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Thursday, June 28, 2012

My PMA Cadet Years (Fourth Class) - Facing Another Year

Greeting the New Year of 1996 was a tough one, specially not being with my family.  Back then, we had a simple Media Noche in the mess hall with our commandant of cadets and officers-in-charge.  After the meal, some "mistah" (classmates) were already rushing towards the phone booths to exchange greetings with their loved ones.  Me, I talked to my family using my iPhone (just kidding, cellphones were not yet widely used during those years), I was actually joining the others, shouting and making noise, greeting everyone a happy new year while going back to barracks.  Lively music and singing filled the hallway of each company.  Others were dancing and doing some comic acts, while some were eating their heart out watching movies in the clubroom... just doing something to have fun and forget the feeling of homesickness.  And yes, we were very brave to do that since all our upperclassmen were still on leave for the holidays.

The following day, we had a privilege to go out of camp (just within Baguio City). Along with some mistah, we were introduced to a family who lived just a couple of meters away from PMA entrance/ checkpoint.  It was a good thing, since they were very accommodating and friendly to us.  Having friends outside the portals of the academy was a great help, especially for us cadets being far away from home, it's a relief from the pressures, boredom, homesickness, etc.

It was the 3rd of January and with cadets following almost the same vacation days as that of the other universities and colleges, sometimes even shorter, upperclassmen begun to return as academics started.  So farewell to being kings and back to being the lowest mammals.  The good thing was, it was a practice that cadets coming from vacation usually bring delicacies and other boodles from their hometown to share it especially to their squadmates.  At least, we had something good to look forward to.  Also, we performed a parade in front of our upperclassmen.  Being all 4th class cadets, we applied what we learned from them and showed them we can also pull off a snappy pass in review.

Then came a memorable Sunday, 7th of January.  It was our class retreat at Betania Retreat House in Baguio City.  Here, our group met Fr. Raymond Santos and Bro. Arnold Almeda.  It made a  big contribution on my part for it strengthened more my will to continue with my cadet life.  Whenever I encountered a challenge or problem along the way, I just hum the song we learned from the event.  I know by then, the Lord was always with me, protecting me from all harm.

Our regular formation every Saturday Inspection

It was a tough month, there were a lot of guard duties, athletic competitions, lessons, exams, term papers and compilations, the consistent "Saturday Inspections", and the unforgiving demerits with touring hours punishment (my first)... Whoa!!! Good thing from time to time, got to receive letters from family and friends, and we were able to watch some theatrical plays performed by a neighboring university (SLU's Le Miserables), with the occasional film showing.  These simple but remarkable things help keep a cadet's morale high... and their sanity to a normal level (just joking).

But to be straightforward, if there was one thing that kept me going during those times, it was my FAITH... that nothing can harm me as long as HE is with me.  And I'm always reminded of it until now.  Yahweh bless.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Changing The Place For The Baby

One of the main reasons of renovating a place is because of the many changes that's going on when it comes to trend and style or a renovation needs to be done because there might be a new family member being expected and a room  had to be renovated to be suitable for the baby's needs.  The room environment is important in making the baby comfortable as well as it is convenient for people to move around the place.

Since we are expecting a baby six months from now, I and my wife are planning to convert one room into a nursery. Good thing because just recently, I came across this website about home improvement. My wife was ecstatic since she now has a clear picture on how our nursery would look like. Cute, safe and cozy as how she describes it.
We would love to have something like this picture we seen from the site.

Just want to share some good things about the website; offers reasonable prices with the best quality of materials in the market today and provide a hassle-free buying environment.  More, it provides you with a long list of building products from the leading and trusted brands in the market today, to satisfy your product preferences.

It's a great help in providing ideas for our project plans.  We definitely would recommend it to our friends and families.  Yahweh bless.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sticker Happy

I came across this website while surfing some of my favorite sites.  It interests me since it reminds me of my daughter on how she loves stickers, a lot.  I remember when my in-laws were still in the U.S., she will always ask them to include it in the package they'll be sending us.  Until now, if asked what she wants, she never forgets stickers more than anything else.  I don't know what fancies her about it; I guess, she finds most of her favorite things and characters in it, it's easy to use and decorate her stuffs with it, and it tickles her imagination that helps her become more creative on things.

