me to write about the factors that drove me to blogging.

When we visited my in-laws last year, I heard a lot of things about blogging from their family friends.  There were a lot of good things they shared but most of it was on how to earn through it..I just knew I can do so much more than just earning.  So, upon returning to Davao, I asked a former classmate whom I knew was into blogging. With her help, I started my own blog with Blogger... my "Trunk Locker".

And more, I am grateful that because of you I've reached the 10,000 pageviews...

I'm more comfortable communicating and expressing myself more through writing than speaking... that's why I find blogging perfect for me.  My aim is really simple, I'm blogging to make my thoughts and insights be put into writing and be read . Things  happening around me and things I experience in life are my inspirations .. To share thoughts about my beliefs and my faith... about what our Lord had done to my life and how He affects me through His words, graces and even challenges in my daily life.

I definitely enjoyed making every post in my blog... it gave me an outlet for my thoughts... thoughts that I always wanted to share to other people... may it be lessons from  this life's journey, inspirations or recommendable deeds of other people,  wrong things that needed to be changed, happenings that affect our lives or anything worth sharing.

I put not only my mind but my heart in every post I made... and with my family as my inspiration... the biggest reward for me is the appreciation I get from them and from the people who read my blog with their kind comments and messages they leave... I considered them the ink in my pen... even if they do not agree with me all the time, the thought that I somehow touched and affected the lives of my readers...  makes me keep going and thank the Lord...

The only prayer I always have is for His guidance and that may everything be in accordance to His will... Yahweh bless.  

Friday, September 23, 2011

My PMA Cadet Years (Fourth Class) - Beast Barracks (2nd Plebe Detail)

Continuing with my PMA memoirs... It’s the second plebe detail and the Army group was handling us... we were expecting for the worst... and more rigid training... since this is what we were told... 

April 30, 1995 – It’s Sunday, we went to church and had a quiet time with Yahweh... really had a hard time fighting such dozing-prone moments... maybe because those strenuous activities we had, with adrenaline levels started to drop, left us off guard and weariness had catch-up... thanks to our squad mates, we kept looking after each other to avoid bad endorsement.

And then back to barracks with our normal routine... road run then “masi-masi”...

“Masi-masi or mess to mess” is from the word mess (obviously).  Mess is what we termed our meal breaks (morning, noon and evening mess).  Literally, it means  series of exercises performed starting at the end of a meal break and ends before another meal break starts... but this didn't happened much... luckily, we also had other duties to be busy with. (lol)

Obstacle Course and Film Viewing.  Was it just a coincidence that we were having our rotting obstacle course on Labor Day  and it was raining... The obstacle course is a series of task where you need to balance yourself on cross elevated logs; crawl under barbwires, into concrete culverts and elevated bars; climb up and down in ropes; go over logs; jump, bounce, leap were just a few to mention... and the best part was... there’s a time limit and exceeding beyond it would mean repetition and a low score.

Then, we had a chance to see a part of the documentation done by the ladies from De La Salle University for their thesis on PMA women cadets.  We finally saw what transpired during our reception day from other’s perspective... it was unlikely fun to watch since it was the day we didn’t want to happened again... haha...

Bogged Down.  It was May 2, 1995, we had our squad run.  It was just like any other run in our normal route and distance but with a little twist... we ran by squad, in our camouflage uniform with all the accessories and full backpack.  Just a couple of meters away from the finish line, I started catching my breath and then my feet gave in... I was carried by my squad mates to the finish line and then rushed to PMASH (our station hospital).  No findings though... maybe it’s just fatigue or the extra baggage or simply, just lost the correct timing of my breathing (lol)... I don’t know...  it was new to me... never bogged down in running before.

I was “sick in quarters” (SIQ) for 24 hours... quite enjoyed the early mess and being excused from a couple of activities.  This was the first time I heard the mess hall from afar... If you’re an outsider, you would definitely not think it’s a place where cadets eat their meal... hahaha.

Rope Course and Stamina.  The following days were about learning how to cross different rope bridges (single, double and triple rope bridge)... and several revelry road runs in preparation for our second “foot march” to Camp 6.

May 6
No Saturday Inspection... we're having our foot march and our destination was Camp 6 (about 11 kilometers from PMA).  It was much tougher than the first foot march since we travelled on rugged terrains and passed along cliffs.  We took an alternative route on our way back... Cannon Road.  It was all concrete and asphalt roads going up... and took our rest upon reaching Luwakan airport.  Then we continued until we heard the band... and we marched “head-up and chin-in” ‘til our final halt in the Borromeo field.

