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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Desire For Blogging

I was actually trying to figure out what to write for my 100th post in my blog, so I asked my wife for a suggestion and she told me to write about the factors that drove me to blogging.

When we visited my in-laws last year, I heard a lot of things about blogging from their family friends.  There were a lot of good things they shared but most of it was on how to earn through it..I just knew I can do so much more than just earning.  So, upon returning to Davao, I asked a former classmate whom I knew was into blogging. With her help, I started my own blog with Blogger... my "Trunk Locker".

And more, I am grateful that because of you I've reached the 10,000 pageviews...

I'm more comfortable communicating and expressing myself more through writing than speaking... that's why I find blogging perfect for me.  My aim is really simple, I'm blogging to make my thoughts and insights be put into writing and be read . Things  happening around me and things I experience in life are my inspirations .. To share thoughts about my beliefs and my faith... about what our Lord had done to my life and how He affects me through His words, graces and even challenges in my daily life.

I definitely enjoyed making every post in my blog... it gave me an outlet for my thoughts... thoughts that I always wanted to share to other people... may it be lessons from  this life's journey, inspirations or recommendable deeds of other people,  wrong things that needed to be changed, happenings that affect our lives or anything worth sharing.

I put not only my mind but my heart in every post I made... and with my family as my inspiration... the biggest reward for me is the appreciation I get from them and from the people who read my blog with their kind comments and messages they leave... I considered them the ink in my pen... even if they do not agree with me all the time, the thought that I somehow touched and affected the lives of my readers...  makes me keep going and thank the Lord...

The only prayer I always have is for His guidance and that may everything be in accordance to His will... Yahweh bless.  


  1. congrats sir for your 100th post :)

  2. Congratulations! I wish I can also published 100th post! Matagal pa yun :D

  3. Congratz! posting is a good investment :-)

  4. congrats on your 100th post and the 10k views mark!! you should be proud of yourself..keep going!

  5. thank you so much guys... comments appreciated... Yahweh bless. :D

  6. wow congrats to your 100th and 10 000 page views