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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day Of The Leaplings

It's leap year, which means it's a day longer in February.  Additional working and school day and there is nothing you can do about it.  A leap day, an intercalary or extra day is added every 4 years in our calendar (assuming you are using the Gregorian), thus having February 29.

Just a short complication,  I mean details.  The additional day is actually a part of the 4 years.  The Earth revolves around the sun approximately at 365.242199 days or 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds.  The fraction was rounded off to .25 or 1/4 day to make it much easier to account.  Thus, after 4 years, it's added as a 1 whole day in February.  I had not yet computed as to when will be the year when a day would no longer be added to cover the rounding off difference of .007801 (.25-.242199).  Let me see (thinking)... (1/.007801...).  Oh well, it's so small, it might not matter much.  But when accumulated through the years, it will also become a 1 whole day (just a thought).  I need to stop as not to mess things up and have you confused... ha ha ha.

Ja Rule, born 1976
Also, you're called a "leapling" or a "leaper" if you're born on February 29.  Just like a couple of famous personalities and celebrities such as Pope Paul III, Karl Baer, Karl Ernst von Baler, Alice Davenport, and Ja Rule to name a few.  During common years, leaplings may choose to celebrate their birthday on February 28 or March 1.  But March 1 is usually preferred since it's a day following February 28 during a non leap year.  

A leapling may technically claim a quarter of their age, since they have their birthdays in the calendar once every 4 years.  It may not pose any problem by counting the years from which they were born but it may in a computerize data of your legal documents.  So some countries resolve this problem by taking either February 28 or March 1 as a leapling's legal birthday in common years.  

But whatever the case maybe, everyone is affected by a 1 additional day in a year.  It all made us younger by 1 day by delaying our birthdays.  For younger people, it's a bummer... but for the not so young, you have an additional whole day to enjoy life filled with the blessings from our Almighty Father.  So smile.  Yahweh bless.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

So Many Things To Celebrate

Today is a another momentous event for our family as we welcome another member of our clan, our newly born baby girl, Riley Ryon.  What a nice day to be born at, since our nation is celebrating an equally momentous event that set a deeper meaning to democracy to the whole world, the historic EDSA People Power.  She might be a courageous freedom fighter when she grows up.  A cop, military official, a lawyer... who knows maybe the next president of our country.  But whatever she becomes, it  would matter to the choices she'll make, and whatever that would be, we will love her anyway..  For now, we're much satisfied and truly grateful to the Lord for blessing us this little child we're holding.

My congratulations to my bro, Ryan and sis Donna for having another cute and adorable daughter.  We are glad that everything went well during her delivery, both to Riley and Donna.  I suddenly have a longingness to have a third baby, to cuddle someone not that heavy (LOL).  Maybe I will in two years time...

And the celebration for this day doesn't stop.  We just heard the great news about my brother Joey's promotion from his wife.  He is already a third mate in their ship.  Congratulations, bro, you highly deserve it.

To all blessings received, our thanks to Yahweh... and to Him be all the glory, as always.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Motorcycle Headaches

I've been bugged this week by the constant breakdowns of my motorcycle, within just few days of interval, I already incurred a lot of expenses.  My bike will almost be 8 years now, that maybe the cause.  Just a few days ago, I had it checked  by a mechanic friend since I noticed it had a slight swing to the side which I find it hard in driving especially when the road's muddy in my place of work. He found out that the problem was in my bike's swing arm and replaced the damaged parts.  Just 4 small bearings and their collars, already cost me 3 thousand plus.  And more, though I'm using it for company use, I can't already have it reimbursed since I already exhausted my allowance from previous repairs and maintenance. 

This is the XR200 motorcycle piston.  It should be smooth and scratch free.
And the inserted photo was my previous, see any difference? LOL.
And just today, as I was going to work, it started to have a knocking sound in it's motor part as if it's about to lose compression.  So I decided to go back to have it checked and drove as slowly as possible as not to aggregate the damage, if there was any.  As I arrived at the machine shop, my mechanic friend told me, it was due for re-bore since the piston had already accumulated several scratch marks and my camshaft needs to be replaced.  Whew, all in all, that's almost 10 thousand pesos going out my pocket...
Normally, a good camshaft has a smooth and solid surface, unless it's brand new.
I really, badly need a new bike, right now.  I guess, my motorcycle, considering its age, is no longer fit to endure tough terrains.  Well, still my fault, I should have asked for it 4 years ago, when the standard unit was still XR200, unlike now.  I was just thinking before, that I would help the company not to get one since my bike was still in good condition.  "Haaay", now I'm no longer sure if I did the right thing.  I should have thought that I won't get any help from anyone for that matter, aside from the standard repair and maintenance allowance given to us... any expense beyond the company's budget will be shouldered by me, which i find really costly since my motorcycle's major parts being damaged by wear and tear are not cheap.   I guess what I can do right now is wait for the standard unit to change back to a sports type unit which I believe is fit for the rugged and rough roads of my work place.  Not because I'm choosy, but I'm considering safety above all.  Yahweh bless.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Getting Through The Day Of Hearts

