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Monday, June 9, 2014

And The Summer Classes Begin

As the class just ended and the kids were so excited with summer, came a great news, their school required them to attend summer class.  I guess it's because they only had 3 weeks in school which wasn't enough for them to be evaluated.  And we're also glad they're having it, especially that they are still adjusting to a new environment and a totally different culture and language.  Although we had English subject in our country, still we know, it's a totally different thing having to speak pure English. I feel like they really miss the comfort of home where they can use their native tongue in expressing themselves or answering questions.  But as we keep on telling them, this place is now our home... we all need to adapt to what life gives us.  And with all the murmuring about why they still need to attend summer classes, we just simply answered that they very much need it... and I know, my kids are smart to understand it.

Getting to summer school here isn't a hassle at all.  The school sent us a letter of approval if we wanted our kids to take summer classes.  We just filled up the form for necessary information and they're good to go the following school day.  But they had to go to different schools now, since my daughter is going to be in middle school already.  And the experience will be tougher for my son, being used to having his sister around.  Yet we know that they will be alright by themselves, as we saw how protective the teachers here are to their students (they only let go of their students when a parent or recognized guardian is picking up the child).

We were just happy that the schools here for our kids are free of charge, which in a lot of ways help us with our finances especially that we are still starting our lives here in Texas.  And sending them to summer school became an easy decision for us.  We give high regard to their education... for the fact that it is one of the most important  things we can provide them to have a good future.  Yahweh bless.