Marksmanship and Rappelling.  I really enjoyed both courses... For the marksmanship training, we were asked to shoot the M-16 automatic rifle in different positions and in single shots and rapid firing... hit some bull’s eye (don’t ask where the other bullets went, I don’t know either... hehe)
And for the rappelling, we started at a few feet structure (the tree house) and then on top of a 4 storey building (Florendo Hall).  It was quite hard looking down and thinking I’m going to fall, but I had my confidence from the sergeants with their years of experience on this... come to think of it... I was attached to the rope and doing it according to instructions... and more importantly, I just prayed... what could possibly go wrong?  Most challenging... “the lizard” or head first rappel... it’s an awesome experience.

May 14.  Our Lord’s Day and it was Mother’s day.  Why is it that if you are having a hard time with your life, you always think and wish for your mom and not anyone else... my children does that all the time... haha.

Record Firing, Physical Fitness Test (PFT) and Obstacle Course.  A hectic week... and more, it was raining most of the time.  It had made the tests a lot difficult, especially the obstacle course.  I’m a marksman in record firing (that means average)... I missed a lot in the standing position; I’m blaming it to the rain and fog covering my sight (lol).
The PFT is composed of the following tests: push-up, sit-up, pull-up, trunk forward flexion, standing long jump and 3.2 km run.  I passed all the standards or minimum requirement for the tests.  My record for the run was 12’50”... and I can’t beat that anymore...
And for the obstacle course, I really wasn’t expecting but I did a pretty good job here.  I finished 9th with a time of 11’19” (27’19” less 16’)... that’s good enough for me. (Please don’t ask me about the computation, go ask PMA... but just a wild guess, the 16 minutes buffer was for the mud in our boots and the wet obstacle course... hehe)

Swimming, Boodles and Uniforms.  The week also had its fun and surprises.  We had our swimming lesson where we were asked to jump from an elevated board to a pool which I guess was10-12 feet deep.  It was fun, especially if you’re not afraid of heights and already knew how to swim...
The boodles were also distributed for our final foot march.  It was a treat for us back then.  Plebes were unauthorized to go to public places and establishments during the summer camp even if it was inside PMA.  We were confined and restricted to barracks and always accompanied by an upperclassman or an officer during outdoor activities... Anyway, we had no money to offer... unless the store wanted to trade... socks for boodles, anyone (lol)
We were also already issued with some of the corps uniforms; the dress coat and the corps jacket.  It was a big deal, especially to a plebe that I was then.  This meant that I was near to surviving the beast barracks and incorporation was just days ahead.

May 19-20.  Our third and final foot march for the summer camp and our destination... the radars at Mt. Kabuyaw.  We had an early mess that day (0430H) and jumped off at 0600H.  We brought our shelter halves (yes ½, one needs to have a partner to complete 1 tent) since we spent an overnight in the camp site.  Actually, it should had been termed as “foot march climbing a foggy mountain” since it’s all up and for just a few meters you could no longer see the person in front of you... more, we were all wet with sweat and rain... hehe.
We enjoyed the night being loose even for a while... no heading-up and chinning-in... and no shouting.  No bias with the other group, but I guess the Army group wasn’t what they were telling us to be.  They were more of the “people” person.  Still strict during training but they mingled well with their people than the other group. Maybe that’s just the “army way”...  And since it was raining the whole night with our poncho on, a squad mate and I played a little trick to a group of “mistah” from the other company... pretending to be upperclassmen (acting “cool na cool”), they actually became uneasy with our presence... we asked them to stay at ease... and we returned to our platoon.  Haha... lucky for us we were not caught by their yearlings or squad leader.  Coz if we were... we’re deadly endorsed.

The following day, it was still rainy when we returned to the academy.  Our officers were just glad no one bogged down in our company considered we traveled 15 kilometers to reach PMA... though cadets maybe tough still there were those who had been feverish after the event... we’re no steel, after all.

Incorporation Day Preparations.  Final examinations, drills, road runs, cleaning... and lots and lots of cleaning composed the last week of May.  We were all busy preparing for a very important event... the Incorporation Day.  We had road runs with our M-14 so we would be used to its weight... we will be using it from then on in our parade and review.  Our lacking items and uniforms were already issued.  Closing and summing up our military subjects with their final examinations.  And drills, drills and drills for the incorporation parade... it was actually one way to show the corps that we deserved to be a part of it... we all crossed our fingers and hoped for the best...
And best part was, we will again see our family, after 2 long months... just 2 months, but why did it feel like a year?  But no matter what, I still thanked the Lord, I survived the beast barracks...

To Yahweh be the glory...

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How Close Am I To You...

My forehead is touching yours that
   I seem to hear your thoughts...

Though your eyes blur into my sight
   amazingly, I can still see their beauty...

I can hear you breathing and 
   smell it as if it's no different to mine...

As I kiss your lips, so soft
   my lips cannot deny its sweetness...

I can feel your warmth and 
   the life your body radiates...

