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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Caught Unprepared for the Summer Outing

Last Saturday, I was confident in thinking its a normal working routine day.  Upon finishing logging in to our biometrics, I scanned the items posted in the bulletin board (which I  seldom do, having myself in the field most of the time).  I was reading this memo issued by our HR concerning the employees summer outing... and guess what... the date of the outing is on May 28, 2011 and the time of departure is 6:00 am.  The outing was scheduled at that very day.  No wonder there were just a couple of employees in the company vicinity... and I thought I was just early.  Not having that much options, I called my colleague and asked him if they were already in Samal... thank Yahweh, I was so blessed that they were still waiting for the food to arrive.  He then asked me to go directly to the departure area, so I was not able to changed to a more suitable attire or at least brought some swimming stuff.

Proud to belong to green team...
As we arrived in Playa Azalea, a private residential resort owned by our company, the parlor games started immediately after eating our merienda to be able to catch up with the program.  Yahweh again blessed us by making it possible for me to enjoy the games (most of the time cheering... lol) and the pool.  Good thing an office mate brought with him an extra shorts and let me borrow it.
Beauties and gorgeous smiles by the pool (way

It was astonishingly a great day.  Our group won first place overall and I got to enjoy swimming in the pool under the cloudy skies.  It's really amazing how Yahweh makes everything well even in the most unexpected situation... to Yahweh be the glory.
Enjoying a dip in the pool with an excellent weather

Friday, May 27, 2011


Bugsy, smile:)
He’s our Rottweiler dog in Gensan.  Every time I see Bugsy, I always remember the time when my wife was still staying in Gensan during her pregnancy with my daughter.  I always travelled during the weekends just to see them but always hesitant to go inside my in-laws gate since they let this medium size dog (Bugsy as a puppy) freely roamed around the house.  They say Rottweilers are good-natured and well mannered dog but they’re appearance is pretty much intimidating.  They are black (mostly), with firm and strong body and they have a big head... which I assume they have big brains and large jaws... meaning; they are intelligent and can bite big (LOL).  There’s nothing wrong of being anticipative and playing safe, right?... haha.  Anyway, at first I was hesitant to go near him because he’s too playful back then and I don’t have the slightest idea what’s in his mind... and one thing more, I always got this mixture of saliva and mud from him... even now.  But overall, Bugsy is a very nice dog, he protects the house from stranger (not because he attacks them, but it’s in his looks and the way he barks... though he seldom barks), very obedient, playful and friendly.
A pose or two...
Even if I wanted to have a Rottweiler at home, I don’t think I can maintain one.  They eat a lot (where do you think they get to maintain their body built).  If I’ll have one, it will probably become a Rottweiler with a built of a Doberman... or worst a size of a Chihuahua... haha.
Just enjoying the company...

I always believe that dogs or any other pets are good companions.  As they take care and amuse us in any way, they also need our protection and care.  You should only have pets if you are responsible enough and capable to have them.  Otherwise, let them go or give them to the proper authority or not to have them at all.  This will give them a chance to have a life that suites them most.  Yahweh bless us all.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Double Celebration

Solemn house blessing held at the porch...
Yesterday, we celebrated two memorable events, the blessing of my in-laws’ house in Gensan and the birthday of my sister-in-law.  Headed by a pastor, we followed a step by step ceremony for the blessing of each part of the house.  It was a simple yet thorough house blessing; I could say that every part of the house was offered with a prayer, each area with a unique prayer for its use.  The ceremony ended with an open house, the guests freely roamed around the house. . I heard nothing but praises from all the guests as they check out every detail of the living room, kitchen, dining area, bedrooms and comfort rooms.  All these praises were later directed to the one who conceptualized the house, the birthday girl herself.  My sister-in-law is an interior designer and a well-known pocketbook writer.  She had designed some of the renowned establishments both in Davao and Gensan.  She is also behind the famous love stories and series in the Love Match publishing.

After the open house, we proceeded to Paseo del Sol for the reception.  The owners of the restaurant are a long time family friend of the celebrator.  Each time they have a celebration, our family was always invited.  They were giving this reception as a token and gift to my sister-in-law.  It was an enjoyable night... overflowing foods and drinks, games, slideshow of pics for the celebrator, dancing in the 80’s hits and latest music.

Wifey with Love Match's Kat Madrid and Eve Montelibano.
And in a rare occasion, we had the chance to take some pics with two of Love Match’s famous writers, Eve Montelibano and Kat Madrid.  We had been introduced to my sister-in-law’s friend, knowing their names but not their pen names, so as soon as my wife knew that it was the writer of one of her favorite book, she did not waste any opportunity.

