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Sunday, April 29, 2012

How To Check Flat Tires

It's a fact that one of the common problem encountered by motorists is flat tire(s).  Just when you need to be somewhere and on time... then poof, your motorcycle starts to wiggle and you need to stop.  Let me just share a couple of things I learned from experience in the road:

Look for foreign objects.  Usually, a flat tire is caused by any sharp object commonly by nails.  You may want to remove this using pliers or any tool that can clip and pull it from your tire, since it can badly damage the interior as you continue to run.

Tire interior also tear.  If you can't find anything, it is possible that there is a tear in your interior.  It usually happens when a tire lacks air and you constantly run in a rough road.  Or you bought an interior having a poor quality (substandard or old stock).

Loose valve stem core.  But before bringing your motorcycle to the vulcanizing shop for a patch, check first your valve stem and tighten it's core (if loose) by turning it clockwise.  But to complete this solution, you still need to have a valve stem tool to screw the valve core and a portable air pump to inflate your tire.

Water power.  You can check air leaks using water.  Pour some water directly at the valve stem, if bubbles are visible, then there is an air leak.   Observe where the bubbles come from.  If it is from the valve stem, you may have a loose or defective valve stem core.  But if it comes from the side of the valve stem, then you have a hole in your tire interior.

If bubbles come from where the green arrow is pointing, valve stem core problem.
But if at the red arrows, there's a hole in your interior rubber.

Motorcycles don't carry a spare tire.  So you need to look for the nearest vulcanizing shop when you have a flat tire (unless, of course you can fix it yourself).  Run slow and remove as much load as possible from your motorcycle to prevent more damage to your tire.  Upon reaching the shop, you may either ask the vulcanizer to patch the hole in your interior or replace it.  It is safer to replace it though, if circumstances permit.

Have a safe drive, everyone.  Yahweh bless.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Jessica Sanchez And Going Strong

Never been an avid follower of the American Idol, maybe because I seldom got a chance to watch it on television.  I  often heard of Jessica Sanchez's name in the news, from friends and blogs that I became interested (knowing she's Filipina-Mexican American) and searched YouTube for her videos.  And my was I surprised, she's got a lot (home videos, various competitions and the recent American Idol clips).   Very versatile singer, could sing almost anything, from ballad to rock; from old songs to new ones; hitting the high notes as well the the low... very talented indeed.

Just wowed by every heartfelt song performance she made throughout the competition: "You Made Me Feel Like A Natural Woman", "Get Me Bodied",  "It Doesn't Matter Anymore", "The Prayer", "Love You I Do", "I Will Always Love You", "Turn the Beat Around", "Everybody Has a Dream", "Sweet Dreams", "Like a Prayer"/ "Borderline"/ "Express Yourself", "How Will I Know", "I Knew You Were Waiting For Me", "Stuttering", "What Doesn't Kill You (Makes You Stronger)", "Fallin", "Try A Little Tenderness", "Bohemian Rhapsody", and "Dance with My Father".

With the recently concluded American Idol Top 5, Jessica remains to be a strong competitor and proves to be one of the crowds favorite by not being in the bottom 3.  She was safe along with the other contestants namely; Phillip Phillips, Joshua Ledet, Hollie Cavanagh and Skylar Laine.  A lot praised her performance of  Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody but there were some who think otherwise.  Well, no one can please everyone.  It's a hard fact.

For me, though each one of them loves their craft and obviously got talent in singing, I think Jessica's advantage is that she just enjoys what she's doing on stage and not thinking much of all the pressures of the competition.  In fact, she wasn't expecting the judges to save her during the elimination for the top 7, because having reached where she's now is enough for her and staying will only be a consolation.  Not that I'm saying, she doesn't want to win, it's the very reason why she joined the competition.  But she's ready for anything, nothing to prove and a lot to gain and open to what America thinks of her.  Because of this, she sings naturally, more relaxed, making her more competitive than ever.

Win or lose, everyone is already a winner.  Just reaching the top 5 is already a huge accomplishment.  We will always be proud that a "kababayan" made that far in a prestigious international competition.  And with the Lord's grace, she might come up to be the ultimate winner.  Anything is possible with Him.  Good luck and more power, Jessica.  Yahweh bless.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Very Special Day

This day the Lord blessed me with life, the day when I first experienced what was like in the outside world.  Indeed, a very special day for me, for if not for it, I won’t be here with my family today, I won’t experience all the things that I had in life, I won’t be able to know all the wonderful people around me and celebrate with me today... I’m truly blessed and I have a lifetime to thank Him for it.


We had a simple gathering and thanksgiving. Just enough food for all the guests that arrived in our home.  Most of the dishes were cooked by my mom and my wife; some were experiments (that went well and tasted good) while some were her ( my mom's) specialty like the macaroni salad.  We also bought some cakes from sugar munch (one of my wife’s fave) and there were also delicacies brought by my relatives and visitors.  All in all, the food was great, and just enough for all to be satisfyingly full... LOL.

I’m also overwhelmed by all my friends who greeted me in the social networking sites (i.e. facebook, google, yahoo and others).  Some were dear to me, longtime friends, classmates, co-bloggers, and acquaintances.  Really, it’s a good thing these sites have birthday reminders and on-time comments, news feeds and other stuff.  Communication just got easier, quicker, up-to-date and personal.  My sincere thanks for finding time to write something wonderful...

