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Monday, February 28, 2011

Our Home Away From Home...

We are spending our weekend here in General Santos City... A 3 hour drive from Davao City... but its still home to us.  We are staying with my wife's family here ... we have our own room cozy enough for my family to have a comfortable stay.  We often go here first, because my wife's family is here... second, we have to check on our business (our M& and finally, because in here, we can relax all we want... depressurize and recharge (LOL)...  the  place is great... the food is sumptuous... and the atmosphere is amazing.. comfort beyond compare...
A sneak view...
And what a coincidence... without us knowing it... Gensan is also celebrating it's "Kalilangan Festival"... and they are celebrating it this week... the last week of February. It's like our "Kadayawan Festival" in Davao.  They say it's going to have full of festive activities today... and we've gone out to experience it first hand... but unfortunately it rained so in as much as we wanted the children to go with us, the kids had to go home ahead.  Upon arriving at the celebration site, Gensan's Oval Plaza, we saw some spectacular fireworks display... being a Dabaweño, it's been a while since we last saw one so we were kind of excited.  Then we bought some ornamental plants for our shop...   We found variety of beautiful display and they were very cheap... I know 'coz I love plants...  hahaha...  We roamed  around for a while... there were a lot of people... loud music... and some fun rides...

Our stay here is indeed a treat... Have a nice day... God bless.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Remembering People Power Revolution After 25 Years

The People Power Revolution or EDSA Revolution (February 22–25, 1986) was a very significant event for us Filipinos.  I remembered as the event was taking place, it was in every television, radio and even in the circulated newspapers... all were crossing their fingers to the possible outcome of the nationwide demonstration against the former President Ferdinand Marcos regime.  Everybody was praying that nothing violent would happen since the possible result of the clash between the demonstrators and the military would be very ugly.

I believed the assassination of Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. was the turning point when the Filipino had enough.  And the boiling point when Filipinos had too much was when the COMELEC declared Marcos as the winner for the presidential race in the 1986 snap election.  With this, millions of Filipinos (including religious groups, government officials, and known personalities) marched and gathered at Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) to demonstrate their grievance against the present government.  Also, a group of military and police officers and personnel were supporting the revolution.  Eventually leading to the departure of the Marcos’s from Malacañang Palace...  And I saw and felt how happy the people were... many were dancing, singing, smiling while congratulating one another and thanking God for what had happened... our nation seemed to be one at that moment...

The 1986 EDSA Revolution was truly a momentous event.  Despite the heavy artillery and armed military and police deployed to protect the current president, not a single blood was shed.  We exercised and showed the world what democracy meant... and how the power of prayer worked...
But did we really learn from EDSA?  Our nation is still struggling and full of controversies and corruption despite the fact that we dethroned the person we believed to be the cause of our country’s problem.  Why do we find much worst officials in our government?.. does this mean they do not acknowledge the peoples’ cry in EDSA?.. the change we were shouting back then was not for Marcos alone... we were shouting change in our government, that they will manage the country honestly and truthfully... that they may be worthy of the trust given to them by the Filipino people.

Filipinos... What EDSA meant was change for the better and not become worse... where are we now?  Why are we doing the same mistakes as we did before?  Worst is that the only learning we had is how to escape from the anomalies we do... and put a lot of loopholes to our justice system... If we truly and honestly learned something from the 1986 EDSA Revolution, it will show... I hope someday we could proudly and not shamefully say... this was what we have done to achieve democracy... look at where we are today... God bless us all.

The Faces of 1986 EDSA Revolution...
Pictures Taken From: Google

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Global Warming: Should We be Concerned About It?

No, why should we be concerned about it.  We’re still okay, right?  Can you still breathe or live comfortably outside your house?  Yes?  Then why should you be concerned about it… Let the children of our children suffer what we have done today.  Will it affect us?  Do you experience harsh weather in your place like super typhoons, El Niño, La Niña, long drought that might have triggered a forest fire… or maybe a snow storm… or flooding?  If your answer is “No”, then you have nothing to worry about.  But nature doesn’t forget you know… we will have our turn.

To the governments, you have handled your nation pretty well… just keep on allowing the use of the destructive sources of energy… allow the registration of more brand new vehicles and throw the old ones to third world countries, their government will still find ways to register it there, so soon every household could have a car for each member…isn’t that convenient?  Will it worsen pollution? Hell no; a few million cars won’t seem to make a difference right?…It’s a shame but that’s how things are going lately. Our ultimate  accomplishment will be the destruction of  Earth… Who knows in the future our alien neighbors might want to follow our footsteps should they want to ruin their planet too. They might do the same in their planets, besides it’s already tested and proven effective.

To the big industries of the large continents of our world… don’t do anything… just keep up what you are doing… your doing just fine in increasing our global heat… the earth is still cool… you still have a couple of years more to do business here on earth… then if life can no longer exist here due to too much heat… you might need to find another galaxy to sell your products… but wait, if life no longer exist who will sell the products?  Stupid me, I forgot you are still fragile humans.

Though the earth will surely end up, one way or another… maybe a million years more…But we are speeding it up… But who cares ,we are the “BOSS” of this world… we can’t be dictated, we are far more sophisticated and intelligent than anything in this world… money and power is everything, let’s cut and burn all of those trees and make use of every resources in this world to benefit us, what do we care for about the other creatures?  What food chain, what balance?  It’s just part of the subjects we are studying since we were little, does it really apply?  Why bother include this to our learning when we don’t give a damn ‘bout it?  Who doesn’t know pollution is destructive?  Ordinary people know… the head and leaders of all countries know… government authorities know… so I don’t think education is the problem… the main problem is GREED… we just can’t stop… we want oil and gasoline… we want fossil fuel… we want nuclear power plants… and coal… it’s control and power we want… we don’t want solar power, wind, water or anything that is free… not because it’s hard to get energy from those sources but the ugly truth is we would rather lose our world than to lose money and power.  That’s just terrific, at least, when the world ends, you can bury yourself with your wealth.  Well, too much of my sarcasm..Why don’t we check out some facts?