It's amazing how during Valentine's day, people just buy gifts of endearment for the people nearest to their hearts without thinking so much of the price.  Chocolates' and flowers' prices during this day is doubled if not tripled.  I guess cupid blinds our financial reasoning as well.  All smiles to flower shops and chocolate businesses and goodbyes to your cash on hand.

For a pre-Valentine's treat, we watched a movie (The Vow) together.  It's a love story about how an accident changed the lives of the lead characters.  If you're up to a feel good romantic movie, it's a must see.  Then, we went to our favorite spa and had a one and a half hour  full body massage.  I just didn't enjoy it much since I fell asleep.  When the masseuse asked me to sit down for the finishing touches and told me she's done, I felt cheated.  Ending so soon, when I was just beginning to enjoy it... LOL.

Today, I'd been in the office and decided to buy some presents for my wife.  Though she made it clear not to buy her flowers, still I bought her some, Valentine's day seems incomplete without it.  Also bought her a box of Belgian chocolates of a brand we haven't tried before.  Just assuming that she'll share some to me... hahaha.   Then, I tried looking for a card to complete the package, but never thought I wouldn't find one.  The bookshop told me that they were no longer selling those.  Are greeting cards thing of the past now?  It shouldn't be, though a lot may think it's more economical to text or email messages, still nothing would compare to the personal touch of a written card.  So, I had to settle without it.

As the night progressed, we decided to eat in a nearby restaurant with the family.  We tried their combo specials and had ourselves a simple but awesome dinner.  Also, they had a nearby playground which made the kids enjoy while eating at the same time.  When we got home, the kids were almost begging to go to bed.  So I had my wife for myself and she gave me a goodnight kiss... or was it just that... you have imaginary and creative minds... use it... hahaha.  All I can say is that I was still enjoying the day, and the night was still young.  Love night, everyone.  Yahweh bless.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Welcomes And Farewells

As Valentine's Day is nearing, a lot of Whitney Houston's fans would surely miss her, since most of her songs will be widely heard in the radio stations and karaoke bars especially during these moments.  She was found lifeless in her Beverly Hilton hotel room yesterday afternoon.  Allegedly, she was found with her face underwater in the bathtub and was pulled out by a bodyguard for CPR.  As of the moment, police said that there was no obvious sign of criminal intent.  More details and background about it, doesn't really matter anymore for me.  Just want to cherish the songs... the craft she left for music... and the countless lives she touched with it.  What's done is done and life goes on.

So moving forward with life's experiences, my family was in the beach with friends yesterday, celebrating the high school reunion of my wife.  She was so excited to see her former classmates, which she had kept on reminding me the whole week (LOL).  And as expected, there were warm greetings followed by a long conversation about the things that happened during those times that they were apart.  Good thing, one of my wife's classmates brought along her PMAer husband.  More, he belonged to the class of 2001 and an original 2000, which means I was still a cadet when he entered PMA, so there's a lot of memoirs we can relate to and to talk about.  Got a lot of info, about the things that happened after I left.  Both improvements and endorsements.  Nice one... he he. 

We loved to stay, but my wife was on the night shift that day.  And we were even supposed to go to my brother's birthday celebration, but due to the time constraint and weather condition, we decided to go home instead.  We just asked his wife to send him our warm greetings and hopes of well-being, since being a mariner, he was in the open seas at that moment.

Today, we just came from the first birthday celebration of my niece.  How time flies by so quickly?  It's already been a year since I'd posted about welcoming her to our family.  It's a  much blessed celebration,  since 2 others are also celebrating their birthdays with her, my auntie and a guest.  Everyone was just so happy, seeing how our kids had grown.  Participating in the games, interacting with one another and enjoying themselves.  What's more, we will be welcoming soon 2 new additional members a few months from now.  A great blessing indeed in which a lot to thank Him about.

