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Friday, September 2, 2011

A Getaway In Paradise

It’s been a while since we’ve planned to go on camping with the kids... and spend some quality time together.  It was Monday when I received a text from a cousin informing me about what we agreed upon the other day... to go to the beach.  There was no confirmation, so I assumed they forgot the whole thing.  Anyway, it was a blessing in disguise; and more, thanks to a two day holiday streak last August 29 and 30 (National Heroes' Day and Eid'l Fitr, respectively), our plan of a camping escapade was realized in a nearby beach resort in Davao City.  So, without further delay, my wife and I prepared the kids and the things we needed for... and off we went.

After a few minutes boat ride, we arrived at Paradise Island Beach Resort in Samal.  The kids were already so eager to take a dip in the sea but we asked them to play first around the shaded area and wait until the sun’s heat subsides a little bit (we didn’t want them to get sunburned).

We told our relatives that we were staying overnight, so they went ahead after a few hours later.  At that time, the kids were still enjoying themselves swimming and playing along the shore until nighttime... along with us, we didn’t like to miss the fun.

We ordered dinner in the resort... chicken tinola (soup), barbeque, rice, drinks and some desserts... and their prices, well, it’s on the average... So, after enjoying our dinner, we took some leisure walk around.  The resort had improved, in a way, since our last visit...a nice and wide playground for the kids, a mini zoo and more cozy rooms for their guests... though I still did not notice a pool... but well, they have a vast beach line.  The kids wanted to stay on the playground but we told them its late and promised them we’ll return there in the morning.  So, we returned to our tent and had our rest.

Can't catch a fish, eh?

We hadn’t slept well that night... though we already opened our tent, there was no sea breeze that time... we alternately fanned our kids manually (LOL).

We woke up early and took a morning dip in the sea... brrrrr but refreshing.  And after a while, we accompanied the kids to the playground... were we all enjoyed the facility and a tour to their different species of beautiful birds, deer and other wild animals... truly, there are things money can’t buy...

Great Morning...

Relaxation and Fun... 


The Tour...

My Family... and Life...
The family stays clear even if everything might be a blur... 

Children give color to your world...
Upon returning to our table, a sad unexpected incident happened... which I’m no longer going to mention, so as not to change the atmosphere of my post.  Not to worry, we arrived home safe and sound.  We and the kids took some needed rest... and without a doubt, we all enjoyed our camping escapade... The kids couldn’t wait to go back there…What a nice time in paradise... to Yahweh be the glory.


  1. What a beautiful getaway...and what a beautiful family you have, Ralph :-) Thanks for sharing all the photos and all the information. The second to last photo--"The family stays clear..." Was that intentional with a filter or the lens? That is just incredible! Everything else is fuzzy!

    I just wanted to be sure you know that you are included in the Versatile Blogger Award list. :-) You definitely deserve it. Your blogging is versatile...something for everyone :-) If you have time, you can pass it on to others and let them enjoy the recognition too. Blessed be...

  2. You have a great looking family!

    I've also presented you with an Award!! Please stop by to pick it up!

    Cheers, Jenn

  3. @teresa, really appreciate the comment and information you brought me... about the photo, my cam has an editing feature... lol, glad you like it. and about the versatile blogger, compliments coming from you truly humbles my heart... my sincere thanks... by all means, i'll pass it. May Yahweh bless you.

  4. @jenn, kind compliment... thank you so much... it's an honor for me... May Yahweh bless you.

  5. Hi sir ralph, saw your blog in the FB group, and I added your blog in my list so that I could visit you regularly, hope you could add my blog also in your list thanks

  6. You have a wonderful family.