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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nationalism Personified

Each and every Filipino knew this hero who fought for his love to our country.  For those “kababayan” (countrymen) who don't know him... shame on you (LOL), even Wikipedia knows him.  I would not be talking about who Gat Andres Bonifacio was or what exactly he did for our country because you can easily google his name in the net.

I was actually struck by the poll in question by local news on TV... Will Andres Bonifacio be proud today of the country he once fought for and even gave his life?  What do you think?

By his bravery and leadership, along with his men of valor, the “katipuneros”(Bonifacio’s group) freed us from our tyrant colonizers... I think, he would be happy to see us as a free country today... but I’m very sure, he would never be glad to see that our government has never changed... it is still run by mostly corrupt officials, who has greed for power and abuses it's country... and who has little or no regard to the Filipino people... the sad part is, they are also Filipinos.

The trace of our colonizers still runs in our government... it was passed and never forgotten.  When someone is elected as government official or holding a position in the country... they always think that they are no longer common people... “alta sociedad”, powerful, untouchable and everyone under his scope is his servant... this is what a foreign colonizer in a position thinks...

... Isn’t it obvious, look at our justice system and compare it with the colonization era... it slightly changed only.  It isn’t fair and justice doesn’t have blindfolds... I don’t expect it to be perfect since it is created by man, but I hope it’s not as biased as it is.  When foreigners colonized us, almost all seats in the government were taken by them.  And even if they did injustice to the people under them or broke any law they created, they were not punished the same way as they did to a common Filipino. So how does it differ from today?  We see government officials guilty of obvious crimes they committed... and just because they hold much power and money... they can escape with technicalities or given much special treatment... that an ordinary Filipino wouldn't get.

Please remember and may you never forget that you, as government officials were put to your position to serve your nation and to do what are best for its welfare and your own countrymen and not to be served as if you are a king or an officer in a foreign land.  You are not running a government of a colonized country, so why are you acting and thinking like one?  Have we forgotten what we were thought in school of nationalism?  It’s not just for the sake of memorizing what it meant and answering in the exam all the question about it... but to know it by heart and to live by it.

Never did I lose hope, I know there are still  “Andres Bonifacios” in our government and our country... fighting and living to what is right and just...  And if everything fails... with our Almighty Father, everything is possible... and everything would be fair.  With the poor’s simplicity of their lives, they easily accept things, there is contentment and happiness... while that of the extravagant life of the rich and powerful even the slightest of downfall is already hard for them, they are never satisfied and lonely... A very simple example of heaven and hell here on earth. Yahweh bless.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nine Long Years Working

I guess I just want to congratulate myself for working and sticking to my job as an auditor in a private company here in Davao.  For the past years, I had lots of ups and downs in my work... had been under 3 department heads... encountered different personalities (some were easy to get along with and some were just difficult and  hard to comprehend)... met people whom you just can't get along with and made my stay a lot more challenging than before (LOL)... but hey, the good thing was I also found good acquaintances and the nicest of friends that back you up and give you these crazy ideas and later tell you, "forget what I said man, not worth doing"... hehe, I guess everyone just wants to stay long enough in their jobs.

I've learned a lot in my work...  
... people with less or no proper education doesn't mean they are not capable of understanding... In fact sometimes its easier to explain to them and let them understand things than those we think are knowledgeable ones.
... there are just those lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time... who are given the opportunity to work for what they are passionate about... good pay... with the right companions... and almost perfect company.
... politics isn't always only in the government...
... some people love to talk about somebody else and find it comforting to find someone in the hot seat... they'll do everything and anything as long as someone is being talked about.
... you just can't trust someone who talks about someone else and do everything just to get a seat... they can make flames by adding fuel to a spark... and they would even kiss their boss' feet (it should had been a**... hehe) if they are asked to do so.
... people in position almost always win... even people you thought should help you tends to lean towards them and amazingly can swallow and twist their tongues when in front of them.  
So, what keeps me going in my job... it's my family.  Whenever I feel tired or sick of my work, I think about them... a lot... and what I feel and think doesn't really matter anymore.  What matters is  that I give them a good life and I get to spend quality time with them.  They are the most special ones in my life, and their welfare is my utmost concern.

