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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

spare me.

I’m so proud of my daughter that I wanted to share it to the whole world (to the whole universe if possible)... that SHE JUST PUBLISHED HER OWN BOOK WITH Barnes&Noble.  Yup, you heard me right a book... published... with Barnes&Noble. And she’s only 15 years old... Come to think of it, what was I doing when i was her age?  Oh yeah, just crazy stuff... but I’m definitely sure...not in my wildest dream could I have a book with a world renouned publisher (LOL).

So, without further ado let me introduce the book:  it’s entitled “spare me.” (As to the reason of my post’s title).  It’s pages are composed of the musing and thoughts of poet’s struggles as a young immigrant with her new life here in the U.S.

About the Author (copied from Barnes&Noble website):

Rael Stephanie Rollon developed her interest in writing at the age of twelve. At first, she just loved scribbling her random thoughts in her notebooks. Until it evolved into poetry. 

Rael was born in the Philippines, but her family migrated to the US when she was nine years old. Thus, her poetry was largely influenced by her struggles to adjust to her new environment, being displaced and uprooted, losing friends and meeting new people in an entirely new cultural background.

Her first foray into self-publishing has been a spontaneous decision inspired by her family and friends who believe in her talent.

She loves to read, sing and dabble in photography. Though on the introvert side, this gave her more room to write down her thoughts, no matter how chaotic they are, and actually had the courage to put it out there so that it may touch other teenagers who may be experiencing the same struggles of fitting into society and coping up with all the challenges

She lives with her family in Houston, Texas, and is currently attending Summer Creek High School.

Connect with her on Instagram @crescentpoetry

Here’s my copy, please grab yours @barnes& to support our young and soon to be a famous poet in the whole world.  

Although this book is just available today here in the U.S., we are currently working for it to be also available in amazon for those people coming from other countries.  I thank you from the bottom of heart for all the support.  All of you are much appreciated.  Yahweh bless.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Parties And Celebrations

Just a few days ago, we joined the Christmas party of Filipino nurses in my wife's hospital.  It's a little bit awkward at first since these people already knew each other for years and we were the new ones in the group.  My wife wasn't alone though, there were 3 other new nurses along with us.  But as we got to know them, it wasn't that bad.  And besides, wouldn't it be much easier to get along with your fellow countrymen, right?

The event was held in an Brazilian restaurant located at Westheimer Rd. here in Houston.  It had a valet parking so I'm expecting that the food inside would really cost us... but then, it's not as if we're gonna eat there often.  Again, it'll be our first time to try their food.  They were more on grilled steaks and seafood, so it's pretty much safe... for me. 

The cool thing about Chama Gaúcha (the restaurant), was they have this card where you flip on the green side, and their waiters will come to you and offer various grilled meats.  And you can take anything you want.  Then, if you want them to stop offering you, just flip the card on the red side.  The only thing was, a lot of the steaks were medium rare and there's still blood when you cut the meat.  I'm more of a "well done" person when it comes to grilled meat... LOL.  So, more seafood here please.

Here's the card...
Here's a slice...
And this is what  I was talking about.  LOL!!!

Yesterday, we were also invited by a family my wife knew, to celebrate Christmas with them.  They were friends of her parents.  It's a bit far from us but I'm getting used to driving in the freeway already.  It's really a blessing that we're having this moment with them since we still hadn't celebrated the occasion together as a family.  More, they prepared a lot of Filipino foods that made us feel near to home.  But what's truly priceless was seeing our kids enjoying themselves, playing with the other kids of other invited families.  Great to feel not only the cold breeze of air but also the spirit of the season.  Merry Christmas.  Yahweh bless. :)

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Eve Without You

We're used to spending Christmas eve with our families and relatives back in the Philippines... with the traditional Noche Buena and the opening of gifts as the clock strikes 12 midnight.  And this will be our very first Christmas away from them.  More, as much as we want to celebrate it together, sometimes there are things in life we can't avoid, like my wife being scheduled for work today, and she'll be staying there until tomorrow.