·         Global Warming is the abnormal increase in Earth’s temperature due to excessive greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.
·         The greenhouse gases [such as CO2 (carbon dioxide), water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone or any gas with three or more atoms is considered a greenhouse gas] traps and maintain heat.  Thus, the thermal energy from the sun, instead of bouncing most of it back to outer space, are absorbed in the molecules of these green house gases (GHG), resulting to the increasing heat of the atmosphere and earth’s climate.
·         Normally, the earth depends on the oceans’ water vapor comprising 80% of all GHG and 20% to other gases naturally emitted by the earth, rotting plants and living animals (I don’t want to include us with the animals because that would be degrading in their part).  This is just enough to trap the needed heat vital to support life here on earth.  So why not stop the water vapors, so we could counter the increasing man-made GHG emission?  OK, then drink the ocean… until you come to your senses.
·         Burning does not increase the emission of GHG but it SPEEDS UP THE PROCESS… it’s common sense… instead of taking years of releasing carbon dioxide (CO2) through the natural process of decomposition, we release it all in a matter of seconds… that’s the culture we are in right now… always in a hurry… why don’t we dig our own grave?… oh, that’s what we are doing right now… nice job…
·         Nothing is permanent.  Like the water vapor, it does not stay long in the atmosphere… it drops back to earth as rain… Hurray, then there’s no problem, let’s smoke some CO2.  And I hope you die doing it… just kidding.  The problem is that methane (labeled as 23 times more powerful a greenhouse gas) has an average atmospheric lifetime of 10 years.  But that is nothing compared to the enormous CO2 that can stay between 50 to 200 years.  Meaning, you’ll have to bear with Mr. CO2 for at least 50 years before it is absorbed by a sink or becomes part of another chemical reaction.  But wait there is more, you can enjoy the CO2 emitted today that will give you global warming for the next two centuries… isn’t that nice?
·         Increasing the average heat or temperature of earth would pose threats like melting of the polar ice caps that would raise the sea level and making a huge part of land the next “Atlantis” (Don’t worry, if we get lucky and our body adopts… we might have gills by then); increased heat means increased water evaporation, thus more storms and hurricanes… far more stronger and destructive than you ever imagined (How exciting!!!); and eventually leads to global chaos due to limited supply of food… why?...Less land area plus unsuitable whether condition for farming equals?  You can do the math…
·         Increase in human population will correspond to increase in pollution… the solution, responsible family planning...  plain and simple

Global Warming is like a giant time bomb that will end our very own existence (considering we are so selfish enough to care for the environment and other life forms) if we don’t act on the problem.  And it’s a reality… we are experiencing it now… Don’t wait for the time when it s already irreversible… I would like to believe that there is still hope… that we still have “humanity” within us.  Let earth end naturally… and not by our hands… if you don’t care about yourself… can you at least care about the children of your children…

May God enlighten us and have mercy on us all...

Source: Google

Source: Wikipedia

Nonito “the Filipino Flash” Donaire, Brings Another Honor to the Philippines

Just recently, another honor was given by a boxer to our country… an impressive knockout victory by the Filipino “Flash” Nonito Donaire Jr. against Fernando Montiel of Mexico… Mortiel is not an easy opponent in the bantamweight division considering his impressive record of being undefeated for four outings… but with his fight today with our very own “the Filipino Flash”, Montiel was knocked out in the second round by a lefty… he was able to stand up… but hardly recovered from the punch, he was noticeably not yet in control of his balance and focus … so when Donaire attacked again, the referee was forced to stop the fight…

It was very impressive that I recalled the fight of Pacquiao against Hatton… very snappy… I’m beginning to favor Donaire as the next Manny Pacquiao… although it would be hard for him to achieve Pacquiao’s accomplishment… still I am positive that he would bring us great honors…

The proud winner of the match... congratulations to our new champ...

A question was also raised up about a possible matchup between Pacquiao and Donaire… I personally don’t favor this… it’s a no win situation for us Filipinos… if Pacquiao wins… that might be the end of a promising boxer… and if Donaire wins… that would mean the end of a legend… I hope this won’t happen… I suggest Donaire waits for his moment… it won’t take long before Pacquiao decides to leave boxing… might as well wait for it…

Hurray for our Filipino boxers… we are truly honored by your courage and dedication to your sport… Showing our dominance in boxing... we have high hopes in you guys, that we will soon get our very first Olympic gold in this event… to God be the glory…

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Must Have During Rain

It’s raining again… and I do love rain, especially the sleeping part (bed day)... LOL.  But when I go to work with my motorcycle,  it’s kind of uncomfortable, especially when dealing with wet and muddy sacks and shoes.  So I bought this pair of waterproof shoes protector and it’s been with me for years now.  It’s convenient having it because it occupies little space in my backpack… its light… and most importantly it works… Rubber boots are okay if you have a duffel bag with you.  Slippers are also cool as long as you’re not riding your MC in the highway; it’s not permitted in our city.  I have seen some imitations which cost you a lot less… but I recommend you go with the one with superior brand.  I bought mine at Pitrade in Damosa.  It cost a lot for an accessory but it’s worth every peso… Come to think of it, I saved more especially on shoes…

Drive safely, guys, the road is slippery when wet… God bless our way…

After my ride to work...

Shoes and socks safe... pretty cool, ei...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Part II – Confusions (In Filipino "Tagalog" dialect)

Confident si Stephanie na kayang kaya nyang talunin ang mayabang na lalaking kaharap. Ni hindi man lang nya naisip kung bakit pagiging girlfriend nya ang naging kondisyon nito…

Ngunit sadya yatang iba ang plano ng tadhana… di nya maintindihan, parang ang bilis ng mga pangyayari na ang sunod na narinig nalang niya ay “checkmate”… Di siya makapaniwala na natalo sya ng ganun lang kabilis… nakatingin parin sya sa screen in disbelief and in denial ng marinig nyang tumawa si Damon… “Hahaha… kahit I-analyze mo pa yan ng buong araw, talo ka talaga, at isa lang ang ibig sabihin nun…girlfriend na kita”
 Maputla ang mukha ni Stephanie sa pagkapahiya na natalo sya sa larong kabisadong kabisado nya… tila dipa yata nagsink in sa kanya ang tungkol sa pustahan nila pag natalo sya… 
“Sige, I’ll give you time to recover and digest what just happened… I’ll pick you up tomorrow at your boarding house…remember our deal sweetheart. I’ll see you tomorrow… bye Stephanie.” Pang aasar na hirit ni Damon bago sya umalis sa canteen.