I just frequently pray to Yahweh... first, to praise and thank Him for having a job that supports my family (just thinking of the people who don't have any)... to ask Him to protect me and the people I encounter along the way while driving to work... to give me the needed strength in facing the obstacles along my way... to give me enough courage and wisdom to deal with difficult people... and that I may develop this keen judgment  to keep the righteous things I've learned... and forget the wrong deeds I've seen and experienced, so I may not do the same to others.  Yahweh bless.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My PMA Cadet Years (Fourth Class) - FTX, Chickenpox And Academics

May 29 to June 5, 1995 – Field Training Exercise (FTX).  The corps jumped off to Fort Magsaysay, where our class had our very first experience of the FTX.  This is actually designed for cadets to give them the opportunity to apply what they learned in the academy during the summer military training and to test their endurance and adaptability in the rugged terrains and under different weather conditions.  More, cadets take part of various activities such as combat simulations (i.e. attack formations, raids, patrols, interrogations, community relations and others) and practical weapon firing.

The part that I enjoyed most was the war games where two battalions would attack the other two battalions.  A gadget was attached to our M16 rifle and we were wearing a special vest where the number of hits can be recorded and counted through a device... on the other hand, when a person is hit, an alarm attached to his vest will be triggered... while the most rotting part was being the sentinel on duty... that after the whole day of activity and everyone was sleeping, I still had to keep my eyes open to guard our camp from a possible enemy attack... “the worst”.

Immediately, after we returned to PMA, I was confined in our Station Hospital (PMASH) for having chickenpox.  I suppose you may say... good for you, at least you’ll have time to take a rest after the FTX... but on the contrary, how I regretted it... Of all the days it could have chosen, why in the time when the upperclassmen will all be going to Manila for the June parade and we, plebes, would be the “kings of barracks”... I was confined for more than 2 weeks in PMASH feeling awful and uneasy because of this blisters all over my body... while my “mistahs” (classmates) were all enjoying the little freedom they had... “Sincerely!!!”

Florendo Hall... where the topmost will be my place for more than 2 years.

Melchor Hall... our academic building.
It was June 22 when I returned to barracks, academics had already started... and I needed to cope up with the lessons and other corps activities.  We particularly had similar subjects as that of other universities and colleges.  Except that we focused more on some combative sports (wrestling, boxing, judo and taekwondo) in our Physical Education subject and our usual military courses.

From here, July and August passed by slowly... how I wished I could have had fast-forwarded it (LOL)... there were a lot of activities that transpired... the corps drills, endorsements during mess, swimming and gymnastics lessons, failures and successes in lesson and unit exams, meaningful Sunday worships, “sluggable” Saturday inspections, sports fest, plebe duties, Alfa’s traditions and practices (the sundial and pomade), mase2x, laxities and endorsements... so again, mase2x and more... and before we knew it... it was already September...

During 1995 sports fest... the green alfans...
Yahweh bless.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Will Twilight's Breaking Dawn Break Record Charts?

Almost everyone I know is so eager to watch Twilight's Breaking Dawn that I can't help but think that it might break an all time box office record.  This is the nth time that a co-worker asked me if I'm going to watch the movie's premier. It made me think, why would I risk my life fighting  for premier tickets and swim through an ocean of people when I can comfortably watch it next week?  Unless of course if my wife, which by the way is an avid fan of this saga, asks me to... hehehe.

If I may ask, how did vampires and werewolves, from being dreadful, antagonist, and feared upon, become the lead characters and protagonists in a story.  Maybe these lovely and handsome looking actors are to blame... from Interview With A Vampire's Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Antonio Banderas... to the present Bella, Edward, Jacob and the rest of the clan... not to mention their awesome abilities and powers... no wonder vampires and werewolves today are more related to a superhero than  monsters as what the earlier generations picture them.

So, what to expect?  From what I can remember from my wife relaying to me what she read... the story would probably start where Bella and Edward had to tell Charlie about their plan of getting married.  The wedding will take place, then a honeymoon in a secluded island.  Bella will later discover her pregnancy and the danger it would bring her. There would definitely be an action-packed  confrontation between Jacob and Edward... and the clash between the werewolves and the Cullen Family with Jacob backing them up... all these just to defend Bella and her pregnancy, which the werewolves consider as a threat.  The ending? hhhmmm... Jacob's imprinting with Bella's child, Renesmee, that would be a good  ending... making you look forward to what's next. What do you think? Well, I think we should watch it then... hahaha.

