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Monday, September 29, 2014

Thanks For The Help

The Lord is truly wonderful... He provides even before we think of it.  And He definitely knows what we need.  He let us meet new friends that helped us during our transfer to Houston... and even filled our home with things we didn't have, all for free.  Our family felt so blessed with everything we received.

As soon as we arrived here in Houston, people we barely knew offered their things to us (luckily, those were the things we were planning to buy).  They would always tell us that it's a "pay it forward" thing.  When they were also starting, there were also those who helped them.  More, there were times that we would find cool stuffs (mostly furniture) we can use within the vicinity of our apartment.  If the garbage collector in our place (the bote/bakal) can go here... I think, they would be the happiest people in the world.  For people are throwing away good stuff here (clothing, electronics, furniture, etc.), some are even good as new.  They just leave it in the side, and then it's free to take.  In the end, we have enough to buy the other things we still need.

We are really thankful to the Lord that He surrounded us with good people.  People (friends) who helped us during our transfer (it would  have been really costly and difficult had it not for them).  People who shared their things to us (which is a big help especially for someone starting in a foreign land away from our families).  And for all the people who helped us get  familiarized with the way of life here.  Yahweh is good... all the time.