Grabbing the chance...
Though we still wanted to enjoy the occasion, we went home early to give the kids a good rest and to prepare for our  travel back to Davao.  It was a good week of summer fun... It’s been years since the last time enjoyed this stuff, way back when I was still studying.  Maybe that’s the reason why I really had the time of my life 'coz you only cherish things when you seldom experience them... THANK YOU LORD FOR EVERYTHING, ALL PRAISES AND GLORY TO YOU ALWAYS... God bless.

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Bonsai Haven

Treasured smiles...
To celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday, we were treated in this wonderful place called Sarangani Highlands Garden and Restaurant.   Located in a hilltop overlooking the Sarangani Bay in General Santos City, it had a nice view of Mount Matutum and Mount Parker.  But what captivated us most was their awesome landscape and wide arrays of plants especially their bonsai collection.  We took a lot of photos of the different locations in their garden, just to have a souvenir of every beautifully landscaped corner.

Some of the nicest garden spots in the place...
The food...
Then came the most awaited part, lunch was served...  What could be more perfect than eating a nice meal in a refreshing open air garden with a mesmerizing view of the sea... picture that out (LOL).  We tried their fried catfish platter (garnished with green mango with bagoong and salted egg with sliced tomatoes), bird’s nest soup, fried tuna belly and veggies (pinakbet and chopseuy).  It was truly a sumptuous meal....
...the company...
...and  the view.
After lunch, we spent some time just wandering around the place and looking at their majestic bonsai plants.  Some of these plants might be more than a decade old just basing on their trunks.  I was so amazed of how they resembled a fully grown tree.  Looking at these miniatures just made me think of those trees in our forest... those being cut abusively for commercial lumber.  I hope that the time won’t come when the only centennial trees left would be these bonsai trees.

Bonsai... bonsai... excellent bonsai trees...

Thank you God for the wonderful moment you’ve given us even just for a glimpse... We would truly treasure this experience with our friends and love ones... to God be the glory.

The fun of having the company of friends and relatives...
...with the beauty of serenity.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Money in Trading Online

I remember my office mates  before, they were talking about their stock accounts in the stock market.  During that time, they kept on complaining of having a hard time in keeping track of their stocks' market value, since they had to communicate with their broker using landlines.  I even heard one of them telling he's willing to sell all his stocks even if it was way below its purchased price just to return even a partial of his investment.  Hearing this back then, made me think how hard it was to invest in stocks.

But based on my readings, stock investment is just "buying stocks at low cost and selling them when its market value goes up".  Sounds easy but trading and investing in stocks do have it's risks because the stock's market value is very dynamic, thus unpredictable.  However, you'll minimize it if you just know  the "HOWs".  And the internet has made all the answers easy, convenient and accessible to all of us.

Now, you can easily open a stock account online.  But remember you must first be knowledgeable about the stock market before engaging.  You're not entering something unprepared, right?  Online stock account lets you do the common stuff like selling and buying stocks with the advantage of real-time monitoring of the stock's market value and potential stock history.

When investing online, one must also assess the risk of not having an online brokerage that can provide professional advices and offer their expertise in completing the necessary legal paper works and needed transactions to complete the deal between the buyer and the seller. Choosing a reputable internet brokerage gives the investor an advantage and convenience of having a trading platform that acts as a hub for buying and selling stocks, monitoring and tracking tools, real time streaming quotes and stocks' news releases, as well as other necessary tools for trade profitability.  It is definitely a must have and there's no need to worry, brokerage firms protect their clients and themselves from unlawful and erroneous transactions so as not to affect their operating license.

Moreover for starters, in researching for investment, we still have to filter our readings.  Thus, not believing in everything  the internet or social websites say.  Always turn to unbiased sources such as your government online (if any) Securities and Exchange Commission and securities regulator or securities industry  self regulatory commissions to avoid investment frauds.  Basic rule, there's no fraud if you don't give them even the tiniest opportunity.  God bless. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Here Comes the Sun... Glan Padidu

Mesmerized by the breathtaking view in Glan.
We were jokingly singing as we traveled towards our destination, Rosal Resort in Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani Province.  We were so eager to see the beach.  Aside from the good things we have heard about the beaches in Glan, it'll be the first time for most of us to visit the place.  So, after an hour drive, finally we reached the resort... and it did not disappoint our expectations. A serene sight, white and fine sand, comfortable and uncrowded place (considering it is a weekday).  Since it was still early when we arrived at the site and the sun was still rising, we right away took the opportunity, it's the best time to go on swimming.

