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Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's A Boy!

The long wait and guessing ends.  We finally had a chance to personally witness the gender of the newest member of our family through an ultrasound monitor.  Since she  was already in her 7th month, the gender was a bit clear and very visible... it's another boy!

Even months before, we already had a guess of 80% probability that our baby is a boy, basing on our experience.  Our daughter's movements were more finer and slower than our son's.  And there were just a lot of similarities in my wife's condition when she was having our first son.  More, people around us were thinking the same thing.  My mom told us that my wife's rounded belly indicates that it's a boy and she also noticed that my wife's nose was a little shiny same as when she had our son...

But the OB Gyn told us, that isn't always the case.  And I believe her, since the only reliable source of gender result was the ultrasound.  However, we're right anyway, aren't we?  LOL.

So, it's another boy, another one who will try to strangle me until I can no longer breathe and who would ask me to give him a horse ride in my back until I'm wasted.  Worst, play a physical game with me and gets me on my weakest spot.  Just thinking of it, gives me the creeps.  Oh what the heck, it's a great way to die.  I guess I just have to prepare more rugs to wipe out the scribbles on the wall, before my wife kills me... hahaha.

Kidding aside, I really don't have any gender issue, whether a boy or girl.  I was just thankful to the Lord that everything's well with my wife and our baby, as the result showed.  Yahweh bless.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Must For A Coffee Lover

"This blog received a payment for this post."

As a friend once told me, "You'll never know the difference in coffee unless you are a coffee lover".  I believe he's right, for there is a distinct aroma and taste from brewed coffee which I couldn't find in any instant coffee.  And unless you are fond of ordering it from your nearby favorite coffee shop, you definitely need a coffee maker to make things easier and hassle free.

I remember when we used to visit my grandmother in our province. She would always make coffee for us to bring home and brew some of them.  She would store it in a thermos where we would carefully transfer to a cup as not to spill out some coffee residue with it.  I loved my lola's brew.  It was just enough, not so light nor so strong, just perfect for me.  She had mastered  her craft and she did all the preparations, from the drying and pounding of the coffee fruit, to the roasting and grilling of the beans... I guess, I'm my lola's number one  fan when it comes to coffee. 

But in as much as I want my grandma's coffee, that won't be possible since she's miles away from us.  Good thing there are singlecup coffee makers with easy to follow instructions that makes it great for brewing just enough coffee and avoids wastage or leftovers while not compromising the taste.  It doesn't only make it very convenient but it also makes brewing a personal favorite coffee possible anytime you crave for it with no worries. 

For me, a little investment is just a lot cheaper compared to buying everyday a cup of brewed coffee from a coffee shop.  More, you don't need to go far and take some time away from home or work.  And it gives you the same satisfaction.  I think, for someone to be called as a  coffee lover, he or she should definitely have a reliable coffee maker.  What do you think?  Yahweh bless.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Company Sportsfest Bloopers

Let us start with the usual first game, the flag raising competition.  The game started with our team being the one leading the race.  We thought that we're going to win first place when all of a sudden, the other teams were already tying their flags while we were still running back to the starting line to tap one more player.  So in the end, we finished last.  Sharing the same question as that of the other spectators, I also couldn't help myself ask, "What happened?"...  Here's why, there should have been 10 participants in each team, we had 11... "partida"... hehe.

We were grouped to 4 color teams, ours was indigo or was it "indego".  For a time being, I wasn't sure why the other teams were purposely mispronouncing our color that way.  I though it was a tease as everyone were playing jokes and names about each others' team.  Until I found the culprit, the prints on our players' shorts were misspelled as "INDEGO" (written in all caps).  So our team had to bear it throughout the activity.  Well, we took it as an advantage as everyone's helping us cheer our team, one way or another... "indego, indego... indego!!!". LOL.

As the final game was concluded, our team knew from the very start, that in every game there would be last.  So we took the sacrifice, that others won't worry about it anymore...  Nah, honestly speaking, we didn't win first place in even a single game.  We were the only team not eager enough to see the results of points in the tally board.  But the only consolation we got was we enjoyed each and every game we played, yeah!!! hahaha...

And then, the announcement of winners... the second place was named and so, the supposedly first place team was already celebrating when all of a sudden, the announcer said, "don't celebrate yet, you are not still champion...".  HUH???  The officials were still not finished deliberating a protest of the other team.  Guess what the decision was?  I honestly don't know since I was not able to wait for it anymore.  But I heard the call was reversed, and the formerly announced second placer became the champion... 