As I have mentioned, my wife is an avid fan of this movie saga... LOL.  She had read all these black books and had been caught with it for quite sometime.  So, there's no question if we are going to watch the movie.  I just hope the movie will bring justice to the book.. coz if it does... I'm more than sure that it would break a movie record... and not the hearts of those who passionately followed this saga... So, just cross your fingers everyone and enjoy the movie with your companions... Yahweh bless.

Monday, November 14, 2011

I Thank Yahweh For Keeping Me Alive

I met an accident today, and not only once... but twice.  It was raining hard and the road was very slippery... so my motorcycle slided when the truck I was following applied sudden break.  I had minor burns in my right foot when it came in contact with my muffler... I was so blessed that no vehicle was closely following me and there were people that I easily called for help.  I stayed there for a while since the person asked me to rest and to further evaluate myself if I was okay... So after assessing myself and my motorcycle... I immediately went and continue with my travel home.  But as I was crossing the intersection to Mamay Road, I met another accident... a jeepney hit my motorcycle and for the second time, I fell down.  Knowing that it was just pure accident, and with them just starring at me, I started the conversation and asked the passengers and driver to help me pull my motorcycle up... which they willingly did... I just prayed and prayed that I would safely reach home... since the only thing that kept me going was just my adrenaline moist helmet and eyeglasses was already blocking my view.

Yahweh is just so good to me... that I arrived home safe and sound... and most of all alive to see my family.  I thank Him for my wife tending my injuries... and is now taking good care of me... And I felt so lucky that I have children that gave me strength with their comforting words and warm hugs and kisses of sympathy.  I know, He always has a purpose for everything that happens to our lives... and I again thank, Our Almighty Yahweh for saving me twice again from something worse that might have happened... I am grateful to this blessings... To Him be the glory and His alone.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pacquiao Vs Marquez III - Pacquiao Won By Majority Decision

Manny Pacquiao did it again, gave his country another valuable recognition by defeating Juan Manuel Marquez for the second time.  Marquez knew from the very start, that the only way he could defeat the defending champion was to be the aggressor and he should be able to knockdown Manny in the game.  But through the rest of the game, Manny had always been the one moving forward and was most of the time, the one throwing the first punch... I know it's sad for Marquez fans to see their idol lose the game but I guess having the fact that majority of the judges, 1 draw while the other 2 scored in favor of Manny, should be enough and respected... as it should be the case should the result goes the other way around.

I saw how sad Manny was, when a lot was booing him... he didn't even raised his hands at the end of the game... not because he knew he was going to lose but because he might be thinking that he had given his all... risked everything... but it was not still enough to please the crowd.  Is it just that we expected too much from him, that in every fight he must knock out the opponent or destroy their faces?  People has limitations, and we should know that... Having fought an opponent for a couple of times makes someone somewhat familiar to his moves.  That might be the case here.  It's just sad to hear some people... more even from our very own kababayans, commenting that it should be the other way around... Hey, a Filipino won... risked his life just to fight for our nation's pride... It's really true, you just can't please everyone.

To Manny... it is a great pleasure of having you as our sportsman icon and proud of you being a Filipino.  You had given our country much pride than any other Filipino had... you've put us back in the map... and made us known to the whole world.  You showed great courage and determination in your fights... but  what I admired in you most, is that I always only hear kind words from you... even if it is for your opponent... a perfect sportsman... a perfect gentleman... And you never forget the Lord... that made you a perfect example to all people of all ages.  Whatever they say, it was a game well played and was decided fairly... My sincere thanks for again making our country proud... Congratulations... To Yahweh be the glory.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Part X – Facing The Odds (In Filipino "Tagalog" dialect)

Marco Polo Hotel, Davao City

Stephanie was one of the speakers of the seminar conducted by the Department of Health which was attended by doctors from different regions of the Philippines.  She was wearing a white sleeveless with collar blouse tucked in a red above the knee skirt paired with black high heels.  With her height of 5’6’’, she looked more like a model than a doctor, kaya hindi maiwasang humanga ng bawat lalaking doctor na nakikinig sa kanya.  They couldn’t help but admire her intelligence and looks... Beauty and brains ika nga.  Her topic was about “Caring for the Caregivers”.  She was tasked to tackle on the doctors’ point of view of caring for others without compromising their care for themselves physically and emotionally.