I can feel your heart beat and
   it has a perfect rhythm with mine...

As we wrap each other with an embrace
   love and security fills any empty space...

Your wholeness makes me feel
   that piece of heaven here on earth...

I'm part of you as you're of me
   that's how close I am to you...

Yahweh bless...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Part VII – False Impressions (In Filipino "Tagalog" dialect)

Los Angeles, California

Nakadungaw sa floor to ceiling na glass window sa ika 16th floor ng S&S Tower si Damon ng biglang pumasok si Sally sa kanyang office.

“Sally, would you care to knock next time?” Sanay na si Sally sa ganong kasupladuhan ng kanyang boss.

“Sorry boss, did I interrupt something?”

“Almost, I was on the verge of doing something private when you suddenly hopped your ass in.”

“Really?, Or are you daydreaming of someone from the past again?  Like I can't notice....I know that malayo ang tingin look of yours boss.”

Tinaasan sya ng kilay ni Damon.

“Ooopps, sorry, I'll zip my mouth na po...By the way boss, here are the proposed contract of the companies you had meetings with, porche, chevrolet, ford...basta nandyan na po lahat.”

“Just put it on my table thank you.”

“And miss Megan called, wag mo raw kakalimutan ang date ninyong tatlo ni Maxine bukas.”

“Right, thank you...anything else Sally?”

“Wala na po bossing, unless may kailangan pa kayo?”

“Wala na rin” tumalikod muli si Damon at humarap sa glass window.

“Ok, thanks” naglakad nang palabas si Sally... Ayaw nyo pa kasing umuwi ng Pilipinas eh” pahabol na pang aalaska nito.

“Did you say something” tanong ni Damon na nakatalikod parin

“Nope, not a word”

Naiinis sya sa tuwing pinapaalala sa kanya ni Sally ang isang bagay na gustong-gusto nya nang kalimutan. Ngunit sa oras na halos bibigay na ang kanyang pride ay may trabaho nanaman syang dapat pagtuunan ng pansin.

It's been 6 years now... he had had lots of relationships with beautiful women but none of them filled an empty space somewhere in the middle of his heart which only a particular person can fill in.

God, how he missed her so much,  especially in times when he's with another woman.. His mind would wonder, where in this freakin' world is she right now. Bakit sya naglaho ng ganon-ganon na lang. He keeps on reminding himself... Damon, Damon, how can such a girl affect you so much after all these years na hindi mo sya nakita. After all the gorgeous ladies you've been with, you're still wondering what could have been if you did not have that accident... kalokohan na yan Damon..Move the fxckin'on man!!!

After being discharged from the hospital, Damon had to undergo weekly physical therapy in order to be able to walk again. Inabot din ng isang taon bago sya nag fully recover physically.

Contrary to his plan of coming home to the Philippines, his dad requested him to take over his kuya Alfred’s position for a while because his kuya got married and asked for a 3-month break from work. His kuya Alfred and his wife travelled mostly during those 3 months, talagang honeymoon to the fullest ika nga.

Pumayag narin sya dahil gusto nya ring mag expand ng kanyang S. Motors Lt. Ed. Sa US. He had  it all planned. He would request Miggs again to look for Steph and ask her to follow him to the States para doon nalang mga aral. He would provide everything for her, ganun sya ka desidido ngunit Steph was no longer in that school. She was practically no where in Manila, Visayas and Mindanao... He waited, in fact he waited for like a year, asking for updates from Miggs but they couldn’t find her.

Pakiramdam ni Damon ay kinalimutan na sya ni Stephanie. He hated her for that . Tinamaan ng husto ang pride nya pati.

He just kept himself preoccupied with work para lang makalimutan sya but her memories just won’t let him go. He would wake up in the middle of the night from a hot dream of Stephanie. He would dream of their first night together. He imagined himself taking her glasses off... and her clothes of while kissing those cherry red lips.. They would make passionate love all night. It almost felt so real and  he would wake up so much in love again. That’s his most hated part, waking up so much in love with someone he couldn’t find. For all he knows baka nga nag-asawa na sya ngayon at heto sya nagpapantasya parin sa isang babaing hindi nga nya lubos mang lang nakilala... Worse, when he wakes up, he would be beside another woman always. It’s so fxcking frustrating.

Tila yata nakikinig ang panahon sa kanya, nag ring ang kanyang private line.

“Miggs pare, kumusta na..napatawag ka pare.”

“Sensya na pare, naka abala ba ako?” tanong ni Miggs

“Hindi naman, bakit pare, may problema ba?”

“Pare, diba may surveillance camera ang bahay mo?” si Miggs.

“Oo, bakit?”

“Do you mind if I take a look at them pare?”