Come to think of it, I can't think of any device, toys or almost anything around us that does not have a sticker or label attached to it.  Most common among it, will be the price tags and labels on items in groceries and department stores.  Therefore it's quite a necessity especially in the business world, to make one's product identifiable and recognized among the rest.  It's an utmost necessity and a must-have in selling one's product.

Having these online websites is a great convenience especially to those who are just starting their businesses or simply looking for other options they could choose from, in becoming their business partner.  Someone that is reliable enough to produce their needs on time, having quality outputs, and with dedication in making their customers satisfied, would definitely be included in the "must" criteria.  But not taking for granted, the cost considerations and the ordering convenience, these would also play a big factor in the selection process.  Having all these things in mind,  I highly recommend visiting this website.  

I just hope my daughter won't be able to read this post, or I'll again find myself being asked from time to time in buying them stickers.  Yup, "them", for her and her little brother too...Oh well, I would probably end up giving in to her request, what can I do I'm a generous father. Yahweh bless.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Just Made My Day

It's Fathers' Day and I was greeted with  morning hugs and kisses from my kids and my wife...hhhmmm how lucky can one get, having a wife and two (soon to be three) kids to cherish...Everyday is like fathers day to me, special and sweet.

But since there is a specific day to celebrate it, what do I like to do today for Father's Day?  Well, maybe go to the spa and have an hour of relaxing massage... or go to the mall and watch a movie or something... or stay home and just surf the net...

I'd like to do all that but a simple meal outside with the family, have a visit to the church to light candles and give thanks to the Lord... go home and spend the rest of the day with my family would be more that enough.  And I can't think of spending it better and more significant than this.  Yahweh bless.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

On My Queen's Birthday

Just an ordinary day before you came to my life
Undeniably special, since my destiny came to life
Never in my wildest dream do I think I deserve
Everything so lovely down to the last curve...

One of my greatest fear is that I ever lose you, my love
Six million women, still I'll seek for you around the globe
Seven continents won't be a hindrance to my heart's desire
Seven days a week, I'll never stop until I find whom I admire...

Heaven sent you to me, it's no coincidence we met
After a series of selection, He chose you for me finally
Picking you up among the cream of the crop
Indeed the best, how can I go wrong with you on top...

Birth of the one who brings light to our family
Day we will never forget, our children and me
Ask whatever your heart's longings and desires may be
Yes, our queen, your will be done just wait and see...

Every single thing you've done in my life I thank the Lord
Never were there any regrets, you'll not hear such word
On the day we've met until I have my last breath
I will love you forever and ever... happy birthday, "Twart".

Yahweh bless...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Army Navy Burger + Burrito Dabawenyo

So, where's the air force?  I was kiddingly asking my wife when we arrived at this recently opened restaurant at Abreeza Mall here in Davao.  It was recommended by my wife's co-workers that the place was a must try, especially their burgers.  Already hungry and curious at the same time, we never had second thoughts in trying the place out.

There was no vacant table when we arrived at the place... hmmm, that's a good indication that the food might be really good or it might just be that a lot of people was, like us, looking for something new.  So while waiting, I got to look around and observe.  Sizing up the place, it may just have 25-30 seating capacity.  They had this arc trademark, resembling a Quonset hut which was used commonly in  barracks during WWII.  And they had these signs on their wall, same as that on the road but with a twist that it's for food.

Before I memorized every corner of the place, we had a table for 2.  We ordered their single quarter-pound patty burger and "FreedomFries".  And just like Yellow Cab Pizza, you pay then wait for your priority number or name to be called, then get your order in the counter.