Naka uwi na sa boarding house si Steph ngunit tila wala parin ito sa sarili…tumuloy sya sa banyo at naghilamos pagkatapos tumingin sa salamin.  “Steph, pls tell me this is just a dream”, kausap ang sarili sa salamin.  “Paano naman kase nangyaring natalo ka nya?... Sigurado ka bang di ka nya dinaya o baka naman nagloko yung laptop mo?”… napaluha sya sa inis… di niya naintindihan ang naramdaman… mabuti nalang di niya nabanggit kung saan ang boarding house nya sa lalaki at least alam nyang hindi mangyayaring susunduin sya nito pag ka umaga… mag aalauna na ng makatulog si Steph…

Laking gulat ni Steph ng paglabas nya sa pinto eh nandun na si Damon sa unahan nakasandal sa kanyang black BMW, this time naka faded pants and black t-shirt ang binata…Bumilis ang pintig ng puso nya…kung di nya lang kilala ang ugali ng lalaking ito eh, talagang maiinlove sya hanggang langit…He looked so yummy na walang ka effort effort…pero alam nyang my ibang agenda ang lalaki sa kondisyon nyang ito at definitely walang pagtingin ang lalaki sa kanya, Malabo…imposible.  Sa itsura pa lang nya, alam na nya kung saan sya lulugar sa mundo ng ganito kagagwapong lalaki.  Stephanie…watch your heart, don’t fall for it… masasaktan ka lang… might as well play the game nalang… If my plano syang gamitin ka, pwes gamitin mo rin sya para patas lang kayo… game on…

“Hello Princess.” malambing na bati nito sa kanya…At tinawag pa akong Princess
 “Did you have a good sleep last night?...”dagdag ni Damon.... “Anung ginagawa mo dito?” sabat ni Steph …”
"I told you, I’d pick you up this morning”…
”At pano mo naman nalaman na dito ako nakatira?”… 
“Let’s just say na malakas ang pang amoy ko… shall we go Princess, bka malate ka sa klase ni Mr Lim.”….
”a-a… there’s no way na sasakay ako dyan,… besides ayokong masira ang umaga ko.. I’d rather ride a tricycle…at saka, Stephanie ang pangalan ko hindi Princess!!”….nagsimula na syang maglakad padabog patungo sa gilid ng daan para mag abang ng tricycle…
”ok then, lets ride the tricycle together, wait I’ll just get my bag”
talaga lang ha, sasakay talaga sya ng tricycle, hahaha, masubukan nga..natatawang isip nya.

Di makapaniwala ang mga kaibigan ni Damon sa nakita nila… Pansin ni Damon ang natatawa nilang reaksyon…”Not a single word pare, alam ko nang lahat ng iniisip nyo, Bye the way, I’d like you to meet my girl..Stephanie….this is Jimmy, Douglas, Zach and Katelyn…” 
 “Hello Stephanie” bati ni Jim “napakaswerte ng kaibigan ko sayo.” dagdag pa nito… 
“Hi” lamang ang naisagot nya, mukha kaseng my laman yung salitang swerte, obviously hindi ang itsura nya ang tinutukoy ni Jim… whatever, basta ang alam nya di sya magpapagamit sa lalaking ito sa kahit anung paraan.. 
“Lets go, baka malate si Princess,” sabay akbay sa kanya ni Damon…Pwede bang pumikit at maniwala kahit isang minuto lang…he smells and feels so freaking good.  God, please lakasan mong loob ko. Nanghihina ako, parang bibigay ang tuhod ko, bakit kelangan pa nya akong akbayan, tama nang torture ung bango nya pero ang maramdaman ang katawan nyang nkadikit sa akin… it’s just too much.

Habang naglalakad sila sa corridor ay pakiramdam nya ay lahat ng mata ay nakatututok sa kanya…sa kanya nga ba o sa lalaking naka akbay sa kanya? Tila yata nagtataka at di makapaniwala ang mga taong sya ang kaakbay nito… Di naman nya masisisi ang mga ito, maging sya rin ay di makapaniwala sa mga nangyayari…

Magkatabi sila ni Stephanie sa harap ng classroom ng pumasok na ang terror na si Mr. Lim.. “Please, prepare for a long quiz class…”..haha, ngayon ko malalaman ang tunay na intension mong manloloko ka… Maingat si Steph na di makita ng iba ang answers nya, actually maingat syang di makita ni Damon ang sagot nya… tapos na sya sa pagsagot ng quiz nila at inaantay nalang nya si Damon na humingi ng sagot sa kanya, upang maipamukha nyang nagkamali ito ng tinalo… Ngunit naubos na ang oras at nakatingin parin si Damon sa kanyang papel na tila nag iisip ng sagot… nainis sya dahil, ni hindi man lang ito lumingon sa kanya o sumilip sa kanyang papel… “Ok time is up, pass your papers, finished or unfinished”…Napuzzle si Steph. Bakit kaya di sya nag attempt na humingi ng sagot sa kanya…

“Grabe, nagutom ako dun ah, tara magmeryienda tayo.” nakatayo na si Damon…nagiisip parin si Steph… 
“Princess, halika na may alam akong lugar na masarap ang pagkain ” nakangiting sabi nito…Tatanggi sana ito ngunit hawak na ni Damon ang mga kamay nya… Gusto ng pride nyang kumawala sa mga kamay nito ngunit tinalo sya ng kanyang traydor na sarili….Please steph…kahit ngayong araw lang…total malapit naman ang birthday mo… hindi naman sigurong masamang mag make believe na totoo ang lahat ng ito kahit ngayong araw lang…savor the moment and close your eyes nalang…

Sumakay sila this time ng taxi papunta sa sinasabi ni Damon na kainan. Tumuloy sila sa isang bahay, simple lang ang desenyo ng bahay ngunit makikitang malinis ito..
”kaninong bahay ito”, di sya nakatiis magtanong…” 
"dito ako tumutuloy during breaktime kase masarap ang pagkain dito at parang nasa bahay ka lang” pagmamalaki ni Damon..