After dropping  her to work, me and my kids had a simple dinner and stayed up until passed 12 midnight.  It was really unusual for my family to have a silent Christmas... well there's first for everything, I guess.  December 24 used to be the busiest day of the year for us... with all the preparations for the grand eve... And now, how I missed those children who annoyingly kept on returning to our house with their familiar jingles but incomprehensible lyrics.   

But come to think of it, I should not feel this way... I'm still in luck that I get to spend Christmas with the kids. I know, spending Christmas day with strangers rather than your family is hard... And I know you're wishing that you're with us right now... thinking and missing us. But then you had to do all these sacrifices since you are called to do your role as a nurse... and that makes us really proud.

Well, tomorrow we'll be spending the whole day together and celebrate.  So time to hit the bed.  See you soon, sweetheart... Hope everything is well at work right now... And Merry Christmas... Hugs and kisses from the kids... Yahweh bless.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Our Justin's Day

It's the first time we celebrated our son's birthday here in Houston.  It may not be the same as what he used to have back in Davao, where we had his cousins and relatives with us to celebrate this special occasion... but still he had us, his family, and that's what mattered the most. 

It was just us, no friends and relatives, so we prepared food just enough for us.  Good thing we had Jollibee (the only one in Texas) and the newly opened Red Ribbon near our place, where we got his cake and pasta.  We also bought some turkey legs and crabs from a nearby market.  But it wasn't the food that excited him the most, so after blowing the candle on his cake, he immediately asked to open his presents... and he wasn't disappointed, we gave him something we knew he had been missing since we got here... a scooter.  We're very glad that he's happy.

How we wished he celebrated it with his cousins and friends back home... but our life is here now.  And for now, we just need to stick together as a family.  I know how he longs to have a kids party as we used to have... and we would love to make it happen for him... but we can't for the moment...

To our dearest Justin, we are so proud of you.  Since we got here, you've always been brave in going to school... didn't hear a single worry from you, always been positive.  Your thoughtfulness never fails to amaze us...  You always think of your siblings, not only yourself.  Like when buying stuffs, you always see that we would also buy one for them.  It costs us a little bit (that's the downfall), but we're just glad you are thinking of them.  You maybe a little naughty (makulit, malikot and may katigasan ang ulo) sometimes... but we know it's because of your age.  We maybe just only expecting you to act more responsible since you are already a kuya.  But it's okay son, just remind us that you're still 7. hehehe.

Happy Birthday, anak... We love you as always.  Yahweh bless. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Proud Parents

When we got here in US, we knew that school would be a big challenge for our kids. They entered school at almost the end of school year which barely gave them enough time to adjust. This was why when we transferred here in Houston, we didn't expect too much from them.  And yet they did well... 

My son was enrolled in a magnet school and passed the qualifying exam for his grade level.  When we got here, he still had a hard time in writing and reading words but he learned fast and now he's doing pretty well in school and more, having excellent marks almost all the time.  But what we admired most of him, is that he easily adapted himself in school, as if nothing has changed.  He easily got along well with his classmates and teachers... and had no problems in going to school, very independent indeed.

Our daughter also had very good marks in her card that she was recommended and eventually got transferred to their school's magnet program and also, became a candidate in joining an inter-school competition.  And although I'm the one who gets intimidated with her subjects (lessons I only encountered in high school and college... engineering, chemistry, advance math... they even have robotics), I always believe that she can handle these.  She never fails to amaze me when it comes to her studies... very reliable ate indeed.

We know that things will not be easy for us here in the US... even for our kids.  Everything is new and I can say, it's not our comfort zone.  That's why we are so proud that the kids are doing well with their studies and even excelling in some subjects.  We are so blessed to have them as our children... we will always thank the Lord for them... and cherish them, for as long as we live.  Yahweh bless.