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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Preterm Labor Worries

We decided to go today to our OBGyn since my wife was having abdominal pains due to suspected premature contractions.  I really learned a lot of new terms for having a pregnant wife.  Though it's still more or less a month to go before the expected delivery, it's better to be cautious than suffer the consequences, more putting my wife and child's life in danger.  We were also worried since according to my wife, the contractions resembled labor pains, similar to what she experienced with our other kids.

Our doctor advised us to have an ultrasound.  But the result contradicted our fears, it showed that she was not yet ready to give birth as the child might come out premature and then we would might need an incubator, or worse, a ventilator for that matter.  So she advised my wife to take her medicines  and continue with her strict bed rest without bathroom privileges.  We still had to wait 2 weeks the least, just to be safe.  Upon hearing this, we went home with peace of mind.
At least, we had a consolation of viewing his face.

We were just glad that the doctor's order was home confinement, for all we thought she would advise another admission to the hospital.  So, just to celebrate a little bit, I bought her a cake.  It was just funny because the only available cake that had her favorite icing had a "Happy Birthday" written on it.  But we didn't mind it as we would just going to eat it anyway.  Plus the store in-charge told me it was newly baked.

Although she continues to have the abdominal pains until this evening, at least we already consulted it.  But in any case that the contractions progress and their intervals become closer, we will surely rush right away to the hospital.  Yahweh bless.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kids And Halloween Scare

What is it with television programs today that they keep on showing scary and sometimes even morbid  horror movie and program clips?  And previews are usually shown on prime time, where our kids usually watch their favorite TV programs.   TV stations show it without giving regard to their viewers, without giving parents due precaution that they'll be showing something not suitable for kids.

It really becomes a problem, especially with my daughter.  At her age, she really believes easily to most of the things she sees on TV.  Now, no matter how I tell her that ghosts and "aswang"(monsters) aren't true and those she saw on TV were just people covered with prosthetics and make-ups, she still believes they're real.  She can't take a bath by herself in the middle of the day... light in the room is open the whole night... and she needs to be accompanied all the time.  I can't even ask her to bring her plate in the kitchen. 

Yes, I know it's Halloween, but isn't it that the whole idea of the occasion is for kids to have fun and not to scare them off.  More, aside from the scare, it's really not healthy for them to see such violence in a horror flick.  It's giving them wrong notions and we can't always be beside them, to give them guidance.  Stations should also be responsible to what they show on TV.  It wouldn't take so much to give some warning before showing it live or maybe move it late night or choose some not so scary parts.  

Let us think of our children's welfare above the income we are trying to achieve.  It is part of our responsibilities as adults, to mold them in the best person they will be someday.  And I don't think scaring them would help... Yahweh bless.

Friday, October 26, 2012

My PMA Cadet Years (Yearling) - Perks Of Being A Cadet

June 1996 - We again had our scheduled FTX or Field Training Exercise held in Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija during the first week of the month.  Using Mt. Taklang (Taclang) Damulag and its surroundings as our training ground, and conquering every task given, especially the early dawn tactical movements and simulation attacks, finding shade and water source (we had water from surrounding creeks and used the chlorine tablets given to us), and late night patrolling and guard duties as defense from the opposing group, which if I remembered correctly, composed of second class cadets or third years.  I remember it was still rotting but not as much as that of being plebes.  Since they had the heavier load, like carrying of food and other supplies and cooking paraphernalia.  That was aside from doing most of the chores.  The price of being a plebe, though hard and rotting as hell, but it's the most unforgettable and much appreciated learning  experience in a life of a PMA cadet.

The terrains of Mt. Damulag, Fort Magsaysay
Upon our return to barracks, we immediately were engaged to drills for the Independence Day parade.  And we took these practices seriously as not only our superiors but also the nation expects us to perform the best, and we take pride of it.  And as a result, our battalions were recognized as the best among the parading participants for that same year.  But in spite of everything, the real honor was being one of those who saluted those who gave their lives just to commit the freedom of our country and in the future, be the ones that will safeguard it and keep it that way.