“Kuya Sammy, ayan ha may kasama napo akong kakain ngayon” wika ni Damon sa isang medyo my edad nang lalake.  “Kuya isang oras at kalahati lang po ang break namin, anu bang putahe natin dyan ngayon..” 
“Naku tamang-tama tikman ninyo itong bagong recipe ko… Mang Sammy’s burito, kaya lang good for two ung isang serving kaya magshare nalang kayo…gusto kong malaman kong kuha ko ba ang panlasa ng mga kabataan.” excited na naghanda si kuya Sammy… “Sige kuya  matikman nga, si Princess ang huhusga if pasado sa taste nya”… 
Maging si Steph ay excited rin ngunit di lang ito nagpahalata… Maya-maya ay nagring ang phone ni Damon at napansin nyang nag iba ang mukha nito nang makita ang fone…
”excuse me sweetheart”…lumayo si Damon at kinausap ang tumawag sa kanya…medyo matagal rin ang pag uusap nila ng nasa kabilang linya, halata sa mukha ni Damon ang pagkainis sa kausap…”not tonight Sally, gagabihin ako sa school” yun lang ang narinig nya sa mga sinabi nito sa …Sino kaya si sally? malamang isa sa mga “girlfriends” nya. Bakit tila nagseselos sya… No way!! di pa naman ako ganun ka ilusyunada… 
“Sorry ‘bout that” apologetic na boses ni Damon. Nang makita ang nakaserve na pagkain… 
“Wow, ang laki pala ng burrito nato kuya Sam!” gulat na wika ni Damon. Maging sya ay nagulat din… pero pareho silang gutom kaya tahimik nilang pinagsaluhan ang masarap na recipe ni kuya Sam…maya’t maya ay sinusubuan sya ni Damon na kanya namang tinatanggap… My, but he can be very sweet and seems so sincere with his acts….hinayaan nalang nya si Damon, sincere or not, masarap paring isipin na sya lang ang kasama nito at wala sya sa mapanuri at mapagkutyang tingin ng ibang tao.  
“Well Princess, what can you say about the food?, nabusog ka ba?”, tanong ni Damon… 
“Hhhmmm…nabusog ako at talagang masarap ang pagkain..” honest na sagot ni steph…
 “Gusto pa sana kitang masolo kaya lang may klase pa tayo, kelangan na nating bumalik sa school…halika na” hinawakan ni Damon ang kamay nya habang naglalakad sila papunta sa sakayan ng taxi... Please don’t let this moment end so fast… paki usap ni steph

Magkatabi sila sa lahat ng subjects… as usual Damon was so sweet at tila walang paki alam sa napaka obvious na side comments ng mga tao sa paligid.  Sa halip tila nananadya pa itong ipakita sa kanila ang pagiging sweet nito sa kanya.  Sa buong araw na mgkatabi sila, ni hindi kahit minsang humingi si Damon ng sagot sa kanya during quizzes… Hindi na sya makapag isip ng iba pang maaaring motibo ni Damon sa pagpapanggap na boyfriend nya. Lord, pwede bang kalimutan ko nalang na pangit ako at maniwalang mahal din ako ng taong ito.. Nagulat siya sa kanyang dasal… saan galing yung salitang “din”? Ibig bang sabihin ay tuluyan ng nahulog ang loob nya kay Damon… Di ba yun ang number 1 rule nya sa sarili, falling in love with Mr. Damon Samuel was a “no-no”.  Mortal sin kung baga dahil alam nyang walang idudulot ito sa kanya kundi sakit.  Pero huli na, tuluyan na syang trinaydor ng kanyang puso… She is unconditionally and deeply in love with him.  Damn him, but I love him… yes, I love him… hahaha, napakasarap palang kumawala sa tila napakahirap na pagpipigil nya sa damdamin.  God, kung panaginip man ito, wake me up na pls

“Princess, you ok sweetheart?, kanina ka pang tulala dyan…kanina pa tayo dinissmisss sa klase, mukha yatang ang lalim ng iniisip mo, halika na ihahatid na kita sa inyo”….natauhan sya sa boses ni Damon… Hinawakan ni Damon muli ang mga kamay nya at muli syang inakbayan papalabas ng school… “Wag kang maasiwa sa mga tingin nila, inggit lang ang mga yan….and besides dapat masanay kana sa akin, dahil araw araw ng ako ang nakabakod sa iyo.”… Nasa labas na sila ng school ng pinilit ni Steph na kumawala sa akbay at kamay nito… 
“Ah, di mo na ako kailangang ihatid, kaya ko na ang sarili ko, please, gusto ko sanang umuwing mag isa, this is too much for a day already.”… 
Natigilan si  Damon..di nakasagot… “Thank you, bye”..paalam ni Steph… Nakalayo na sya ng ilang metro ng biglang hinabol sya ni Damon… 
“Look, I’m so tired, I just want to go home peacefully”…pagsisinungaling ni Steph 
“Princess, as much as gusto kitang pagbigyan sa hiling mo, pero kailangan kong sumabay sa iyo… remember, nandun sa inyo ang sasakyan ko.”….rason ni Damon…
 Oo nga pla… nahiya tuloy sya sa nasabi nya.  Nagmukha tuloy syang assuming, eww, kahiya… namumulang nanahimik si Steph, mabuti nalang at gabi na, hindi mahahalata ang pagbablush nya.

Walang imik si Damon habang naglalakad sa tabi nya, marahil ay napagod rin ito sa pagkukunwari buong araw.  Medyo malayu-layo rin ang kanilang nilakad, halos takbuhin na ni Steph ang daan para lang makauwi na sya at matapos na ang kahibangan nyang ito.  Nang makarating na sila sa kanyang boarding house ay si Damon ang bumasag ng katahimikan..  "Goodnight Princess, please make sure your doors are locked, napansin kong maraming mga tambay sa labas."  Di na sya sumagot at patuloy na syang pumasok sa loob ng kwarto nya…

Nakasakay na si Damon sa kanyang kotse ngunit bakit di nya makuhang paandarin ang sasakyan… matagal rin syang nakatitig sa my pinto.  What the hell are you hoping for Damon, that she’ll come out and invite you in?  Damn, but she’s not even your type man?... pagkumbinsi nito sa sarili... 
 Dinial ni Damon ang telepono  Migs, can I ask you a  favor?” “Sure pare, alam mo namang hindi kita mahihindian” sa kabilang linya… 
Pinaandar na ni Damon ang sasakyan at kampanteng umuwi matapos ang pag uusap nila ni Miggie, ang may ari ng security agency na nagpapadala sa kanilang pamilya ng bodyguards.

To be continued...

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Day of Hearts...

Happy Valentine's Day to all...

This is the time when most of the people tend to be "corny"... I think the word does not exist when one is in love. Most people today tend to have this "love spell" thing... most of us wear red... people buy flowers even if the price tripled... its hard to find a place to dine or spend private moments together (LOL), since most establishments today are fully booked...watching movies (take note: Tagalog starring Richard G.), I'm sure, we have a full packed theaters today... and a lot more things not usually done by a lot of couples except for today...

In as much as dating is "in" today, some might be thinking otherwise due to the traffic that they might encounter (not to mention, malls today are overcrowded)... but even though that might be the case, many would still take the risk just to be romantic during this day...

