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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Being A Responsible Internet User

I was searching this site for the top keywords searches so I can use it in my posts... though it's no longer a shock for me to find out that most of these words would have adult content on it, still I can't help wonder why people are so fond thinking of these things.  I'm no hypocrite, I had visited some of these sites but after some thoughts, I came to realize... what am I doing here?  I should know better.  So I came to a realization and decided to make this post.

These are the top 15 keywords searches I've got... (as you can see, all adult sites and keywords are hidden or not explicitly shared to you... it's one of the ways I can think of, so as not to advertise any of these sites)

Rank       Keywords              Searches         Category

1              hotels                     1584381          travel
2              facebook                1278996          social network
3              p-----b                     1036158          adulsite
4              y-----n                      960395          adulsite
5              x------r                      758143          adulsite
6              -n--                          743827          adulsite
7              r-----e                       680923          adulsite
8              youtube                    564275          videos
9              p---                          562518          adulsite
10            craigslist                   500211          jobs
11            google                      454754          search engine
12            facebook login          401042          social network
13            f--- ---n                      395348          adulsite
14            ebay                         377553          commerce
15            yahoo                       351820          search engine

If you analyze this, you may say that indeed a lot of people love to travel and visit social network sites... but if you look carefully, out of 15, there are 7 keyword searches leading to adult sites... which totaled more than any of these searches.  Meaning, a lot of people are more into naked bodies than to look for something more productive like a job or something that can elevate him/her to someone more than he is today.

As a blogger, I see to it that my blogs do not contain any adult contents... it might be a way to gain popularity and create humongous traffic that can even surpass the PR10 google is giving... but not everything is all about the money and fame... I do have kids... and I don't want them to create wrong notions or get wrong information about stuffs in these sites.  As parents,  family or friends, we should be the one answering their question, in the mildest way possible.  My plea is to make your site, if not child-friendly, at least no obscenity.  Let us avoid triggering a young minds curiosity on stuff that can never help them grow to a better person.

Let us not kid each other, nothing in the net is child proof. Don't underestimate the children today, you might be shocked that even a 3 year old can surf the net... and they do have good memories, so they learn fast.  They can easily unlock and change search preferences... they know.  And those adult site securities looks so hypocrite to me... like a question answerable by yes or no...asking you "are you 18 years old and above" ? I don't believe this will serve to protect because with simply choosing "yes" lets you enter the site.  They  do not have anything for the welfare of our children.  If we want to lower rape, teenage pregnancies and related cases, then these adult sites must have a legal responsibility to make their site childproofed.

 Another thing is that, I believe, these sites are very suggestive and influential. Young minds can be easily corrupted by these sites.. It can implicate in their minds that in order to be popular, fit with society, and to be loved by many, one must show skin and get laid.. Young men would think of women as sex symbols, solely for pleasure.. 

As a responsible adult, if you can't do without going to this sites, please do it as privately as possible.  And leave no trace... meaning erase your history and links.  Its simple... go to your menu bar, then click on "Tools", choose "Clear Recent History", check all boxes and click "Clear Now".  That's it... and by doing so, you've helped made the world a lot safer and better.

I guess what I'm trying to impart is, we have a share of responsibility of what our children learn even outside our own homes.  Yes, you are free to do what you want, it's your life... but I guess, not to the point of affecting other lives, especially the young ones, right?  Their minds isn't mature enough to figure these things... and  worse, they may even think of it the wrong way.  I know there are a lot of ways and brilliant ideas... make a blog, share it... let us educate one another... maybe one day we could actually find a good solution... but for now, do your part and be a responsible internet user... May Yahweh guide us all.


  1. kaya ang daming paslit na natututo ng mga kabastusan sa internet ngayon eh....
    d kasi dinidisiplina ng mga magulang...

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  3. This is what internet anonymity can cause. A bit of a shocker for me..