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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Prayer

My Heavenly Father, Our God, thank You for all Your blessings in my life...

  For my wife, Ellinor, being very supportive, understanding... a loving and responsible mom and partner... my best friend...
  For my children, Rael, Justin and Jacob... the source of my joy and amazement of life...

They are my pride... My treasure... My purpose in life... My inspiration...

I’m offering all of my works to You, my Lord... Whom I owe everything... the Purpose why I am living... for without You, I won’t exist... I am no one... and nothing would be possible.  May this always serve your will and somehow make an impact to others, to change for the better... for a better world... a world that might not be perfect but not that far from heaven.

Lord, I am asking for Your guidance in using this tool... Bless me, that I may impart my thoughts according to Your plans... that I may provide my fellowmen with information not only that it would be beneficial to them but for the greater good.  Guide my hands, heart and mind, that every word I make may not be misled from the truth and be kept away from the manipulation of evil.

Above all of this, my God, may I always bring glory to Your Name... This I ask, through Your Son, Jesus Christ... Amen.

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  1. Your very first blog post is one that captures the heart.. It's a nice prayer and is definitely a nice piece to start off a blossoming blog. God bless you Sir Ralph!