Life's just like that.  Some comes and some goes.  There are times we smile and times we weep.  It keeps everything in balance, something we all need to accept no matter who we are.  Just think, it's a mystery how in the millions of sperms, we're the ones who survived... and so as every single moment that happened and are happening to us... as it will be a mystery, as to when and how He will be taking back our lives.  One way or another, I believe, it's part of His greater plan... for He alone knows what's really the best for us... thus, Thy will be done.  Yahweh bless.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Pick Up Lines

From a famous local late night TV program that made it a trend, to the radio station gigs, t-shirt design and social networks' shout outs, not to mention being used by some politicians... pickup lines are becoming viral especially now that Valentine's Day is fast approaching.  Pickup lines are mostly handy in spicing up or putting some fun in a conversation and in making the first move.  Usually pertains to affection or matters about the heart (quite corny, I guess, but it's cool nowadays)... but sometimes it can also sweep a woman off her feet, less assured you mean your words or your dead (LOL).  It would sure be nice if you have some of it on your pocket, you just can't be sure when you'll find a need to use it.

Here are some of it.  Just a little caution before proceeding, you may want to try it out with friends or someone you know (and knows you as well) before moving forward, strangers might get the wrong idea.  Just, in every move you make, size up the situation first and always be tactful.  The whole purpose of this is to make someone smile and not to ruin her day... ha ha ha.

You ask or tell... either she answers back or ask why... then the finishing touch (lol).
  • Are you a bully?... Then why does my heart pounds hard when you're near?
  • Are you a cliff?... Because I'm falling for you.
  • Are you a crystal ball?... 'coz I can see my future with you.
  • Seems like an earthquake... Or is it just you, rocking my world.
  • You're like air... Can't breath without you.
  • Are you a magnet?... Because I'm attracted to you.
  • You're like a cavity... 'coz you looks so sweet, you're giving me a toothache
  • Life without you is like a broken pencil... it's pointless.
  • I will press charges against you... for stealing my heart.
  • I like to be "V"... So I'll always be next to "U". 
  • Aren't you tired?... Since for days, you're running on my mind.
  • My love for you is like the universe... It's never ending.
  • Don't worry if you lose your heart...  You still have mine.
  • Can you read this for me? "I  L-O-V-E  Y-O-U"... I love, too.
I can go on and on... there's just a thousand of it.  Make sure though that you choose the right words at the right time... Timing is everything.  Good luck, don't get hurt (hehehe) and hope you have fun.  Yahweh bless.

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Walk To Remember

No not the movie nor was it a romance... it's about my day today, got a lucky one or was it?  Upon going to work, my motorcycle begun to wiggle.  I was pretty sure one of my tires got flat.  Just glad I didn't stumble.  I rested for a while to calm myself down so I can think clearly, just to slow down my heart's pounding moments (lol).  I then looked for the problem, and saw my rear tire got struck by a 3 inches nail, no wonder it was sudden.  Pulled out the nail and brought out my pump.  I tried pumping air on it for a couple of minutes but I thought there just might be a lot of holes caused by the nail making my effort useless.  So, I decided to run it flat.   But my motorcycle had been strongly swaying to the left side, making it hard to control which was posting more danger for me, so I had to walk my motorcycle to the nearest vulcanizing shop which was more or less 3 kilometers away.  For an hour or two, I had been walking, resting and pumping (just a thought that I might get lucky to pump some air to the wheel so I just had to ride it instead of walking  it all the way).  Guess what? No luck.

Upon arriving at a shop, still alive (thanks to Yahweh), the first thing that came to my mind was water...I needed water, before I lose my consciousness ha ha.  The tube was replaced  since it was severely damaged and the vulcanizer charged me 50 pesos for the labor.  Well, I thought it was just fair, I troubled him for looking for a replacement tube and he used his personal motorcycle.  And after all, it's nothing compared to what I've been through the day, something I wouldn't want to do again even if someone pays me.

Life is just full of uncertainties.  Good thing, our Lord is always there to look after us, and guide our way.  Or else, everything might be worse.  I always believe that everything happens for a purpose, and it might be His way of protecting me from a far more danger ahead.  It's a lucky day for me after all.  Yahweh  bless.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My PMA Cadet Years (Fourth Class) - December Affairs

December started with a “fatigue duty for the Barrio Fiesta” the following day.  We were there to collect native materials to decorate our booth for the said activity.  The Barrio was the site in PMA where we had our summer camp (beast barracks).  It was also where the barracks of Golf (Ramos Hall) and Hawk (Mayo Hall) companies were located.  It’s quite far from the center of PMA, might be the reason how it came up to its name.