“Of course not pare, daanan mo lang doon sa may security house, nandun lahat ng CDs.”

“Great, salamat pare.” Binaba na ni Miggs ang telepono.

Hindi na nagtanong si Damon, madalas naman talagang tinitingnan ng security agency ang mga surveillance cds nila para magfile  ng yearly report for documentation. Ganun ka conscious si Miggs pagdating sa legalities.


Papa Damon!! Papa Damon!! Can I have ice cream?! Paglalambing ni Maxine.

“Sure Princess, come on lets go get some ice cream.” Sumakay si Maxine sa likod ni Damon na parang spider monkey.

“Mommy, well just buy some ice cream, just wait for us here ok?” Parang matandang pagpapaalam ng anak sa kanyang mommy Megan.

“Ok, just be back right away cause we are going to miss the movie if we don’t get inside on time.”

“Sure mom, lets go Papa!”

Sa may di kalayuan ay nakatanaw si Steph na tila hindi maintindihan ang kanyang nakikita.But she can’t be wrong, It’s a picture of a perfect and happy family. Damon was with his cute little daughter and his beautiful wife. She wanted to believe otherwise so she asked the waiter whom Damon was talking to earlier.

“Excuse me, do you mind if I ask you something?”

“No ma’am, what can I do for you..” magalang ng sagot ng pinoy na waiter.

“That lady in purple over there, do you know her?”

“Si Mrs Megan Samuel po, wife of one of the owners of  this hotel maam.” Nakangiting paghanga ng waiter ky Megan.

“Thank you.” Tulalang nakatitig na lamang sya kay Megan, napakaganda nga, they look gorgeous together.. Maya-maya ay bumalik na si Damon and Maxine.

“We have to go now,” Tawag sa kanila ni Megan.

Nakatitig parin si Steph kay Damon habang ito ay papalabas kasama ang kanyang pamilya. He looked more handsome, more mature and very happy.

She almost couldn’t stop herself from running to him.. Damon, I’m here...But obviously, she’s too late, Damon looks so contented with his family now. Hindi nya inasahan ang biglang paglingon nito sa kanya na tila narinig ang pagtawag ng kanyang puso.

She instinctively looked down, turned around and headed back to her room on the 6th floor.

Damon couldn’t  understand why he’s feeling so uneasy today, tila may nakamasid sa kanila. Habang bumibili sila ng ice cream ng kanyang pamangkin ay napansin nya ang isang magandang dilag sa my di kalayuan. She looked so familiar, he just can’t remember where he’d seen her. She looked like an angel in her red sun dress with her straight and long black hair na nakalugay halos hanggang bewang. He wanted to go to her and ask her if they had met before. The truth is, gusto lang talaga nyang  makilala and magandang dalaga na tila kanina pa nakatingin sa kanila. But unfortunately, they had to leave to catch a movie he’d promised to Megan and Maxine na mag-ina ng kanyang kuya Alfred na kasalukuyang nasa Paris for a conference. Maybe he would ask later if that lady in red happened to check  in their hotel. Perhaps he would send her some compliments from the hotel and invite her for dinner tomorrow tonight.

Nang makapasok si Steph sa kanyang kwarto ay agad itong ng impake at nagpatawag ng taxi sa receptionist upang ihatid sya sa airport. Her tears were involuntarily flowing . What were you expecting Steph? That he would look for you and ask you to marry him? After all these years of waiting, diba walang dumating ni anino? So don’t cry!...

Nagpahatid si Steph sa airport at nagbook ng earliest flight back to the Philippines. She had to let go of Damon for good this time. He’s already happy now and that’s what’s important. He is healthy and happy—period. Hindi ba yun naman ang kanyang hiniling sa Diyos noon? So she should be happy for him too. Even if her heart is bleeding she has to move on from here.

The next day, maagang pumasok sa office si Damon.

“Good morning boss?” nagtatakang pagbati ni Sally.

“Sally, I want you in my office right now.”

Agad tumayo si Sally at bumuntot sa kanya papasok sa office.

“May ipapagawa ba kayo boss?”

“I want you to call Diamond hotel, ask them if a lady in red dress with long black hair happened to check in yesterday. I want her name and room number.”

“Ah.... a lady in red dress....with long black hair...” puzzled na tanong ni Sally.

“They would remember her, believe me, she’s......very difficult to forget rather easy to remember.”

“Ok, right away boss.” Saka lumabas na si Sally

“And cancel all my appointments today, I have a date with miss lady in red.” Pahabol nito.

“Yah right, of course sir.”

After 10 mins ay bumalik si Sally...

“Boss, sorry mukhang hindi yata matutuloy yung date mo.... miss lady in red checked out from room 605 last night and headed straight to the airport.”

“To the airport? Bound for where? Did you get her name?” tumaas and tono ni Damon.