And what do you know, my next birthday maybe free.  My sister-in-law gave birth today to a beautiful niece on my birthday.  Glad her delivery went well and baby Jhia Kyle was in perfect condition.  Welcome to the world, I hope we will have a lot of wonderful birthdays together. May you grow up to be a healthy, loving, and sweet little girl. May you be surrounded with love from your family and the people around you. Welcome to our family my dear and congratulations to my brother, Joey and sis Rhia for a bouncing pretty girl!

I just have simple wishes for my birthday, blessings of good health to my family and may we just have enough to live comfortably in life... which Yahweh had been continually blessing me for the past years of my life until now... and I'm  claiming, for the years to come.  I just hope that I’m continually honoring His name through my deeds, for this is the only way I can think of...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Birthday To Our Princess

We celebrated our daughter's birthday in one of Samal's resort, Camp Holiday (we are beginning to be frequent visitors to this place, we should already be getting benefits like discounts... LOL).  We went there a day before and had an overnight stay, so she and the other kids can enjoy the beach and pool longer, since it's their favorite pastime.  We were so happy, and we know she was too, since a lot of our relatives came, her cousins, her uncles and aunts, her grandparents and we, her family were all there.
Our lovely celebrant...

Even our family in Gensan joined us in the celebration, and we were much thankful they brought along their units.  It made our trip much convenient and easier for all, it's really a great help.  Lucky for us, we have them.

As we thought the special occasion will be just that special, we were surprised that two local actors came to the resort, Bobby Andrews and Dino Guevarra.  No, we did not invite them, hehe.  They were visitors of a group of people celebrating their class reunion.  Some of you guys may not know them but a lot in the beach recognized them being quite popular in the 90's.  So, in effect, they attracted a lot of people to have a picture with them.  Us, we just watched them from a short distance, as my brother jokingly said, "Tan-awa among mga asawa nga anad kita ug gwapo" translation: Look at how wives who are used to being with gorgeous guys behave (of course we were referring to us, their husbands, hahaha).

The beach party went well and the kids had fun. Our little girl had again grown another year... beautiful as ever. The next day, we all greeted her again since it's the original day of her birth, and so the swimming continued... When we got home, we made a small celebration in the evening for her.  As I looked at her, I couldn't help but think, how she had grown so fast... and I thank Yahweh for everything that I see in her.  Happy birthday, my Princess.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Precious Moments

There's just a lot of things to celebrate today.  First and foremost, we went to church for the Easter Sunday celebration.  This I think is one of the most important event in our Christian faith, that Christ died for our sins and our salvation and on the third day, He rose from death and now seated at the right hand of the Father.  Through this, Christ had given us the grace of opportunity to be with Him in heaven for eternity.  But to be able to have this, we need to follow His teachings and walk His path, for it is the only way... He is the only way.

Menu please...
Secondly, my wife and I  celebrated our wedding anniversary with the family.  We had a simple dinner at Blackbeard's Seafood Island Grill in Abreeza Mall after church.  We tried one from their "A Dozen Boodles" list.  It was a complete meal served in a huge tray that's good for 5-6 persons.  It kinda reminded me of our "boodle fights" in PMA, where everybody ate together along the hallway where the food was served in  long sheets of banana leaves or papers.  It really boosts one's appetite especially when you see everyone enjoying the meal.  Then, we left the kids with their grandparents and watched a movie.
We chose "Mt. Apo" meal among list.
Pirmi... since "boodle" is synonymous to food.
Celebrating with my ever lovely wife...
We went home after, so my wife could have her needed rest.  Oh, before I forget to mention, last but not the least, we just confirmed that my wife is pregnant.  She recently had a pregnancy test and it's POSITIVE.  We were so happy to have another blessing in our family.  We just can't wait to spread the news.  Yahweh really is so good to us.   He's been so kind to our family.  May all be the glory be unto Him.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Going To A Palm Sunday Mass Celebration

We attended a mass in our parish church.  Before entering the gates of the church, vendors selling crosses made of coconut leaves were visible on the sides of the road.  It signifies our celebration of Palm Sunday, which commemorates the people's warm welcome of Jesus' arrival to Jerusalem.  We bought a couple from a lady for 10 pesos a piece.  

Upon reaching the church, there was already a blessing of the palm crosses, so I joined the crowd.  It is from our old belief that putting this vindicated crosses in our doors or altar would drive away bad elements or spirits that cause bad luck, trouble and diseases.  I think, there's no harm in following such custom which had been passed from countless generations.  It took me a couple of minutes outside the church for the priest's blessing, since he wanted people to properly and orderly received the blessing, as a sign of their respect to the proceedings.  Which I think was just proper, people need not  rush in front just to make sure the holy water touched their crosses.  The blessing was for all and what's more significant was having faith in it.

The Gospel reading was a lot longer than the usual.  It tells of Jesus' Passion, from the last supper with His disciples until His death on the cross.  The Gospel was also divided into different roles (i.e. Jesus, Peter, Judas, Pilate, crowd, etc.), and every role was designated to different people, instead of the priest reading It all alone.  It was a long stand, but come to think of all the blessings in our life, the very thing that Jesus gave His own life and submitting to our Father's will for our salvation, it's worth everything.

With the coming Holy Week, let us all remember the significance of what the occasion is for, and not the long relaxing vacation it might be.  It is for our Lord, let us offer what is due Him.  Yahweh bless.