Barrio Fiesta December 2, ’95 – We had a day full packed with activities.  It was the only day, we were allowed and required to wear our civilian clothes inside PMA.  We wore our jeans, t-shirt and rubber shoes again.  It was just kind of funny to see how fellow cadets looked without their usual uniforms.  We surely had fun that day... we had games which even included our officers... and later we’ve gone inviting for another hop.  I wasn't able to escort our drags (dates) after the hop since I had to post sentinel that midnight and it was a blessing in disguise since we also had to wake up 0400H for a fatigue duty... However, during our religious service, I was dozing like hell, couldn't help it. (LOL).

Scabies Outbreak -  With a roommate, we were confined for 1 and a half week in PMA station hospital for this tiny pests.  This was my second time to be confined with an upcoming parade held outside Baguio City, you just can imagine how low morale I was.  Good thing we were discharged just in time to make up for the drills we missed, and made the list for cadets going to Manila.

100th Nite Show (December 15, ’95) - Another annual tradition of the academy, were cadets displayed their talents in stage performance and posted as the characters that made up a Christmas belen.  Also, it marked the countdown for the remaining days of the first class as cadets.  That year, it was spearheaded by the Mabikas class ’96, as the graduating class.  The play, Isang Paghamon (A Challenge), was about a young lieutenant making his mark to his chosen profession by doing what's best for the many rather than that of his own.  Very ideal but with this sparks the hope for our nation's future.

The day after, we had an entrucking to Manila for the AFP anniversary parade.  I remembered we even passed by the portion of Pampanga damaged by lahar, it was vast.  Upon arrival, we took some time to fix our things, rest for a while, then a corps drill.  After the drill, we were then given privilege to roam around the city.  I decided to go with a  squad mate to his aunt in Pasig to spend the night.  The following day, I saw this awful sight, people were actually throwing their garbage in the river.  Our problem with nature and it's calamities are actually interconnected with the pollution we made throughout the centuries.  And we are just too lazy to take responsibility and practice discipline in ourselves.  I guess later on, if we continue with our destructive nature,  we'll know we still are the loser in the end. 

Getting back, we had done a lot of things that we're restrained as plebes, like going to the malls to watch a movie and getting to wear our watches.  You see, plebes were not allowed to wear any accessories, we kept track of our time though our issued alarm clock.  After the parade, we were also given an overnight privilege before we return to Baguio City.  Spent it drinking a couple of cases of beer together with some mistah.  No amount, I nearly endorsed myself in trouble to an upperclassman by returning to our billeting area still drunk.  Lucky for me, I wasn't punished, can't remember though who it was.  No wonder I still had a hangover even upon reaching PMA (LOL).

Upon arrival at the academy, we were again the Kings of Barrackssince our upperclassmen already had their Christmas vacation after the parade.  More, I was told that my family will be visiting me to spend Christmas with me, and that's a very good thing since 4th class cadets, being the least in rank, were required to stay in the academy to perform the needed responsibilities in the corps during holidays like this.  So, I went on a privilege and spent time with my family roaming around Baguio City and having a simple celebration for Christmas day... just glad to see them.

Then came the Superintendent's Reception Hop on the 28th of December.  Got no problem finding a drag, since days before it, I told my parents about the said activity and suggested me to invite a daughter of their friend, which I did.  It's actually perfect, since I really had no time to go on inviting busy being with my family and honestly, I didn't have anyone in mind that day (hahaha).  They saved me from the firing squad.

Oops mistah, formation in athletic uniform...
I wonder why?  Well, it's December anyway... hahaha.
There was just a lot of good things going on during December, lots of fun activities, occasions and holidays, even for cadets.  Indeed the Christmas spirit was intoxicating and everyone was already in the holiday and vacation mode, that's maybe why the upperclassmen wasn't that toxic or very strict anymore.  In fact, they were already becoming more friendly and accommodating... just not like the usual them hahaha.  Well, that helped a lot especially a lot of cadets will be missing their family for the season.  I just am thankful to the Lord, I was lucky to have my family with me. Yahweh bless.