We always maximized our stay in Manila.  We were provided enough allowance to spend during our privileges after our drills and parades.  We went to our friends and families and invited them to dine or go and watch a movie or just simply roam around the city.  I guess there's just time to be serious as there were also times to relax and have fun around, but within the boundaries and limits provided in the rules and regulations for cadets on privilege or trip, of course.

We returned to PMA a day after the parade to prepare for the start of our academics, just like that of the other universities and colleges.  Our ATM cards were also given for our monthly allowance, just enough to take care of other necessities like toiletries and hygiene stuff.  Cadets' salaries throughout their stay were only given in full by the time they graduate or depart from the academy.  Yup, as a cadet, we had basic pay and allowances just like any other government employees back then.  If I'm not mistaken, it's just above the salary of a master sergeant but lower than a 2nd lieutenant.
Prepared for class...
Though a cadet's life is maybe hard, there were still a lot of advantages into it.  It's not only sacrifices and hardships, we were also well taken care of inside, the basic needs (i.e. food, clothing, shelter, education, medicines and other necessities) were all well provided.  Not to mention, a future stable and progressive military career in the armed forces.  I hope I hadn't talked you in joining PMA, or had I?... hahaha.  Just make sure you're prepared, in mind and in body, it's not all perks out there.  Yahweh bless.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One Of Those Unforgiving Days

As the saying goes, "when it rains... it pours".  Though it sucks, but yes, it's true... sometimes.

It was rainy this afternoon when I was going home from work.  Although it's bearable, I find it hard driving during these times since unlike a car, my helmet doesn't have something in it to wipe away the rain.  Then my luck begun... When I was half way  home, my rear tire was struck by a 4 inch nail.  After removing it, I brought my motorcycle to the nearest vulcanizing shop to have the hole patched.  However, they told me that the tire interior was badly damaged and needed to be replaced.  Whew, glad I had some extra cash with me that time.  And so, it was fixed.

Then my luck continued, after driving a few kilometers, my rear tire begun to swing.  I just said to my self, another flat, you gotta be kidding.  As I checked my rear tire, It wasn't struck by a 4 inch nail... now, it was a 2 inch (LOL).  It was already dark, still raining, and I had to drive more or less a kilometer with a flat tire, to another vulcanizing shop.  Then, guess what, my interior was again badly damaged and needed to be replaced.  The problem was, there were no longer open hardware shops to buy it.  My last resort was to go back to the first shop I had my motorcycle fixed.

Upon reaching the shop, the in-charge sadly told me that they already ran out of stock for my tire's size.  But she offered me, a second hand interior that can fit my tire.  Having no choice, I bought it.  However, the vulcanizer told me to change it the soonest I get a chance.  Second hand interiors aren't that reliable and it wasn't exactly the right fit to my tire, it barely fitted.  He might have seen that I looked worried, so he told me not to worry too much, that there's no problem with it, and his advise was just a precaution.

Well, I know things happen for a reason.    Maybe the Lord was just preventing me from a greater trouble ahead.  For whatever reasons there are, I'm just happy and thankful to Yahweh that I was able to come home safe and sound.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Planning Ahead

Our elders constantly reminded us when we were young, that the only thing a parent can give their children which cannot be stolen away from them is education.  And that is what we are now carefully planning and preparing for our children.  Especially that we have plans of migrating in the United States and their education there is one of our primary concern. 

Since it's a different country, we expect that their system of education and their curriculum will somehow differ from what we have in our country, and that's what concerns us.  Just in case that coping up will be hard for the kids, we are definitely open to the idea that we might need some help like tutoring for instance.  And choosing a reliable and competent school tutoring, would be a crucial decision to make. 

Moreover, since our daughter would be going to high school education a few years from now, we're just as concerned of her college education there.  But considering that in the US, they have scholarships given to those who passed their National Merit Scholarship Program (NMSP), then it would greatly help.  But getting the scholarship isn't that easy, to be able to qualify, one still needs to pass this eligibility and qualification test known as the Preliminary Scholarship Aptitude Test (PSAT).  Whew, good thing there are PSAT tutors that would greatly help in providing the needed support to make students pass this exam, providing them a head start or edge compared to others.  