“She only wrote Ms. QSRT, no contact no. whatsoever.’

“Well, call the the airport, use my connections, find out where she went.”

“Ok boss, certainly.’ Muling tumalikod si Sally.

Uminit ang ulo ni Damon. He had to see her again. He felt some sort of connection with that woman. He felt it when their eyes met at the hotel, but she immediately looked away and left na parang nagmamadali. She looked familiar...She felt like Stephanie...... what?! No way! Steph was no way like her, sophisticated yet angelic and demure in some ways. Napakaganda.. He felt so excited like in the  first year in his highschool days when he saw his ultimate crush. He had to really see her again.. Baka sakaling makalimutan nya si Stephanie. Sa tindi ng pakiramdam nya ngayon.. This woman would definitely change things a lot.

Biglang nag ring ang kanyang phone..


“Damon pare, did you mention to me that you were with miss Stephanie Martinez sa bahay mo the day before your accident? Do you remember having other lady visitor?”

“No, why?..well ate Belen was with her when I left to meet the President.”

“Pare, you have to check the video taken on that day, I think this will help us a lot in finding her.”

“Pare, was that the reason you asked for the cd’s?” medyo iritang tono ni Damon.

“It’s  been  years man, I thought it was understood that by not asking info about her anymore meant that my case with her is closed.” Dagdag pa nito.

“Pasensya na pare, I just can’t get over with her case man...Di lang ako mapalagay na di talaga natin sya mahanap, I want to finish what I’ve started man, you know me Damon.”

“Ok Miggs, do as you wish pare, just remember that I’m no longer interested to find her..”

“Got that Damon...Will bear that in mind.”

Saka ibinaba na ni Damon ang telopono. Ng tila inis na inis sa sitwasyon... Nasaan naba si Sally. Tatawagin na sana nya ito ng bigla itong sumulpot sa pinto...

“ Boss, she took the latest flight back to the Philippines last night.”

“Philippines....Good, now book me a flight to Manila, I have a business to attend to”

“Business? I don’t remember arranging any meeting in Manila?” pagkukunwaring clueless ni Sally.

“Sally, I didn’t hire you to question my plans, now book me a flight... I want the earliest.”

“I’m on it boss” Saka kumaripas na ito ng takbo palabas.

He  felt so lucky to have Sally, his ever reliable secretary who knows him like family.

It’s time to look for miss lady in red and forget about Stephanie Martinez for good.

To be continued...

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sharing Some Trunk Locker Liebster

To the two wonderful writers Kathy Winans and Jenn Duffy- Pearson who have blawarded me with the Liebster Blaward (blog award... haha)... it's an honor to be chosen by you, guys.  Thank you.  People like you are those I consider ink to my pen... I am truly humbled of knowing you both.  By the way, if only you're not that popular, I would definitely choose you guys too for this award.

Let’s first elaborate Liebster Blog Award a little bit.  The Liebster award is from Germany where “Liebster” means friend or love.  It's simply an award to highlight new bloggers, the ones that have less than 200 followers.  Well, like me... you see I started my blog just January of this year (which makes me a neophyte in blogging).  Also, I can just count in my fingers those who really follow and read my blog posts (the others are just part of a list).  Enough about me, let’s go to the cool part, choosing my 5 fave bloggers in high hopes that all of you will be able to follow and liebster (lol) these guys as I would.  (Please do the same to those I chose as Stylish and Versatile bloggers.)

So, I'm giving liebster to the following...

Jenny O'Toole author of From Jenny with Love. Loved the reality. Real experiences... real people... real life. Philippines to Europe... gutsy, may I say.

Zennia Zamora of Zen Encounters. Loved the simplicity of details and the candidness of her works.

Amy writes the My Leisure Blog. Loved the pictures and how she captures each one of it... in an artist's perspective.

Michael Ferrer, the person behind Blobbs of B-boy.  Loved the updates with some of the twists from the blobber's personal insights.

Last but definitely not the least... the Nurses' Journal. My favorite writer, the love of my life... when it comes to this blog, let's just say I'm biased... and loving it. (lol)

Yahweh bless...

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Monday, September 12, 2011

People Talking About Other People

“Conniving” and “Talking without permission”... these are the words I can recall that our upperclassmen usually tell us when we were caught talking at each other.  It’s a grave offense for plebes and we’re actually punished by doing so.  It’s actually part of our training, just like telling you that there are a lot of things to do and talking to each other means you’re not busy doing your duty as a cadet.  If I may say, an etiquette, that you don’t talk secretly and if you have something productive to say, then tell it to the group so everybody can hear it.  If otherwise, then keep your mouth shut.  And you know what; it still applies even outside the walls of the academy...