At last, Rosal Resort.
A very special moment... captured by a paparazzi (lol)

Can't wait to go to the beach... 'coz it might run dry ;)
It was sunny the whole day, a perfect time to take pictures and roam along the shore.  The beach line was full of natural rock formations and vegetation with fine sands along and within the beach swimming area.  The locals were warm and very accommodating.  They even let us see  their catch which showed how rich  the marine life in their area was.  We took lots of photos, looked for some nice drift woods and enjoyed the beach all day long, while some of us took a nice and relaxing nap in our cottage and along the shaded portion of the beach.

Just having the time of our lives...
After a whole day of fun and relaxation, even if the kids and the kids at heart (haha) still wanted to stay longer, we had to go home.  We brought sand and drift woods(for our garden), said a  prayer of thanksgiving and safe trip back home, and waived our goodbyes to the place with the hope of returning back someday soon.  It was indeed such a wonderful experience for all of us.  Thank you God for all the wonderful blessings.

By the way, in case your wondering about the title, Glan-Padidu isn't just added to rhyme with the song of the Beetles' "Here Comes the Sun", but it's actually a place we passed by going to the resort. God bless.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

When Forgetting Is Much Better

Today, we had a good time in a nearby beach resort.  For just 120 pesos per person, you already have a free boat ride back and forth the resort (since it is located at the Island Garden City of Samal and we're in Davao City) and also inclusive of use of all their amenities except for their pool with the gigantic slides and  zip lines... And yes their white beach is free and for those who can't live without the net... they have free WIFI zone. We just regret it because we had to leave early for General Santos City so as not to arrive late. Besides I already accomplished what I wanted to do there... to get a bucket of white sand for my landscaping project in our small garden.  I asked my family to bring some more... however they forget since they told me they we're all in a hurry.  We'll that's okay, guess, just have to do it some other time then...

Taking time for a nice pic...

The shortcut... just kidding (LOL)
Preparing for the zip? Nope just for the pose...
That's my mom... no fear challenge conqueror.
So  up we went to Gensan, while on bus, I asked my wife if we can bet for fun (no money  Our ticket cost P480.00, having no exact amount I gave the ticket in-charge(kunduktor) a 500 peso bill.  And he told me to just wait since he also didn't have any change... he got my ticket, put a note and returned it back to me.  Our bet was, if the man would give me back the change without me reminding him then I win.  And guess what, I lost.

I told my wife, there are two possibilities for a person not to be able to give back our change without us asking him: First, is that he purposely did that for us to eventually forget it or... second, he just honestly forgot the whole thing.  We prefer to think it was the latter...

It was not a very smooth sailing ride, we nearly bumped by a backing mixer truck.  Thank God, we arrived safe and sound... and the best thing is we again saw our children... eagerly waiting for us... God bless.

Part IV – The Proposal (In Filipino "Tagalog" dialect)