Just a brief history, Saint Valentine's Day or commonly known as "Valentine's Day" is an annual celebration of love and affection between intimate couples held on the 14th of February. St. Valentine was executed because he refused to be converted to Roman paganism, instead he attempted to convert Roman Emperor Claudius II to Christianity during their discussion. Although he can't be connected to any story of romance, there were knowledge of his refusal to unattested law of the Emperor ordering single men to remain single to become good soldiers. Nevertheless,Valentine, as a priest, still secretly performed marriage ceremony for young couples. The day February 14, on the other hand, was uncritically assumed by the readers of Geoffrey Chaucer's "Parlement of Fouls" (this is the first record where Valentine's Day was first associated with romantic love) ... in the phrase "For this was Saint Valentine's Day, when every bird cometh there to choose his mate."... that he was referring to as Valentine's Day; however, it is not likely for birds in England to mate in the middle of February.

But no matter how we celebrate it or what's the story behind it... we will always be romantics, in our own special way... even if it is corny to others... "SO WHAT"...(LOL)... God bless to all...

Welcome to our family… Shannon Dyan

Early morning of February 12, 2011, our family had grown once more, my brother had his first child… Dyan.  Having a new born is really a wonderful feeling, I remember when I had my daughter, and I was outside the delivery room, excited and at the same time worried.  I was thinking that 2 of the most important persons in my life are inside that room.  And I could’nt do anything but wait.  I just kept on praying and praying, hoping both of them will be okay.  Time seemed so long.  But I never lost my faith in Him, I knew He will always be there… and would take care of my “mag-ina”.
I think that’s what every father would feel... and what my brother felt during that time.  But you see it was worth the wait., as soon as I saw my baby… and  knew my wife was okay… it lightened up everything.
When I looked at my child’s eyes… I see beauty and innocence beyond compare.  As I smelled her breath … it was the most relaxing scent I ever inhaled in my entire life.  And as I touched her skin… I wished that the feeling won’t end.  But during sleepless nights , I just reminded myself of the other wonderful sensations.
Then, I had my son…  my second child… and the feeling, well it was just the same… they are my life… I couldn’t help myself not to worry and panic sometimes  But the experience with my daughter helped a lot.
Having another baby in the family always reminds me of the feeling I had when my children were born… and definitely, a feeling l will always cherish and want to  remember for  the rest of my life…
To my bro and Donna, congratulations, the long wait is over.  Shannon is one of the best blessings you will ever have from God.  I know God will guide you both to become the best parents she will  have…
To Shannon Dyan, you are more than welcome to our family…We have waited so long for you my dear May you grow up well together  with your cousins; Rael, Justin, Wacky and Trish whom im pretty sure… can’t wait to play with you.  We thank God for such a blessing as you…
To God be the glory…

the birth of an angel...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Pampering One’s Body in Spa

I first experienced it, years ago; it was my birthday gift from my wife… a gift check from Philosophy Spa in Bonifacio St.  Well, at first, I was hesitant (it was my first… LOL)… had a lot of shameful experience which I’m not gonna tell… but it was an overall good and relaxing experience.  I had a good shower, steamy sauna, relaxingly warm jacuzzi, and a detoxifying massage.  I chose Swedish over shiatsu, 'coz I love it with oil, since it lessens friction.

That was when I discovered how good it felt to be massaged for almost 1 whole hour.  So, since then, I and my wife always find time to visit our favorite spa to relax and give ourselves a treat after days of hard work and pressure.  We secretly call it as a “meeting” so our children won’t mind us leaving… LOL.  We were a “suki” then of Body Bliss in Lanang, since it's near our place, making it convenient for us.  But, one day, there was no vacant therapist (masseuse) at the said spa, so we opted to find another spa.  Luckily, there were 2 spas near it, Firm Spa and K1.  We tried Firm Spa, and it wasn’t bad.  In fact, we loved it.  For P300, you’ll have 1 and a half hour of relaxing massage… “di dyud mabayran”… and I always thank God for these people who bring comfort and relief from the stress of life (don’t get me wrong, I am not against stress, my children bring me stress but I cherish every moment I’m with them).

Let me give you some insights of what to expect:  the ambiance in a spa is very relaxing, very smooth music, dim or low light, aromatic fragrance of oils or burning candles, and polite attendants.  The attendant will wash your feet (but please, if possible, have your feet cleaned before going there, a little dust might be acceptable, but if you turn the water muddy, that will be disgusting) and accompany you to a cozy room where you’ll change to something more comfortable.  Then the massage session begins.  You get to choose from a variety of massage, Swedish which uses oil and long strokes; (for oil haters) Shiatsu which uses the technique of pressing with palms and thumbs; or Thai style (does not also use oil) which involves stretching and deep massage (there are a lot more types, but these are the most common).  But, at the present, I think they are combining the 3, so you don’t need to choose. If you don’t like oil, I suggest you tell the attendant before the session begins.  Spas also differ in the amenities they offer like in Pressure Point and Philosophy Spa, you’ll get a shower, sauna, jacuzzi and a choice of drink (iced tea or fruit juice).  Others might just offer you tea or nothing, so don’t expect it’s the same. There are also those which others prefer 'coz you won’t have to take a shower first but instead they just wash your feet and let you prepare for the 1 hour massage.  To name a few, there’s Body Bliss, Firm Spa and K1 Spa.

It might cost you around P150 to P1,500, depending on the package you choose and where you decide to have your spa (spa by the way is associated with water therapy) and massage.  You see some places are more expensive than others, because of the ambiance and included amenities.  But, it is an experience worth having. Especially after a long day tiring day. Your body had worked so hard, it deserves a break… you need to treat yourself, sometimes.

Guess what, it will also be a nice gift to your partner, friend or loved ones… especially that the day of hearts is only a couple of days from now… God bless.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Siling Labuyo… No Amount!!!

“No amount” is a cadet expression similar to “walang sinabi” or “kayang-kaya”.  Siling labuyo is one of my favorite especially when mixed with one of my favorite dish “the Bicol express”…

Our very own “siling labuyo” or bird’s eye chili is once listed as the hottest chili in the Guinness Book of World Records but now, the “bhut jolokia” or also known as “ghost chili” takes the crown as the world’s hottest pepper.  Siling labuyo only measures around 50,000-100,000 Scoville units which is a lot lower than ghost chili which measures 1,001,304 Scoville units.  Definitely, “no amount”.

Let me explain what is the Scoville Heat Unit Scale (also referred to as the Scoville Scale, or Scoville Chart).  It is a unit of measure used for the hotness of chili peppers. The hotness of pepper is due to the chemical compound called "Capsaicin" which is found in most peppers... it stimulates chemical receptor nerve endings in the skin. In other words, the Scoville heat units is the amount of capsaicin present in a particular pepper.