Adjustment to changes isn't easy but we are truly confident that, with our support, proper guidance and constant follow up, our kids will make it through any challenge they might encounter in their studies and in life in general.  Above all, we have faith in the Lord, that He will always guide them and provide for what is needed.  All in His glory.  Yahweh bless.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Down The Chimney

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and as the kids are getting older, the harder it is to explain to them things about Santa Claus.  Especially when it comes to the chimney and the fireplace issues.  I remember one time when we were watching a movie, my son begun asking why we didn't have a chimney and how Santa would be able to go inside our house.  I explained to him that chimneys are intended for fireplaces, since we don't have winter or very cold weather in our country, we don't pretty much need a fireplace and that Santa would definitely find a way to get inside our house.  But despite of me explaining to him everything, he still insisted that we should have one in our house.

So to cut the conversation short, I promised him that if we move someday to somewhere cold, we will definitely have one, and I intend to keep my word.  So I started to look for information in the net to give me some idea of the trouble I got myself into and I found this website.  They had different price range and discounts for their fireplace, it's accessories and furnish.  And by the looks of it, I know it's not that cheap but the cost of construction is manageable.  At least by now, I already have some hints of what are the things to expect and base my decisions upon.

Though it's still wasn't sure if we will be able to transfer in a colder region, whether it's in our country or in a foreign land, but if ever that time comes, God willing, I 'm keeping my promise.  I just hope that it'll be the real Santa going down that chimney or he'll be toasted before he reaches the fireplace... LOL. Yahweh bless.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Postcard From Vienna

Its been long since I received a postcard from someone, and it's my first from Vienna.  A colleague from work hand it over to me this morning.  And when I looked at to whom it was from, there I remembered a blogger friend told me that she'll be sending a postcard.  Never thought she will really send me one... hahaha.

Just sharing...
I always receive messages of thoughts, greetings, praises and expressions from friends and relatives, passed though electronic devices like cellphones and computers.  Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for them also, because I know I'm remembered. But I guess I'm just a little old fashion, I find it more significant those written in cards.  Maybe because people seldom do it these days.  Although you may say, it's the thought that counts, but I really appreciate the effort a person gives in sending an actual and personalized postcard or letter.  It's very humanly...

I don't despise the worldwide web nor our telecommunication technology, there's no question that we benefited and continue to benefit from it through fast dissemination and sharing of info, ideas, knowledge and more.  Again, I just appreciate people who gives a little more effort than the usual.

Thanks for the card and the thoughts with it, Gizelle... By the way, how much should I pay for it?  Just kidding.  LOL.  Yahweh bless.

Friday, October 12, 2012

My PMA Cadet Years (Yearling) - Roles Of Yearlings In Summer Camp

May 1996 -  We were the second plebe details, which means we handled the second half of the plebes' (neophytes) summer camp/ beast barracks.  Our class was divided into two groups,  one on orientation tour while the other half was left in PMA to handle their duties in the beast barracks.  I can't say that it was easier being the second plebe detail, but at least the plebes were already taught the basics.  Our tasks then as yearlings (thirdclassmen or second years) would be assisting our squad leaders (secondclassmen) in polishing what the plebes learned and teaching them the things they still need to learn as plebes.

Our roles as yearlings were harder than we thought it to be.  We were still the lowest ranking in our main barracks, thus, we were still tasked to do the routine housekeeping and guard duties while being expected to have the highest standard among cadets with regards to discipline, uniforms, posture, punctuality and overall snappiness. 

We had some endurance exercises like roadruns with our plebes, the thing was, we need to show them that were tougher and there's no excuse for bogging down.  We served as their role models as well as their mentors, there's no room for weaknesses.  And besides, our actions were still scrutinized by our upperclassmen, so there's no room for mistakes either.

We also had two foot marches, one to Camp 6 and the other one was to  Mt. Kabuyaw or Cabuyao, and it's the second time for our class.  The difference now, was we were already handling a leadership responsibility, being the assistant squad leaders.  We were partly responsible to the safety and overall welfare of our squad.  We also see to it that the orders of our squad was performed or executed by the squad members.