Tumigil ang pag pintig ng puso ni Steph, hindi sya gumalaw at lumingon kay Damon...
I missed you” pabulong na sabi ni Damon sa kanyang likod.
Dahan dahang limingon si Steph at ngumiti “Hi”... ‘yun lamang ang nasabi nya matapos matulala sa kagwapuhan ng binata... Naka khaki shorts and white shirt si Damon... napaka simple ngunit ang lakas ng dating.
“Ang ganda ng bahay mo, mag isa ka lang ba dito?”....
”Oo, salamat, but if you would say yes sa aking offer na dito ka na tumira, hindi nako mag-iisa, besides masarap mag-aral dito, tahimik at safe, may guest room ako sa taas, pwede mong maging kwarto yun.”...
Hindi ‘yun inaasahan ni Steph kaya hindi sya nakasagot agad... Nagkunwari na lamang itong wala syang narinig.
“Akala ko ba pakakainin moko ng lunch”....pataymaling sagot ni Steph.
“Syempre, handa napo ang pananghalian ninyo kamahalan”, malambing na sagot ni Damon.
Dinala sya ni Damon sa ikalawang palapag.  Napasinghap si Steph sa paghanga, Di nya akalain na sa second floor pala ay isang malawak na hardin, napakaganda ng pagkakalandscape ng lugar, overlooking ito sa kabundukan.  Sa bandang unahan ay isang infinity pool, at sa gilid nito ay, kung hindi sya nagkakamali, isang Jacuzzi...
“How do you like having lunch by the pool sweetheart?”, Tanong ni Damon.
“Im speechless, thank you”, pag amin ni Steph.
Tinungo nila ang table kung saan ipinahanda ni Damon ang kanilang lunch.
“Dig in, wag kang mahiya”, pag-imbita ni Damon
”Nag iisang anak ka ba?”..di nya napigilang magtanong, saka sya ngsimulang kumuha ng pagkain.
“Ha, ba’t mo naman naitanong?”, gulat si Damon.
“Kase sa lahat ng nakikita ko, mukhang provided lahat ng gusto mo at tila wala ka ng mahihiling pa?”, sagot ni Steph.
“Hindi, dalawa kaming lalaki, ako ang bunso...Si kuya Alfred, sampung taon ang agwat namin... Nasa Las Vegas naman sya naka base.”...
“Bakit pinili mong dito mag-aral sa Pilipinas when obviously your parents can afford to send you to a prestigious school in the States?.”, dagdag ni Steph.
“Um, nasa hot seat ba ako, mukha yatang ineenterogate mo na ako a”, biro ni Damon..
“Ah..never mind I asked”...nagpatuloy sa pagkain si Steph
Tahimik rin si Damon habang pinagmamasdan sya...Hindi makakain si Steph ng maayos dahil ramdam nya ito... wag mokong titigan pls, matutunaw ako... sigaw ng isip nya..
“Please don’t look at me like that”..di nakatiis si Steph
“Like what?”, nagtatakang tanong ni Damon
“I don’t know, para kaseng natatawa ka sa akin”...
“Naisip ko lang kase, matakaw ka pala”...natatawang sabi ni Damon
Di napigilan ni Steph ang sumimangot... Naalala tuloy nya ang kanyang apat na kondisyon bago sya pumayag na pumunta sa bahay ng binata... Ipapaalala na sana nya yun ng biglang sumingit si Damon.
“Hinde, kidding aside Steph, ayaw kong mag-aral sa States, una, dahil dun na ako ng aral until highschool... I went home dahil hindi ko gusto dun, and besides come to think of it, if di ako umuwi dito e di hindi kita makikilala.”
Hindi nakasagot si Steph, tila seryoso si Damon dahil tinawag sya nito sa kanyang pangalan... Nagpretend nalang syang nagcoconcentrate sa pagkain hanggang maubos nya ito.
Si Damon naman ay nakatingin lang sa kanyang tila naaaliw.
“Do you wanna swim? Marunong ka bang lumangoy, I can teach you”
“Hindi ayaw kong maligo, but yes I know how to swim”..pagmamayabang ni Steph. “and kahit gugustuhin ko man, wala rin akong dalang panligo”..dagdag pa niya...
“May pinabili akong mga swimsuit sa taas for you, you can choose whatever fits your taste, that is, just in case you’d change your mind, masarap maligo sa pool nayan, regulated ang temperature ng water’
“No, thanks” ang naisagot ni Steph kahit gustong-gusto nitong maligo.
At the age of 10 ay sumasali na si Steph sa mga swimming competitions sa kanyang school... She loves to swim at miss na miss nya nang maglangoy, it has been like a year since the last time na nakapag enjoy syang magswimming. But she kept her self control and managed to say no to his invitation.
“Ok, don’t worry di naman ako mamimilit ng ayaw”, nakangiting sagot ni Damon.
“So, how about a tour around my house first:”... Inoffer ni Damon ang kanyang kamay ngunit umiwas si Steph at tumayo ito... si Damon naman ay tila tumupad nalang sa kanilang usapan at hindi na nag attempt na hawakan sya.
“ Let’s start from the 3rd floor..” umakyat sila sa ikatlong palapag...
“The entire 3rd floor is my room and a guest room...” binuksan ni Damon ang guest room, para itong isang pad.  Dumeretso si Steph sa terrace at hindi sya nagkamali sa kanyang inaasahan... The place is so magical, para syang nasa ibang bansa.  Malamig at napakapresko ng simoy ng hangin.  Di napigilan ni Steph mag isip, ang sarap sigurong mag aral dito, walang ingay sa kapitbahay at tila napakalayo mo sa kabihasnan... Madali nyang matatapos ang kanyang thesis sa ganito katahimik na lugar.  Ngunit hindi ito mangyayari.