Here is how it’s been measured: the pepper extract is diluted in sugar syrup until the heat is no longer detectable to a group of tasters. The number or amount the pepper extract is diluted provides the measure for the Scoville Scale.

There are a lot more peppers found to be hotter than our siling labuyo… But, for me, it is still the best chili in the world… just enough for our discriminating taste… God bless.

In case your wondering what the "ghost chili" looks like....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How Fortunate We Are...

This story was shared to me by a friend years ago.  I had searched my old files, just so I can share with you ... how fortunate we are... We must be reminded that everything we have is a blessing we received from God and we must be thankful... We must realize the importance of the people around us since nothing is permanent in this world... Please don't wait 'til they will be taken away from you... Also, learn to be contented of what you have... don't aim of having more than what you could have... Just think of the people suffering in poverty, a lot compared to you.  May this story open your heart and mind.... God bless.

The "Basureros"

Ever since it was diagnosed that I am having a possible heart enlargement in the last APE, I have exerted more effort to do physical exercises. I do jogging during week days and do long - ride mountain biking every Sunday. But this Sunday is a special Sunday to me. While I was on my way to the mountains of Busay hoping to strengthen my heart by this exercise, instead, I personally encountered a heart-breaking scene that changed me. I already passed the Marco Polo Plaza (formerly Cebu Plaza Hotel) when I decided to stop to buy bananas at a small carenderia (eatery) located along the road. I haven't taken any solid food that morning so I need fruits to have the needed energy to get to my destination - the mountain top.
I am almost done eating with the second banana when I noticed two children across the street busily searching the garbage area. "Basureros"(people who collects garbage for living).  I said to myself and quickly turn my attention away from them to sip a small amount of water. I cared less for this kind of children.  Actually; to make it straight, I do not like them, and I do not trust them even more. You see, several times I have been a victim to these kind of children who are pretending to be basureros looking for empty bottles and cans when in fact the 'plangganas', 'kalderos', and 'hinayhays' are their favorites. I remember one afternoon while I was watching a Mike Tyson fight when I noticed that the TV screen suddenly became blurred. I checked outside and saw two young basureros running away with my newly installed antenna. Hatred may be a little bit stronger word to describe my feeling towards these basureros, but I do not like them honestly?
Not till I met these three children. I was about to embark on my bike again when I heard one of the two children, a girl of about 7 or 8 of age saying aloud to the other, a 12-yr old boy, " kuya si dodong kuha-a kay nag-sige'g tan-aw sa mga nagkaon, mauwaw ta”, only then that I noticed a small boy standing near to me biting slightly his finger. He's a few inches shorter if compared to my 5 year old son (but I knew later that he's also 5 yrs. Old). Though he did not asked for food to anyone in the carenderia, the way he looked at the customers who were eating, enough to convinced me that he intensely craving for it. The older boy then quickly crossed the street and gently pulled out the little one who politely obeyed. As I watched the two crossing back the street to the garbage area, I heard the tindera saying "Lo-oy kaayo nang mga bataa uy, mga buotan ra ba na" (I pitied them, they are good children).
I learned further from the carenderia owner that the children are from a good family, both parents were working before, and that their father got a stroke 3 years ago and became partially paralyzed and their mother died of heart attack while their father was still confined at the hospital. The parents were still in their early forties when the catastrophe happened, and the children became basureros since then to meet their daily needs and for their father's medication. Deeply moved by what I heard, I went to a nearby bakery and bought 20 pesos worth of bread and gave it to the children who initially refused including the little boy. "Sige lang noy, salamat na lang, magpalit lang nya mi kung mahalinan na mi" (it’s okay sir, thank’s for the offer but we will just buy our own as soon as we sell the things we collected), the young girl said to me.  I explained that they need to go home because it started to rain. "Naanad na man mi ani” (we are already used to it), the girl answered again. Again, I explained that the rain can make them sick and if they'll become sick there's no one to take care of their father. Upon mentioning their father, they nodded and accept the bread but I noticed that the older boy did not eat. When I asked him if he does not like the kind of bread I bought for them he smiled but as he's about to explain, the little girl, who is the more talker of them interrupted, " Domingo man gud ron, noy, basta Sabado ug Domingo hapon ra siya mokaon kami ra ang mokaon ug pamahaw pero dili na pod mi mokaon inig hapon, si kuya ra. Pero basta Lunes ngadto sa Biyernes, kay klase man , si kuya ra sad ang seguro-on ug papamahaw, kami hapon na sad mi moka-on " Pero kung daghan mi ug halin mokaon mi tanan." (today is Sunday, Sir, during Saturday and Sunday, my older brother only eats in the afternoon, we are the only ones who eat breakfast but we no longer eat in the afternoon. However, during Monday to Friday, because my older brother attends classes, we make sure that he could eat breakfast, we eat only in the afternoon.  But if we have enough, we all eat), she continued. "Ngano man diay ug mokaon mong tanan, bahinon ninyo bisan ug unsa ka gamay?" (why not divide the food among yourselves, so all of you can eat a little), I countered. The young girl reasoned out that their father wanted that her older brother to come to school with full stomachs so he can easily catch up the teacher's lessons. "Inig ka trabaho ni kuya mo undang na man mi ug pamasura , first honor baya na siya "( he tops of his class, so as soon as my older brother gets a job, we can stop looking for garbage), the little boy added proudly.
Maybe I was caught by surprise or I am just overly emotional that my tears started to fall. I then quickly turned my back from them to hide my tears and pretended to pick up my bike from the carenderia where I left it. I don't know how many seconds or minutes I spent just to compose myself; pretending again this time that I was mending by bike.   Finally I get on to my bike and approached the three children to bid goodbye to them who in turn cast their grateful smiles at me. I then took a good look at all of them especially to the small boy and pat his head with a pinch in my heart.
Though I believe that their positive look at life can easily change their present situation, there is one thing that they can never change; that is, their being motherless. That little boy can no longer taste the sweet embrace, care, and most of all, the love of his mother?  Forever.  Nobody can refill the empty gap created by that sudden and untimely death of their mother. Every big event that will happen to their lives will only remind them and make them wish of their mother's presence. I reached to my pocket and handed to them my last 100 peso bill which I reserved for our department's bowling tournament. This time they refused strongly but I jokingly said to the girl " sumbagon teka ron kung di nimo dawaton". (I’ll punch you if you won’t take the money) She smiled as she extended her hand to take the money. "Salamat noy makapalit gyud me ron ug tambal ni papa " (thank you, sir, we will be able to buy medicine for papa) she uttered. I then turned to the small boy and though he's a few feet away from me, I still noticed that while his right hand was holding the half - filled sack, his left hand was holding a toy? A worn out toy car. I waved my hands and said goodbye to him as I drove towards the mountains again. Did he just found the toy in the garbage area? Or the toy was originally his - when the misfortune did not take place yet? - I did not bother to ask. But one thing is crystal clear to me? That in spite of the boy's abnormal life, he did not give up his childhood completely. I can sense it that way he hold and stare at his toy. My meeting with that young basureros made me poorer by 100 pesos. But they changed me and made me richer as to lessons of life are concerned. In them, I learned that life can change suddenly and may catch me flat footed. In them, I've learned that even the darkest side of life, cannot change the beauty of one's heart. Those three children, who sometimes cannot eat three times a day, still able to hold on to what they believe were right. And what a contrast to most of us who are quick to point out to our misfortunes when caught with our mistakes. In them, I've learned to hope for things when things seem to go the other way.
Lastly, I know that God cares for them far more than I do. That though He allowed them to experience such a terrible life which our finite minds cannot comprehend, His unquestionable love will surely follow them through. And in God's own time they will win.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Reflections about the Death of the Former Defense and Environment Secretary