What a fun, funny day, despite all the bloopers, we definitely had fun which I think is the most important thing.  Yahweh bless.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My PMA Cadet Years (Yearling) - Navy, Army Or Air Force

It was April 1,1996... the very same day when we entered the academy a year ago, but we were not able to celebrate our anniversary in PMA and meet our plebes, the class of 2000.  We were one of the two battalions of yearlings who were having our orientation tour then.  In as much as we were eager to see the latest addition to the corps, the orientation was as equally important, as it contributes to a cadet's decision to the branch of service their going to; Navy, Army or Air Force.

The month started with the Holy Week, and we were given a whole week break to spend it.  Normally, I would go to our province during these chances but Corong invited me along with Cru( both were my mistah) in his aunt's place in Wack Wack Twin Towers in Mandaluyong.  We had a movie marathon of those we missed during our stay and also those we haven't seen for a long time using a VHS player (it's 1996).  It was great spending some relaxing time from our hectic schedule... no bugle calls... no duties or formation... no need to wake up on time.

Our privilege terminated on the 7th and we started our orientation tour the following day.  First stop, the Army.  We  visited the Special Forces and Scout Rangers' barracks, two of their elite forces.  Then we traveled to the army museum in Camp Aguinaldo where we found past weapons used and the tunnel created by Gen. Mc Arthur during WWII, that links to the other military bases... we haven't tried it though.  We  went to the SR training ground at Tanay, Rizal, a day after.

After the Army, we headed to Villamor Airbase to start our orientation with the Air Force.  Here, I met some new found friends, Maam Jasmin and her daughters, Razel, Hazel and Nene, which later on I considered as my family in Manila.  During times when we were given a long break, along with some mistah, we would visit their house and spend the rest of the time there.  Personally, I felt comfortable being with them since they were very accommodating and hospitable, they made me feel at home.

We also went to Lipa, Batangas to visit the Air Force aviation cadets.  Like PMA, they also practice seniority in class, the lowest were called "dodo", taken from the extinct flightless bird.  We also met their graduating class whom would be serving as officers and pilots in the AFP.

We were given a 2 day break before we continued our orientation with the last but definitely not the least,  the Philippine Navy (PN).  Good thing we had it at Sangley Point, Cavite, I got the chance to visit my relatives and friends in our province nearby.  Though the orientation was a light duty, still it was nice to breath some fresh air and relax in the comfort of what I could consider my home.

Upon our return, the PN toured us around some of their ships and showed us their routine drills and exercises.  Then, the day after, we had a hop. I was lucky that I met Maam Jasmin and had an instant foster sisters, never had a problem in bringing a partner.

Some pics taken with my foster sisters and mistah(s).

Then, a day before I celebrated my birthday, we returned to Baguio.  It was the first time we've met our plebe and be an upperclassmen, yearlings (3rd class) to be exact.  We were kind of eager that time to finally feel what its like to finally handle them.  But we all knew with this, we would be facing greater responsibilities and expectations along with the scrutinizing eyes of our seniors.  Yahweh bless.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Fourth Godchild

Freya, Geoffrey, Ania and just recently Aaliyah, my godchildren.  It's almost Christmas, and I think an additional gift won't hurt that much.  Since she won't still appreciate the gift I would be giving her, I am planning to give her parents something that can help them, like things they can use for her needs.  It's their first so they'll be needing all the help they can get.

Welcoming you to Christianity, Aaliyah.

As a godparent, giving gift, though not a responsibility nor a necessity, is the easiest way in showing you're still there and  keeping the bond alive.  I had a lot of "ninongs and ninangs" (godparents), but I haven't known most of them, only those who cared to send me gifts on my birthday and "aguinaldo" on Christmas.  I was actually looking forward to their gifts every year as a child and without me knowing it,  they were already part of my memories.  The gifts, didn't really matter what they were nor how much they cost, they were already even vague to my memory.  What really matters was that simple act of kindness, that they remembered... so I remember them until now.

Well, don't get me wrong, it wasn't really a big deal to my other godparents or something.  They have their own lives, decisions to make and places to go.  Just not meant to be...

Aside from gift giving, more importantly, we must stand as a second parent to our godchildren.  Giving them guidance to life in general and most especially, become an aid in strengthening their faith to our Lord.  It's the responsibility that was given to us when we accepted our role.  But just like any other responsibilities in life, it's still up to us if we commit to it.  Yahweh bless.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

As A Freelance Writer

If your looking for someone to write some articles in your behalf but you don't want to engage in a very complicated terms or contract, you might be looking for the likes of Lawrence Reaves, a freelance writer.  Like him, I'm proud to say that my wife is also writing articles for a foreign company.  She is earning a few bucks doing so, but what matters is that she is enjoying what she's doing and gaining knowledge from it.

Wifey doing some assignments...
More, the topics offered to her are somewhat related to her course in college.  So, it isn't that hard for her to collect her ideas and insights about certain topics and how to put them into writings.  While for the unfamiliar topics, she relies on the net and books for research and information.  It isn't really hard for her to search the net, being familiar with the topic's terminologies and what-abouts.