Resting @ Camp 6, Baguio City
A Trail To Mt. Cabuyao...
Our squad.
But the summer camp wasn't just for the plebes familiarization of the cadets' practices and traditions.  Our class also had our knowledge and skill enhancement like the marksmanship and weapon's familiarization training and actual application of theories and strategies through war games using M.I.L.E.S. (multiple integrated laser engagement system).  And man, was it a FUN way to learn things!!! 

Things were really getting more challenging day by day, that time... all in His glory, as always.  Yahweh bless.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cybercrime Prevention Act, Unconstitutional?

Google search images: cyber crime law
A lot had been said and heard from the past few days until now about the Republic Act No. 10175, also known as the Cybercrime Prevention Act.  From the various protests from the day it was signed and passed, to the various alibis of government officials of casting their votes in approval for this Act.  But why the alibis, isn't it necessary to read every provision thoroughly and question or clear every vague words along the way before you give your approval especially on making a decision on something as crucial as passing a law?  Or is it just their way to secure a place and regain the peoples' votes for the upcoming national election?

Personally, I'm not against crime prevention... rape, murder, robbery, graft and corruption, drug trafficking, all heinous crimes and everything that violates others right to live peacefully and freely... along with most of the people, I'm also against them without any doubt.  But just like a lady senator said recently, “I humbly predict that the Supreme Court will strike down the Cybercrime Act as unconstitutional. Otherwise, it will be a black, black day for freedom of speech...”,  I'm also not in favor of the very vague law.

In everything we do, there will always be those who will oppose no matter how good the intentions maybe.  But as government officials, they should see to it that the greater good must be taken into consideration.  Most of the people are reacting because they see that the new law will hinder their freedom to express their thoughts and speak freely.  Come to think of it, we are still a democratic country, right?  More, we created another law in favor of the rich and not for the poor and those who cannot defend themselves on court since they don't have the resources to do so.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not totally against this law.  There are really cyber crimes that need to be addressed and punished.  But our law makers must revise it and make it more specific, we'd rather have a very thick law as long as it is precise and clear.  And please, don't tell us again, you haven't read or analyzed some of the details or skipped some of the articles, because you are making laws that will govern our country and will affect our lives.  Every word and every detail, you should treat them with importance, it is just like giving importance to your people, to your country.

I hope the government will act on this as quickly as possible, to correct what is needed to be revised in this law, so as to regain the confidence and respect of its people and put everything in order to avoid further chaos... to put a stop to these various protests and to show the international community that our nation still upholds democracy, not just in words but also in action.  And in doing so, may the Lord be in your guidance.  Yahweh bless.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Checking The New Mall

Though it wasn't part of the plan and I was thinking after a week or two before we visit the place, considering the heavy traffic it caused when it just opened days ago, we still decided to have a look of SM Lanang, since the kids were insisting and very eager to see the place.  And besides, we're just a couple of blocks away from it.  But we had a condition to them, that if the place would still be crowded, we'd go elsewhere. 

Traffic congestion was evident along the way, but the good thing was were moving, even if slowly.  Gone were the days when we just swiftly passed by Lanang area.  There's always a price for everything... and it is as expected.

When we finally got to our destination, unexpectedly, there was lesser crowd than what we had in mind.  I guess we were just lucky that a lot of people might be thinking of not going there especially since it was a weekend.  So, it was made convenient for us to roam around.  We saw a lot of shops that's new to Davao, clothing, foods, facilities and other stuffs.  Below are some of the mall pics I had taken:

Although I'm glad to see our city's progress, not to mention a lot of people landing a job... I kinda miss the old Lanang Golf Club, the place where I used to rest my eyes looking at it's green surroundings particularly those huge acacia trees and landscapes.  Oh well, things change and there's no point of being nostalgic.  Just hoping that we had enough with malls and other business establishments (i.e. container yards and warehouses) already and leave some of the remaining soil behind.  Why not, we just let those areas in downtown be improved, it still has a lot of potential.  

I know it's a lot cheaper and easier to construct a building in a bare land area, but we sacrifice and lose a lot in doing so... and it is somewhat, irreversible or takes more than a lifetime to correct.  Congestion, waste, nature...  Let's learn from other places.  Just my thoughts.  Yahweh bless.