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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Blue Christmas

The family decided to spend our Christmas at my brother's house.  Our kids were so excited they went there early, I think their kiddie pool had something to do with it.  It was a "win,win" situation, they enjoyed the whole day, and we were able to prepare the food and other stuff without any distractions in our place.  Then, as evening came, we joined them, brought with us what we prepared and our gifts for the kids.

After our supper, we asked the kids to sleep, but they were just so curious and excited to open their gifts, that some of them were not able to sleep.  Since the kids won't, I unconditionally volunteered myself to doze off.

As my wife woke me up a quarter before Christmas eve, the kids had already segregated their gifts.  Everything turned out well, everyone finally opened their presents (happily, especially the kids).  But something was off... I heard the sad news when my brother told us that he will be fetching a relative to a nearby funeral.  Just minutes before midnight, her husband died.  We were all left speechless for a while thinking about the tragedy.  Barely touched our "noche buena"...

Before we went home, we passed by the funeral home and gave our condolences.  No one really knows when will our life end but our Lord.  We just could only pray for strength to accept and move on for those who were left.  It may not be easy, but if we think of it that he is now with our Lord in heaven, it will be an ease.

James 4:14 - Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.
Merry Christmas (still).  Yahweh bless.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Santa Joins Temple Run

As the Christmas season is fast approaching, some of our favorite past time phone games also made a timely update.  And yes, Santa is now one of the Temple Run’s players.  Maybe, he’s making it a sideline to have additional budget for the growing population of kid’s around the world (kidding).  You will find a thinner and fit Santa, as he needs to run for his life from the demon guarding the idol.  One needs to have 60 gems in order to unlock Santa Claus... simple as that.
Along with the update, additional set of artifacts can now be found, for the masks and for Christmas.  The masks are to complete an objective and collecting all the Christmas artifacts will unlock Santa’s hat for the other players.  Also a new obstacle was added, the water slide.  It is somewhat played same as that of the tunnel obstacle.  So there’s really no need to upgrade your playing skill.

The new updates bring spice to the game as well as a feel for the holiday season.  Happy playing, everyone, and advance "ho ho ho" Christmas... . Yahweh bless.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Experiencing Vikings

If not for the exchange gifts, I won't be having these expensive slippers that I'm wearing today.  Every December, we always have a simple departmental party, and we usually have a wishlist for what we want to receive.  Coincidentally, my indoor slippers already gave up on me (he he he), and since we agreed that the gift should be 750 and above, so I took the chance and requested for a "Havaianas" (got the brand from others' requests).

Well, eating in Vikings (a buffet restaurant) was also part of our group's idea.  It wasn't a cheap place to dine, but we all agreed to it considering a lot of us haven't tried the place yet and it's sort of our treat to ourselves... and besides, our company had already given to us something which (let's just say) was enough to spend for the holidays.  So after work, we went to the place, which by the way is located at SM Lanang Premier, just a walking distance from our office.

So, how's the place and food?  For a start, this is so far the grandest buffet restaurant I had been... and for sure, the biggest of its kind in Davao.  The food...we enjoyed the varied cuisine that they offered, from pastas and pizzas to grilled dishes of all kinds.  Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Western, Filipino cooking, I think they all have it. They had native delicacies for dessert, as well as other pastries, candies, yoghurt, ice creams, a do-it-yourself "halo halo" and a lot more.  Cold and hot beverages were overflowing, but I think the best seller was their beer since it got the longest line of people.

As to their service, they have a lot of crews to attend to their customer's needs.  Foods were always replenished, finished plates were immediately removed in the table, and though one needs to get their own food (being a buffet), they serve orders that take a little while to cook.  Also, birthday celebrants were recognized and treated with a free meal (provided that the celebrant is accompanied by at least  1 full paying adult).  More, they had a group that serenades each celebrant, in a fun way.

And the thing we can't forgo to ask,  how much?  Below are the current prices and are, by the way, inclusive of government taxes and are subject to 5% service charge. 