“Do you like the place? this will be your room should you decide to accept my offer na samahan ako”...
“Napakaganda, but I guess alam mo na ang sagot ko tungkol dyan, hindi naman ako ganun kahirap para makitira sa bahay ng may bahay, thanks but no thanks”..
“Ok, let’s go see my room then?”...“Don’t worry, I wont take advantage of you”... natatawang comment ni Damon dahil napansin nitong hesitant si Steph. “Except if  you’ll ask me to”...dagdag nito.
Matalim na tinitigan sya  ni Steph......
“Joke... I’m just joking alright, to naman, di na mabiro”..kantyaw ni Damon
Binuksan ni Damon ang isang malapad na pinto... “Welcome to my dwelling place”...
Malayo sa inaasahan ni Steph ang ayos ng kwarto ni Damon, maayos ito at mabango.  Maluwang ang kanyang kwarto at tulad ng guest room, my terrace din ito, ang malaking bed ay kulay navy blue ang mattress at nakaharap ito sa isang flat screen na ubod ng laki... She was puzzled kase napakalinis ng lugar...
“May katulong ka ba dito?”
“Yep si Nanay Belen, sya ang tagapagluto ko, pero off limit sya sa kwarto ko.”
Lalong nagulat si Steph...” Obsessive-compulsive ka ba?”..
“Ha, why do you ask ?”
“Your room is so clean and tidy, para kang bading”..babawiin sana ni Steph ang kanyang sinabi... pero huli na ang lahat... nasa harap na nya si Damon... Steph, bakit mo nasabi yun, napakataklesa mo talaga... Nagpanic si Steph, napaatras ito, ngunit bumangga ang kanyang likod sa salamin na sliding door ng terrace.
“Paki ulit nga ng sinabi mo”, seryosong tanong ni Damon habang lalong nilapit ang katawan kay Steph sabay sandal ng dalawang kamay sa glass door.
“ahhh, ang linis ng kwarto mo?”...napakagat sya sa kanyang labi
“No sweetheart, the other one.”... nilapit ni Damon ang kanyang mukha kay Steph.
God his breath smells so good, parang bibigay na ang mga tuhod ko... please God, pwede ba akong magdisappear na lang... ‘di ko yata ito kakayanin...
“Stephanie,... do I look like a gay to you sweetheart?”...halos pabulong ng bigkas ni Damon.
“Gay?, I did not say you’re a gay!!” binasa ni Steph ang kanyang mga labi unconsciously...
“God,please don’t do that.”...napatingin si Damon sa kanyang mga labi
“Do what?”....mukha yatang kakapusin na si Steph ng hininga....
“Your lips are asking me to kiss you”...
Aktong hahalikan na sya ni Damon when his phone rang... Damon sweared under his mouth... tinanggal nito ang isang kamay at sinagot ang phone... Hindi makaalis si Steph sa harap ni Damon dahil nakaharang parin ang kabilang kamay nito...
“Sally, what part of don’t disturb me did you not understand?” sagot ni Damon sa telepono...
Narinig ni Steph ang tila nag eexplain na boses ng isang babae sa kabilang linya...
“Ok, put him through..”... nag-iba ang tono ni Damon, hindi na ito galit... Nag karoon si Steph ng pagkakataong titigan si Damon at isa isahin ang parte ng kanyang mukha... He has brown eyes, thick lashes, nakatingin ito sa baba... Napakatangos ng kanyang ilong and his lips... mother of God... any woman would die to be kissed by those lips.
“Good morning sir”, pormal na sagot ni Damon sa telephone...
“Yes sir, I’ll be there, thank you”... napatingin si Damon sa kanya na mukhang nanghihinayan... Si Steph naman ay biglang umiwas ng tingin...
“Too late sweetheart, alam kong kanina mo pa ako tinititigan”....
Natauhan si Steph.. “Oo, dahil kanina ko pa gustong umalis dito kaya lang nakaharang yang mga kamay mo” mataray na pagdadahilan nya sa binata.
Tinanggal ni Damon ang kanyang kamay “Princess, will you forgive me if I leave you here with Nanay Belen for a while, I just have to meet this very important person, may kelangan lang kaming i-settle”... tila pagmamakaawa ni Damon sa kanya...
“Sure”, kaagad na sagot nya dahil yun naman talaga ang dinadasal nya kanina pa, ang makawala sa sitwasyon nila ni Damon ngayon... thank you God, for answering my prayer... tahimik na dasal nito.
“I promise to come back soon... I’m really sorry sweetheart.”
“It’s ok, take your time, I’ll be here when you come back”’re such a fool Stephanie.... fool but happy...
“Feel free to do whatever you like in this house, consider it yours, sweetheart... use the guest room if you feel like resting”..
“Ok, thank you”
Tinitigan sya ni Damon na tila may gusto pang sabihin... Pagkatapos ay tumalikod na ito at bumaba ng bahay...
Narinig ni Steph ang paalis na sasakyan ni Damon.

To be continued... 

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