A friend of ours confided that she was very much affected by her co-workers talking about her, making up stories about having an intimate relationship with a guy friend... and they don’t care even if it can ruin her married life.  We told her to ignore them, and not to give these unhappy people a chance to remove the joy in her  life... for as long as she’s  not doing anthing wrong,  in the eyes of other people, they’ll always be the “contra-bida” (antagonist) or the insignificant ones.  And we’re glad she smiled...

I pity not my friend (she’ll always have friends like us) but those people who talk about other people.  They envy too much that they find it difficult to see others being comfortable and happy with their lives.  Their lives were affected by these people and they take it negatively... so they throw back pessimistic thoughts and comments to others, subconsciously thinking it would make their lives look better.  They put too much emotion, time and effort just to gain nothing like friends... they don’t have real friends because people around them always think that they can’t be trusted.  If they talk about other people then there’s no stopping them from talking about anybody... even their thought to be allies.

I guess these are the people who never had bedtime stories with their parents when they were little or if they had, they never listened and learned anything at all.  Most of the time, in a child’s storybook, those who talk about and make wrongful accusations are the villains, who always have plans of destroying the lives of the protagonist, which they envy the most.

As observed, these “chismosas/chismosos” (as we call them in our place) or people who are fond of talking about other’s business, are people who doesn’t have anything to do or don’t have any work.  Most of them are unhappy jobless people who find an outlet to others just like them.  If they are however employed, then they are not that busy at all since they can still manage to have a couple of hours just to talk nonsense about someone.

I hope that these people will soon realize what they are doing isn’t right.  For  being like this all the time, makes it a habit and eventually becomes the person that they are...

My friends, I know you don’t want to be talked about by this cruel people... don’t worry Yahweh don’t like them either... that’s why it’s his 9th Commandment.  May Yahweh bless us all.

People will always talk about you, especially when they envy you and the life you live. Let them... you affected their lives, they didn't affect yours.” --- Anonymous

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Versatile Trunk Locker

I am honored to have been recognized as a versatile blogger by someone who really takes time to visit my blogs... thank you so much Teresa Cypher aka T K CypherBuss.  I'm fueled to write because of people like you who knows how to give appreciation to others without expecting for anything in return.  It just means that you have so much to give because you never feel  that you are in need or lacking something.. and that is a great trait of someone that not everybody has.

Teresa of Pennsylvania is the great writer behind "Dreamers, lovers, and Star Voyagers" who puts her heart and mind into her soulful works found in her blog. 

Now, whom to pass this to... I searched the net to look for the criteria of blogs deserving of this award and I didn't find anything, so I'll be basing this to how Merriam-Webster defined it:

ver·sa·tile adj \'vər-sə-təl, especially British -,tī(-ə)l\
: changing or fluctuating readily : variable <a versatile disposition>
: embracing a variety of subjects, fields, or skills; also : turning with ease from one thing to another

And for me, the blogs that fit these descriptions are as follows:

Nurses' Journal don't get me wrong, I might be biased here since the writer is a part of my heart.  But for a fact, that people say a lot of good comments about her posts... and how it relates greatly to their own experiences and how they feel every moment in her writing... makes me think she deserves the award.

Jenn Duffy- Pearson is a dear who writes a blog "Wine-n-Chat".  Her writing is just  like hearing her thoughts... so vibrant, so spontaneous, so unique... somewhat synonymous to the award.  Jenn, giving you now the  opportunity to award this to your chosen friends and bring smile to their hearts knowing it comes from you.

A new acquaintance Helen Mary speaks her heart out in Helena.  This petite but terribly genius young lady is a fighter, speaking clearly her thoughts without any hesitations... but making sure to remain polite as not to offend others.

Kathy Winans of Florida is the co-author of Wine-n-Chat and owns the Sunshine Food and Wine.  Known her due to her wonderful comments, I easily knew that her blog would fit the recognition.  This hubby-loving lady, is not only fun of tackling variety of information about food and wine, but also share her experiences about life's beauty and what affects it.

Views of an Optimist by Humor after 50... is what you need, to see the lighter side of life and have a little tickle in your heart.  A visit here will remind you that to brighten up one's day, all you need to have is a dose of laughter and smile.

Kikilabotz of Finding Happiness.  May sound funny to those who can't understand it, it's a street language used in our place... don't want to misinterpret the meaning so you can ask the author yourself.  Didn't really have a conversation with the author but I'm just moved by how  he unconditionally shares other people's inspiring stories in his blog... truly blog with positivity.

Today's Working Woman written by Susan Dusterhoft, is a little of everything... book reviews, recipes,  outdoor living, experiences, are just a few.  A visit in her blog and you might find what your heart is looking for...