Weekday Lunch:
Children below 3ft – free
Children between 3ft to 4ft – 188+ each
Children between 4ft to 4ft-6in – 388+ each
Adults – 688+ each
75 years old and above – 50% discount

Weekday Dinner:
Children below 3ft – free
Children between 3ft to 4ft – 288+ each
Children between 4ft to 4ft-6in – 588+ each
Adults – 888+ each
75 years old and above – 50% discount

Weekend and Holiday Lunch and Dinner:
Children below 3ft – free
Children between 3ft to 4ft – 288+ each
Children between 4ft to 4ft-6in – 588+ each
Adults – 888+ each
75 years old and above – 50% discount

We paid lesser though, since we availed of their group promo, for 10 full paying adults, we got to have 2 more adults eating for free.

Overall, although I can't deny that I enjoyed the place for the abundance of their food and good service, still the cost was too much for me.  It's a must-try though, and a good place to treat important friends and visitors.  But to eat there even in normal days, well, I can already buy a lot for my ₱700 (more for ₱900) of my family's needs.  That's just me, I can't say the same for all those "mucho dineros" he he he.  Yahweh bless.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Whew, It's Finally Over

It's my son's birthday today and at the same time our Christmas party.  Good thing our company declared it a half day, so I didn't need to apply for leave to attend my son's special day.  I got to divert my anxiousness (couldn't help think about our dance presentation) in blowing balloons and setting up the area for my son's party.  And before we knew it, everything was set and ready.

Even if I wanted to, I told my son, that I had to attend our Christmas party because daddy has an important part.  I knew he understood when he said okay.  And with all his cousins, friends and the rest of the family... I knew, everything will be fine when I leave.  Hey, sometimes things just happen.

As expected, I came late to the party (not worried though, since I was permitted for a valid reason).  I was just really there because of my part to the presentation of our group.  And as the time came for us to be in the limelight, I just can't figure out how I was able to walk with all the butterflies in my stomach... but guess what, though I may not have moved smoothly as a dancer, I did the routine correctly.  Dancing with modern music in front of an audience is not really my forte.  But I think for now, I get to live another day.  It was such a relief that it was finally over.

The whole group was so happy that we successfully finished the dance, and so with the other groups.  The owners and their family seemed to enjoy all the performances and the active participation of all their employees, that besides the raffle prices, they decided to give everyone an additional cash gift.

I thank the Lord for all the blessings received by my family.  Most of all, for my son's birthday, for occasions like this always reminds me that life is good...  that I'm truly lucky to my family in my life.  And I will forever thank Him for every moment I spend with them.  To Yahweh be the glory always.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Busy December Days

There are just a lot of preparations and things to do this December.  First and foremost, my son's birthday, then there is our Christmas party dance presentation (which is really not my thing), have to buy gifts and we are having this sports fest in which I'm one of the participant.  And that's just for the start of the holidays...

Been going home late for a couple of weeks now... we've been practicing for our dance and games.  Just glad I have an understanding wife, though there were really days that she's on duty, and had to go home early to take care of the kids and their needs.  Especially, that we still have a baby.  So, I just make an extra effort to compensate with the practices I missed by doing it at home after all chores is done.

Special session for those having a hard time getting the steps... me. LOL!!!

Good thing our company is generous enough not only to compensate us but also for the Christmas gift it gave us, something we could use for the coming holidays and other family needs.  I may say, it wiped out all weariness and provided the needed boost to all employees... LOL.  But seriously, it's already a big blessing to our family, helps a lot with the expenses.

I think, we just can't forgo some extracurricular stuffs in our workplace.  I just think of it as part of my social growth or if it can't be helped, the pay I received.  I guess, I'm just not comfortable doing such stuffs now because of my responsibilities to my kids.  Maybe later things, like my priorities, will change as my kids would grow up.  Family first, that won't change... but at the same time, in order to support them, need to do well with my job and with the people around it.  Time management, easily said than done... hahaha.  Yahweh bless.