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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Commence - Trunk Locker

WELCOME to my Trunk Locker...

Why did I choose to name my blog as "trunk locker"... We'll to tell you frankly, it's not my first choice... but I think it'll suit my blogs well.  I first encountered the word during my cadet years in a military academy , as we call it “Pamantasang Malapit sa Airport”(my stay… that’s another story)…each of our quarters has a trunk locker.  It is a small cabinet where we store our cleaning materials (i.e. broom, scrubs, wax and other cleaning agents) and other useful things (i.e. ironing essentials such as the iron board, padding and sprayer; and rain boots.  It also serves as a temporary storage of our unfixed things (as not to be caught during officers’ random and unexpected inspections).

Although, the cadets do have a different meaning for it (which I won’t be mentioning)… I would rather see my blogs resembling the characteristics of the trunk locker… small but contains a lot of useful and significant information… a place where you might find what you’re looking for… 

Again I welcome you... and God bless.


  1. nice title huh..well,i'm looking forward for your upcoming post..i'm sure it will be interesting. cheers!