Early this morning, former Defense and Environment Secretary Angelo Reyes took his life after visiting his mother’s tomb. He was rushed to Quirino Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City and was declared DOA.

I attended a mass last Sunday.  In the priest’s sermon, everyone laugh when he said, “I heard of someone saying we have the best politician money can buy.”  I laughed but I also felt sad because it reflected to us Filipinos.  Have we just accepted this for a fact?  Because, I haven’t heard anyone disagree or seen someone having a violent reaction.  For heaven’s sake, we were the ones who put these people in the position.  We voted for them, remember?  And almost all of them are re-elected and been there for decades.

The death of Sec. Reyes only proves the cruel truth in our country.  We accuse easily without looking at what we have done or what we are doing.  In fraud, materiality does not apply.  Whether you take a peso or a billion pesos, it does not make any difference.  Even if, you did not take anything but TOLERATED such act, you still participated in the nationwide corruption.  So, who are we to judge?  Christ once said, “He who has no sin cast the first stone.”

A friend told me, “Peace of mind is priceless.”  Whatever or if ever, Sec. Reyes knew something in the irregularities of our government, I guess we will never know.  Let us leave his family alone.  They are in grief now.  Give them peace as you want to have peace in yourselves.  How would you feel if that happened to your family?  And please don’t tell me that what happened to him and his family is just rightful…  that’s just awful… again, who are you to judge, when you are guilty yourself.

Just a suggestion, instead of blaming everything to others, why don’t we practice a simple act righteousness starting with ourselves.  Then we remind people we directly meet, whether it is our neighbor or a member of our family working in the government or private company, to uphold our law and fight graft and corruption.  And maybe we could make a difference.  God bless us all.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Part I - First Encounter (In Filipino "Tagalog" dialect)

Guys, for my next post, I want to share with you a short story written by my ex-girlfriend… I really enjoyed reading it… hehehe… hope you do too… God bless…

In to my fantasies and frustrations…
Sige..ok lang …di naman ako mamamatay sa mga titig ninyong yan sa akin.. as if di pa ako sanay sa ganyang mga mapanuyang tingin…today, I've decided not to care anymore. Not to care whether people around me accept me or not…today I have decided to walk with my head up and back straight. Hahaha…

Geek..nerd..…yan ang tawag sa kanya…sino nga namang di mag iisip ng ganun eh sa itsura ba naman nyang ganito eh aba talaga namang mukha syang geek…big round glasses,long kinky black hair na parating nka pony tail at not to mention ang napaka old school nyang fashion statement. Ang  kanyang height of 5ft and 6 inches, fair complexion  at curves  ay tagong tago sa kanyang napakaluwang na pantalon and checkered green na polo. Aba eh, mukha talaga syang geek sa  napakabigat nyang packbag, not to mention ang pagkakakapal na  mga librong dala nya…

Sige mamatay sana kayo sa katitingin sa akin… Sige, tawa lang.  Like I care…Deretso lang ng lakad Stephanie… Bakit ba parang napakahaba naman ng corridor na ito?… Nasaan naba ung list of subjects ko…anung room nga ba yung pupuntahan ko?... Nakatingin sya sa kanyang  bag ng biglang…“Hey, anu ba! Could you watch where you're going!”. 

Di sya nakapagsalita… ang bango… at ang tangkad nya… una nyang napansin ang chuck talyor shoes nila na kulay lang ang pinagkaiba . Pula ang sa kanya, blue naman ang sa lalaki…nakadarkwash na levis at gray shirt inside a leather jacket… lalo syang napipi ng kanyang inangat ang kanyang mga mata sa mukha nito…oh my… kaya pala walang gwapo sa lugar namin…nandito pala sa side ng mundong ito… sayang mukha pa naman syang angel, kaya lang ubod naman ng pagkasuplado. Parang di man lang nya napansin na babae yong nabangga nya. Suplado na,  bastos pa, di man lang ako tinulungang tumayo at pulutin yung mga libro ko…. Grrrrr….kaasar!!!

Room 345…at last nahanap din kita…humanap sya ng upuan sa harap na madalas walang naka upo maliban sa mga katulad nyang gustong mg excel sa klase… Anatomy and physiology ang first subject nila.  Madalas syang tumataas ng kamay para sagutin ang mga tanong ni Mr  Lim, dahil ito ang favorite subject nya.  Si Mr. Lim, ang kanilang prof,. ang isa sa pinakaterror sa school nila.  Out of 100%, 30% lang ang mapalad na nakakapasa sa subject nya…

Samantala, sa my pinakalikod ng room… Tsk,tsk,tsk…Pare….if you wish to pass this f*ckng subject, you gotta have a strategy”…..nagkunot ang noo ni Damon sa sinabi ni Jim. Anong strategy?” tanong nya kay Jim... 
  “Ayun pare, nasa harapan ang sagot sa tanong mo…” a ni Jim na nakatingin sa babaing nka green and black checkered sa harapan… Yan, pano naman naging sagot yan, eh wala na ngang ginawa yan sa buong klase kundi ipamukha sa atin na mga bobo tayo.”…

Napangiti si Jim sa sinabi ng kaklase. ”Nakuha mong ibig sabihin ko pare, nasa maling anggulo ka lang.. pare, pag yan ang naging girlfriend mo, tapos ang problema mo tol… Sa talino nyan, siguradong papasa ka sa lahat ng exams mo, plus, di ka na mamumrublema sa assignments and term paper mo… if you get what I mean”

Natahimik sya sa kaiisip, blankong nkaharap sa whiteboard… Mr. Samuel, are you with us?, tanong ni Mr. Lim… Siniko sya ni Jim.  “Uy, tinatanong ka…”... 
“Ah, I’m sorry sir, I did not get the question, can you repeat it pls.?”... 
 Look class, if you don’t have any plans of taking this subject seriously… I suggest you drop it out while you still can coz I don’t want to waste my time with you.” Seryosong sambit sa kanya ni Mr Lim. “That’s all for now class, you’re dismissed.”