So, hows the food?  The burger looks appetizing with its bun topped with black and white sesame seeds.  Personally loved the crunch of fresh (crispy) lettuce with the beef patty and all the dressings.  It also had this slight peppery taste that added to its appeal.  And the fries, well, just like how they described it; seasoned and thin-cut, making it crispy and zesty.  It's just like KFC's fries, only thinner.

How about the prices?  The burger costs Php 155 each, fries Php 65, and soda in can Php 40.  More expensive than most value meals but cheaper than most buffet meals.  Well, it really depends on how deep is your pocket.

So, will we return? Definitely, our tummies and taste buds were satisfied, but I guess, not that often though... LOL.  Yahweh bless.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our Day Of Freedom, Our Day Of Independence

Just how important and significant is this day to our country?  Let me just share with you this short but meaningful comment I had in my last year's Independence Day post:

Happy Independence Day to you. Let's remember that we who enjoy freedom as a birthright must be vigilant and protect it from being taken away by force or stealth by the elitist. Our freedom comes from the gift of those who fought, died and were maimed. Jennie- Narrator Reviews and Audiobooks.
Can you imagine what our life would be if not for this day?  We have no rights.  Our country is under the rules and control of another nation.  We are forced to do things even if it is against our will.  We are considered slaves in our own country by people who consider themselves our masters, people who don't have any trace of being a Filipino.  We have no freedom to choose, its just between following what they command or suffer the punishment.  We don't have a decent identity, we might even consider ourselves less than human.

This was what our forefathers fought for with their lives, our freedom as a country.  We heard of the stories of their struggles for independence.  The thousands of lives that were sacrificed, with the hope that in the future, their children and their children's children will live freely in our own nation.  So, it is needless to say that it is important for us Filipinos, that in this remarkable day, we must pay tribute and remember not only those heroes we knew but all those who fought for our country, whose names were not even known.

Let us not put into waste all their efforts and sacrifices for this gift of freedom our forefathers have given us, and with our Lord's help, let's protect it with our lives that we may never lose it once more.  Yahweh bless.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

After Pacquiao's Defeat To Bradley

After a winning streak of 7 years in boxing, Manny Pacquiao lost to Timothy Bradley by a split decision during their recently concluded fight on June 9, 2012 at the MGM Arena.  There's a lot of speculations and different views about the fight, where Manny  landed more cleaner blows than Bradley, while Bradley had a lot of thrown punches than Manny, and so on and so forth.

But there were judges and its their duty to come up with the decision.  What others may think doesn't really matter for them.  It was their sole judgement, whatever their reason maybe, for choosing Bradley to win the match.  Nonetheless, I want to share my views about the fight.
Sorry, it's just hard to find shots where Bradley's punching Manny.
Much bigger expectations  from Manny.  After his no knockdown fight with Marquez, the judges, as much as all the viewers, were expecting Manny to step up and do a more convincing winning performance above the ring.  Seeing more aggressiveness from Bradley, especially from the later rounds, might had gotten the attention and votes of the 2 judges.

Focus on the fight.  Even though its just a game, I can just imagine myself beating up a person or getting beaten up by someone, in front of my young children.  With all the blood coming out and other stuff, not to mention thinking about other controversies and big expectations.  I don't know about, Manny, but me, I can't focus with all of that.  Though its not an excuse.

Finding that lost spark.  Manny is still young to retire.  His game wasn't that bad, he was not knocked down and there was not even a portion in the fight that he was really overpowered by Bradley.  I think this loss by Manny will bring out that desire and hunger to win again, which someone won't feel especially when your on top.

The power of prayer.  We are so used to Manny winning every fight he had that we forgot to pray for him.  Remember how each and everyone offer a simple prayer for Manny's victory on his previous fights especially when he was still beginning to fight internationally?  I bet, there were more praying for Bradley during their fight.

Morale check.  Not so many people are talking about the fight.  For a long time, Manny Pacquiao always had been our nation's pride.  Because of him, many Filipinos around the world are proud of their being a Filipino or having a Filipino blood.  It's because of him, Filipinos found confidence to succeed in different fields around the world.  It's because of him that we are again recognized in the world map, giving due recognition to our cities not frequently heard by other countries.  I guess we are just sad about Manny's loss.  But life must go on, looking forward for the rematch this November.