Ashley O. of Proverbs & Wisdom... commented recently in one of my post, leaving a wonderful comment.  What is more inspiring and vibrant to hear than that of His words shown in our daily experiences in life.  If your about to find yourself writing with hatred in your heart... please take a time to visit first this blog before making any move... makes wonders... you'll see.

Daphne of Brooklyn writes Musing & Amusing where she details some of her life's experiences with some funny twists along the way.  Just showing us that even the dimmest experience  has a small spark of light in it.

A young lady in California makes her way to talk to the world through Girl In Your World  where she shares glimpses of her life and stuffs she likes and dislikes.  With her stories about the wide array of places she'd been through and all sort of experiences along the way, truly deserves the award.

So that's my list... my personal choices for this award...congratulations, guys.

Same as that of my predecessor, I'm going to break a few rules too.  I'm going to skip the second rule for I'm writing a personal blog by which a lot had been said about me.  And I'm reducing the number of awardee to 10 as that would not yet melt my brains (lol).  For those so up to it, there are three rules (which you may or may not follow):   

  • Thank the person who awarded it to you, by linking back to them in your post.
  • Share 7 things about yourself in your blog post.
  • Pass this award along to 15 versatile blogs (contact the owners to let them know too!)
And I wouldn't mind if you choose to visit the 11 amazing blogs above... I believed the authors think of me  that way too... Yahweh bless ;)

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

So Nice To Get Married

A friend is getting married soon to his soon to be ex-girlfriend.  My, how time flies, it’s been  exactly 8 years and 5 months of being married to the most beautiful woman in the whole world which I truly love.  I love everything about her especially her imperfections... in the same way I love her just staying in my side during rough times.  I love waking up with her in the morning... no make ups... no hiding or anything... in this way I know she’s for real.  With her, I don’t worry if life sometimes can be a mess... because I know, we can fix it together and at the end of the day... everything will be alright.

For a friend and those getting married, here are my thoughts:

It’s a long, thought about decision.  I married because I found her... the woman I want to share my life forever.  I want to be her husband and a father to our children.  And I came up to this not in just one sitting but through the entire years of our relationship together.  Not everything is perfect, yet we ended up together, because we knew in our hearts, that we complement each other.

Accepted Imperfections.  All people have flaws.  We accepted ours even before we got married.  If I can stand and accept anything about her, then I can marry her.

No Hiding.  We kept no secret to one another.  I just don’t know what its effect in her or to me if something wasn’t spoken... so we open all our cards.  And we accept everything.  Hiding something from her, made me think that I never trust her with it... but I trust her even with my life.

I love her, no other purpose.  I married my wife because I love to spend my life with her... and not with any other purpose.  Having our beautiful children is a blessing from Yahweh.  And everything else that goes with her... I really don’t think of that... It’s her I want and not the things that surround her.

Respect marriage as you respect Yahweh.  When I married my wife, I wasn’t only legally bound to her... but more importantly, we were united by Yahweh.  People are more concern of the law or what other people will think about them that often times; we disregard what Yahweh would think of our actions.  By keeping our vows to love each other, we then show our respect and love to Him.

As our elders often say, “Marriage is nothing like a hot rice you put in your mouth, when you get burned, you can just spit it out.”  It’s just like telling us that we should make sure and think a thousand times if we want to get married.  Then make a decision, if you don't have any hesitations or worries  then go for it... for after that, it'll just only be both of you... your choices... since it’s your life.

To my friends who decided to make a tie... Best wishes.  May Yahweh be your guide and bless you with happiness and contentment in life...


Friday, September 2, 2011

A Getaway In Paradise

It’s been a while since we’ve planned to go on camping with the kids... and spend some quality time together.  It was Monday when I received a text from a cousin informing me about what we agreed upon the other day... to go to the beach.  There was no confirmation, so I assumed they forgot the whole thing.  Anyway, it was a blessing in disguise; and more, thanks to a two day holiday streak last August 29 and 30 (National Heroes' Day and Eid'l Fitr, respectively), our plan of a camping escapade was realized in a nearby beach resort in Davao City.  So, without further delay, my wife and I prepared the kids and the things we needed for... and off we went.

After a few minutes boat ride, we arrived at Paradise Island Beach Resort in Samal.  The kids were already so eager to take a dip in the sea but we asked them to play first around the shaded area and wait until the sun’s heat subsides a little bit (we didn’t want them to get sunburned).

We told our relatives that we were staying overnight, so they went ahead after a few hours later.  At that time, the kids were still enjoying themselves swimming and playing along the shore until nighttime... along with us, we didn’t like to miss the fun.

We ordered dinner in the resort... chicken tinola (soup), barbeque, rice, drinks and some desserts... and their prices, well, it’s on the average... So, after enjoying our dinner, we took some leisure walk around.  The resort had improved, in a way, since our last visit...a nice and wide playground for the kids, a mini zoo and more cozy rooms for their guests... though I still did not notice a pool... but well, they have a vast beach line.  The kids wanted to stay on the playground but we told them its late and promised them we’ll return there in the morning.  So, we returned to our tent and had our rest.