“Hahaha…buti nga sa kanya…ubod kase ng yabang, wala naman palang alam., pasekretong napangisi si Steph.

Nasa canteen si Steph, kumakain ng lunch ng biglang my lumapit sa kanya, “Is this seat taken?” Before she could answer, naupo na ang lalaki sa tabi nya... “Hi classmate, I’m so sorry I never got to apologize sa pagkabangga ko sa iyo kanina... my fault, I wasn’t looking... sorry, I hope we can be friends?”… Di sya makapaniwala sa narinig nya…di sya nakapasalita agad... By the way I’m Damon, your?.sabay offer ng lalaki ng kamay nya…So, Damon pala ang pangalan ng preskong to..pero ang gwapo talaga nya, tama sila, ang gagwapo pala ng mga “damonyo”…

“Stephanie” simpleng sagot nya.….di nya tinaggap ang kamay ni Damon, kaya pakunwari nalang nitong isinuklay sa buhok nya ang mga daliri. Nagkunwari syang balewalain ang lalaki pero, mukhang imposible yata, bukod sa napakabango nya, eh napakalakas talaga ng dating nya, nakakaasiwa... pinilit nyang magconcentrate sa nilalaro nyang chess sa kanyang laptop… 
Hmmm, so yan pala ang past time ng mga matatalino?”… 
Kapal talaga…Pwede?... I’m trying to concentrate here”…si Steph.
 Aw, sorry, dika pala makapagconcentrate na nandito ako, ganun nalang ba ang dating ko sayo?”..preskong banggit nito...
 Ah, excuse me? Look, apology accepted ok, now leave me alone please.”….
 Ok, pero mali yung move mo” a ni Damon na  nkatingin sa screen… 
 Excuse me again?”…Inis na tanong nya.  Wala pang sino mang kumuwestyon sa moves nya sa chess, aba sya yata ang team captain ng kanilang team sa school at hindi lang sya magaling dito, napakagaling nya to the point na kayangkaya nyang talunin ang coach nya. 
 “I’m referring to the queen, dapat dinepensahan mo ang horse not the bishop, tsk,tsk,tsk, sinayang mo lang ang plano mong mag check.”….
That’s it!…umaapaw na talaga ang inis ko….what’s with this man, hindi lang pala mayabang, ang kapal pa ng mukha….Like you can beat me, marunong ka bang maglaro, sige nga pakitaan mo nga ako ng MOVES mong sinasabi”..hamon ni Steph.
Di makapaniwala si Damon sa bilis ng takbo ng plano….bingo!...Ok, on one condition…”...
 What condition!”, inis na tanong nya…
 Pag natalo ka girlfriend na kita”….
Di sya nakapaghanda sa kondisyon nayun…..natahimik sya ng sandali…
 What? chicken?”…Hamon rin ni Damon.
 Fine, but if you lose, stay the hell away from me and tell your friends to stop looking at me like I’m some kind of a freak.” ……Done, now when do I get to show you my MOVES?…” pasayaw na sabi ni Damon…..
 How about right now?”…seryosong sagot ni Steph…

To be continued...

Next: Part II - Confusions

Saturday, February 5, 2011

HANGGANG (English Translation)

A nice day to all, I want to share with you guys one of my favorite songs titled “Hanggang”.  It is composed by Roni & Gigi Cordero, and originally sang by our very own Wency Cornejo.  Besides its heartfelt lyrics, I really love the story behind the song (kindly see attached video).  I also translated the song in English so the whole world would know how passionate we Filipinos are in our songs… God bless.

Ilang ulit mo bang, itatanong sa’kin
How many times will you ask me
Kung hanggang saan, hanggang saan, hanggang kalian,
If until where, until where, until when,
Hanggang kalian magtatagal, ang aking pagmamahal,
Until when my love would last

hanggang may himig pa akong naririnig,
until I can still hear rhythm
dito sa aking daigdig
here in my world
hanggang may musika akong tinataglay,
until I have music within me
ika’y iniibig
I’m loving you
giliw wag mo sanang isiping
my dear please don’t ever think
ikaw ay aking lilisanin,
that I’m going to leave you
di ko magagawang
I could never do that
lumayo sayong piling
leaving your side
at nais kong malaman mo
and I want you to know
kung gaano kita kamahal
if how much I love you

hanggang ang diwa ko’y
until I have my senses
tanging sa’yo laan
to you I only offer
mamahalin kailanman
I will love you forever
hanggang pag-ibig ko’y
until my love
hanggang walang hanggan
until forever
tanging ikaw lamang
it will only be you

hanggang may himig pa akong naririnig
until I can still hear rhythm
dito sa aking daigdig
here in my world
hanggang may musika akong tinataglay
until I have music within me
ika’y iniibig
I’m loving you
giliw wag mo sanang isiping
my dear please don’t ever think
ikaw ay aking lilisanin
that I’m going to leave you
di ko magagawang
I could never do that
lumayo sayong piling
leaving your side
at nais kong malaman mo
and I want you to know
kung gaano kita kamahal
if how much I love you

hanggang may puso akong
Until I do have a heart
marunong magmahal
who knows how to love
na ang sinisigaw ay laging ikaw
who shouts only you
hanggang saan hanggang kalian
until where, until when
hanggang kalian kita mahal
until when do I love you
hanggang ang buhay ko’y
until my life
kunin ng may kapal
will be taken by God

giliw wag mo sanang isiping
my dear please don’t ever think
ikaw ay aking lilisanin,
that I’m going to leave you
di ko magagawang
I could never do
lumayo sayong piling
leave your side
hanggang may pag-ibig
until there is love
laging isisigaw, tanging ikaw
I’ll always shout, only you
hanggang may pag-ibig
until there is love
laging isisigaw, tanging ikaw.
I’ll always shout, only you

If ever you do find any of my translation incorrect or inappropriate, please comment and I'll be more than glad to change it… thank you and Yahweh bless…