She considers this as her pastime, so she just limits herself to 3 articles (with a maximum of 500 words/article) per week.  Just enough to give a quality result without sacrificing her time for our family.  Anyway, it's not really about the money, but the satisfaction we get in our continued growth in knowledge and in expressing our shared passion in writing.  It's somehow fulfilling to be able to finish and publish or post an article that may be of help to others, one way or another.

We just hope that our Lord continues to guide our hands, hearts and minds, that He may lead us in writing beneficial posts not only for our sake but for the sake of others. Yahweh bless.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Angry Bird Owner

Who would have thought that the birdcage that you bought from a pet shop isn't escape proof?  I really wasn't expecting that one of the lovebirds I bought can easily get out passing through the gap of the cage.  I was really speechless for a while, I saw the bird as it slowly moved its way out of the opening but I wasn't able to move fast enough to prevent the escape.  I just can't help but sigh for the loss.  If only I could return the cage and ask for refund, I would, but that would be too complicated.

Going back to the cage, we bought it from a known pet shop in the city and it wasn't cheap.  I'm just so disappointed to get a defective cage that can't hold birds inside.  They should have anticipated even the smallest pet bird should not be able to get out of the cage.  And to think, it was already a full grown adult lovebird.

Now, I need to buy a replacement since my kids keep on asking me to.  They were worried that the other bird would get lonely and die, having heard of it.  Why should lovebirds need to come in pair?  And where did people get the notion that they die of loneliness when their partner leaves them?  I guess, even lovebirds aren't an exception in giving someone heartaches... haaayyyy...

I already covered the top portion of the cage with a fine net as an additional restriction to the "birdfree" (that's what we call the cage now).  I made sure the top portion where the bird escaped was covered.  There's no point in crying over spilled milk.  What's done is done.  Lesson learned.  Birdcages aren't always built to cage birds, so take the necessary precautions. LOL. Yahweh bless.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Pains And Joys Of Pregnancy

Compared to the two past pregnacies my wife had, this one I think is the hardest.  Though she also had some discomforts before like vomiting and nausea, not able to eat well and having food preferences, now her back pains have worsened and she's having shortness of breath.  There was even a point in her second trimester, that we had to go to her OB-GYNE  due to abdominal pains...

Complete bed rest without bathroom priviledge, that was the doctor's order. The doctor explained that she was having premature contractions which warranted medications too. She was advised to have a month of leave from work. During those days, I took care of her and my children’s needs including cooking and preparing food for them at night, before I go to work  and during weekends. I ran all the errands, bought all stuffs needed, payed the bills,  and  made the kids preoccupied just to keep them away  from their mom, considering her delicate condition. Thanks to my mother, she's there to take my place when I'm at work.

As the baby gets bigger and heavier, her complaints of back pains are becoming constant and frequent.  Though she already had those during her last pregnancies, they were more tolerable than what she's having presently.  She would always ask me to massage her back which I willingly and gladly oblige because I know that it makes her feel better.  I just hope and pray, that she would cope up with the pain, especially now that she's back to work.

So where’s the joy in it?  Well, seeing  and feeling our baby move, give funny shapes and molds to my wife’s tummy, the thought that in a way our little angel hears and feels us, and the eagerness to finally see the Lord’s blessing for the newest addition to our family... if that wouldn't bring smile to our faces and fulfillment to our hearts, then I don't know what would?

And besides, our children are worth all the sacrifices and challenges we face in life.  They will always be our pride and joy.  And we will forever give Him thanks for them.  Yahweh bless.  

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Start Of The "Ber" Months

How time flies so fast, it's already September, and the breeze of holidays are already on the air.  A lot are already looking forward for their bonuses and other incentives and talking how it'll just disappear knowing that these months will also be costly and time to pay off debts.  Then soon, the traffic jams and congested malls because of people rushing to buy the stuffs they need.  There's just a lot of things to take care of... complications of adulthood?

Remember those times, when we were so eager for the "ber" months to come.  There were just a lot to expect, the long vacation from school, the extra cash we get from carolings, the aguinaldos (gifts) from Santa, our love ones and godparents, the goodies and festivities the season gives, and the thought, that it's the birthday of Jesus.  All of these that brought delight to our young minds.  There's just a lot of time to be carefree... simplicity of childhood?

Life is just a cycle, as we were child once, being adults have its responsibilities.  Well, these months are how we make them to be.  It's really up to us on how we think of it, what we decide to do,  and how we perceive it to be.  But no matter how we are planning to celebrate the coming holidays, lets always keep in mind what it's for.  Yahweh bless.