Can't catch a fish, eh?

We hadn’t slept well that night... though we already opened our tent, there was no sea breeze that time... we alternately fanned our kids manually (LOL).

We woke up early and took a morning dip in the sea... brrrrr but refreshing.  And after a while, we accompanied the kids to the playground... were we all enjoyed the facility and a tour to their different species of beautiful birds, deer and other wild animals... truly, there are things money can’t buy...

Great Morning...

Relaxation and Fun... 


The Tour...

My Family... and Life...
The family stays clear even if everything might be a blur... 

Children give color to your world...
Upon returning to our table, a sad unexpected incident happened... which I’m no longer going to mention, so as not to change the atmosphere of my post.  Not to worry, we arrived home safe and sound.  We and the kids took some needed rest... and without a doubt, we all enjoyed our camping escapade... The kids couldn’t wait to go back there…What a nice time in paradise... to Yahweh be the glory.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Being A Responsible Internet User

I was searching this site for the top keywords searches so I can use it in my posts... though it's no longer a shock for me to find out that most of these words would have adult content on it, still I can't help wonder why people are so fond thinking of these things.  I'm no hypocrite, I had visited some of these sites but after some thoughts, I came to realize... what am I doing here?  I should know better.  So I came to a realization and decided to make this post.

These are the top 15 keywords searches I've got... (as you can see, all adult sites and keywords are hidden or not explicitly shared to you... it's one of the ways I can think of, so as not to advertise any of these sites)

Rank       Keywords              Searches         Category

1              hotels                     1584381          travel
2              facebook                1278996          social network
3              p-----b                     1036158          adulsite
4              y-----n                      960395          adulsite
5              x------r                      758143          adulsite
6              -n--                          743827          adulsite
7              r-----e                       680923          adulsite
8              youtube                    564275          videos
9              p---                          562518          adulsite
10            craigslist                   500211          jobs
11            google                      454754          search engine
12            facebook login          401042          social network
13            f--- ---n                      395348          adulsite
14            ebay                         377553          commerce
15            yahoo                       351820          search engine

If you analyze this, you may say that indeed a lot of people love to travel and visit social network sites... but if you look carefully, out of 15, there are 7 keyword searches leading to adult sites... which totaled more than any of these searches.  Meaning, a lot of people are more into naked bodies than to look for something more productive like a job or something that can elevate him/her to someone more than he is today.

As a blogger, I see to it that my blogs do not contain any adult contents... it might be a way to gain popularity and create humongous traffic that can even surpass the PR10 google is giving... but not everything is all about the money and fame... I do have kids... and I don't want them to create wrong notions or get wrong information about stuffs in these sites.  As parents,  family or friends, we should be the one answering their question, in the mildest way possible.  My plea is to make your site, if not child-friendly, at least no obscenity.  Let us avoid triggering a young minds curiosity on stuff that can never help them grow to a better person.

Let us not kid each other, nothing in the net is child proof. Don't underestimate the children today, you might be shocked that even a 3 year old can surf the net... and they do have good memories, so they learn fast.  They can easily unlock and change search preferences... they know.  And those adult site securities looks so hypocrite to me... like a question answerable by yes or no...asking you "are you 18 years old and above" ? I don't believe this will serve to protect because with simply choosing "yes" lets you enter the site.  They  do not have anything for the welfare of our children.  If we want to lower rape, teenage pregnancies and related cases, then these adult sites must have a legal responsibility to make their site childproofed.

 Another thing is that, I believe, these sites are very suggestive and influential. Young minds can be easily corrupted by these sites.. It can implicate in their minds that in order to be popular, fit with society, and to be loved by many, one must show skin and get laid.. Young men would think of women as sex symbols, solely for pleasure.. 

As a responsible adult, if you can't do without going to this sites, please do it as privately as possible.  And leave no trace... meaning erase your history and links.  Its simple... go to your menu bar, then click on "Tools", choose "Clear Recent History", check all boxes and click "Clear Now".  That's it... and by doing so, you've helped made the world a lot safer and better.

I guess what I'm trying to impart is, we have a share of responsibility of what our children learn even outside our own homes.  Yes, you are free to do what you want, it's your life... but I guess, not to the point of affecting other lives, especially the young ones, right?  Their minds isn't mature enough to figure these things... and  worse, they may even think of it the wrong way.  I know there are a lot of ways and brilliant ideas... make a blog, share it... let us educate one another... maybe one day we could actually find a good solution... but for now, do your part and be a responsible internet user... May Yahweh guide us all.