Heads up, guys, Manny Pacquiao is the only 8 Division World Champion.  It will be a while before someone can even match that.  To Manny, you will still be our champion, win or lose.  Yahweh bless.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Don't Drive And Sleep

It's common sense, better have enough sleep before handling the wheels.  Drive only whenever you are capable of doing so.  But a lot of people just don't mind this, and goes on just to show off or to save face, "I can still drive".  Don't push it, pal.  If you find yourself sleepy while driving along the way, what is it to stop for a while and take a nap or have your substitute driver take over, rather than suffer the consequences.

According to those who talked with the driver, he felt asleep and
with just a blink of an eye, his truck was already on it's side.

There's just a lot that incapacitate one to drive and most of it, the driver is the only one who can assess, here are some:
  • too much liquor intake
  • lack of sleep
  • obstructed vision
  • emotional instability
  • serious health problems
The list can just go on anything that can make the driver lose his concentration and control while on the road.  In any of the circumstances, might as well stay out of the wheels and be a life saver.  May it be your own or that of others.  Yahweh bless.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fruit Ninja Anniversary Update

For those who love to kill time with Fruit Ninja, an upgrade for their free version is now available in your iPhones.  This is in celebration of their 2nd year anniversary.  So what's new?  Well, aside from Sensei, new characters were added, a merchant named Gutsu and his assistant Truffles.  They brought new twists in the game, the Gutsu's Cart, an addition to Dojo selection.

Selecting Gutsu's Cart would bring you to 2 unlocked power-ups, namely:

Bomb Deflects - deflects bomb when you hit them.
Berry Blasts - earn 5 points when you slice this special strawberries.

In order to get these power-ups, Starfruit points (SP) are needed which is earned while playing the game or you can simply buy it.

Also, you can now unlock all blades and backgrounds in the Sensei's Swag by using accumulated Starfruit points (worth 1,000 SP each).  Some blades and backgrounds, however, can be unlocked by finishing a game with specific number of points and certain conditions according to the given clue or objective.  Here's how to get some of them:

Mr. Sparkle Blade - 42 is a number that represents life in the game.  Finish with 42 points.
Old Glory Blade - 50 stars in the US flag.  Finish a game with 50 points.
The Firecracker Blade - Battle of Red Cliffs was on 208 A.D.  Finish a game with a score of 208 points.
I Heart Sensei Background - just follow Halfbrick Studios on Facebook or Twitter.

Enjoy the game, folks.  Yahweh bless.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saving More On Used Auto Parts

Automotive breakdowns, a common problem most of us face due to our vehicles' wear and tear through the years of usage.  A couple of considerations must be made in deciding; money, time, comfort, etc.  Let me just share to you this "website" I came across with while browsing the net and learning how to save more  in choosing used auto parts.  Here are some of the suggested considerations:

Used auto parts are a lot cheaper.  If a part of your vehicle is constantly repaired especially your engine or transmission, you might be surprised that summing up all your expenses can already buy you a decent replacement.  There are a lot of used auto parts with good quality since brand new parts may only be an option if you have enough cash.

Don't use unreliable replacements.  Better use genuine parts, rather than risk your safety on imitations that may not have the same strength and durability.

Look for advantages.  When choosing a shop or dealer ask for the following:
  • length of existence - how long are they in the business?
  • reputation - what do other say about them, reviews, accreditation?
  • product warranty - do they give any and how long?
  • accessibility and shipping comfort - can you transact online and are they going to deliver the items?
  • product quality and prices - how they compare to others?
Another thing,  buying used auto parts is like recycling or reusing non-biodegradable materials that makes you contribute in helping save our environment.  What's more greater than saving our own beloved Earth from which our existence depends on?  Just a thought.  Yahweh bless.