Damon secretly sat on one corner of the ballroom listening to her.  Thanks to his connection and killer smile, madali nyang natuntun if nasaan si Stephanie.  Sinadya nyang hindi sya makita ni Steph dahil ayaw nyang ma distract ito.  Ang talino talaga ng babaing ito...nakakapanliit.  When the seminar ended, ay hindi parin nagpakita si Damon.  He just looked at her in awe.  His mood changed when he noticed that a lot of men gathered around her and offered a hand shake which she accepted with a beautiful smile... Ok that did it...  Aktong lalapit na sana sya ng may biglang bumati at yumakap sa kay Stephanie...  It was a young doctor, Steph looked so happy to see him.  She pulled him to one corner and talked to him without letting go of his hand.  Natigilan si Damon.  Who is she talking to this time?  Her boyfriend again?  Akala nya si Miggs ang boyfriend nito whom isn’t a threat to him dahil alam nyang alam ni Miggs ang pinagdaanan nila ni Stephanie.  But this guy looks like someone really special to her because she is paying so attentively to what he is saying.  She even looks so happy to him.  Well, there’s only one way to find out.  Lumapit si Damon sa dalawa at gumawa ng ingay by clearing his throat na nagdulot ng paglingon ng dalawa.

“Hi, doktora.”

“Damon?  What are you doing here?” She was surprised and hated herself for feeling excited at the same time.

“Can we talk Steph?”

“Ok, you can start talking.”  She still did not let go of the guy’s hand.

“I mean, just the two of us.”  Sinadya nitong tingnan ang pagkakahawak ni Steph sa kamay ng kausap.  It should be his hand she’s holding, not someone else’s.

“Look Damon, Did I tell you not to bother me anymore?  I don’t want to do anything with you anymore... Diba ganun ka rin naman from what Miggs said?” You are a liar Stephanie!  She talked to herself.

“Steph, I really wanna talk to you in private.”

“Ah, Excuse me, but isn’t it obvious enough that she doesn’t wanna talk to you alone?” biglang singit ng katabi ni Steph.

“Who’s this?” Tinuro ni Damon sa inis ang lalaki.

“And who do you think you are, pointing a finger at me?”

Damon’s patience and control gave way... Nilapitan niya ang lalaki at sinuntok ito sa mukha.  Gumanti naman ang lalaki, sapul rin si Damon sa mukha.

“Stop it you two, anu ba!  Nakakahiya kayo!  Damon, please leave!... leave me alone!... I hate you!” Sambit ni Stephanie na may masakit na tingin kay Damon, saka nito tinitigan at hinawakan ang pasa ng kausap.

“Are you ok, Jamie?” concerned na tanong ni Steph.

“Steph?” apologetic na tono ni Damon.

“Go away, Damon.” Seryosong sagot nito habang hinahaplos ang likod ni Jamie.

“I’m sorry about this Jam, are you sure you’re ok?” Tumango lamang si Jamie kay Steph.

Tumahimik na lamang si Damon, tumalikod at lumabas ng function room.  Hindi nya pinansin ang halos lahat ng matang nakatitig sa kanya... He felt numb.

Si Jamie ay matalik na kaibigan ni Stephanie, halos magkapatid rin ang turingan nila sa isa’t isa.  Lingid sa kaalaman ng marami, Jamie is a gay, inamin nya ito kay Steph noong sila ay nasa premed pa lamang.  Nagkahiwalay lamang sila pagkatapos ng board exams upang magresidency.  Jam decided to leave town and applied at Xavier Hospital in Cagayan de Oro City.  They were both so excited to see each other when Damon came.

“Come on, let’s put some ice on your cheek, mabuti nalang at masquerade ang theme ng dinner fellowship natin mamaya, ito naman kase, bat ba kinausap mo pa yung tao?.”

“Eh, sino ba yun? Saying napakagwapo ngunit antipatiko naman, in fairness, mabango sya ha, bakit bay yun galit?”

“That’s Damon, remember? Damon from college?”

“No way! Was that him?... Bakit di mo kami pinakilala, eh hindi sana suntok kundi beso-beso ang unang pag meet namin! Anu ba naman Steph.” Disappointed si Jamie.

“Sira, he’s already married Jamie!”

“Really, why is he here, at bakit mukha syang galit sa akin?..hhhmmm baka nagselos..aray! wag mo namang idiin ng ganyan yang pisngi ko!”

“Sorry...jealous kamo, I don’t think so.”

“Do you still love him?”

“I don’t know... He’s already married Jam, come on , what am I supposed to feel.”

“Simple lang yan, be honest to yourself, nung makita mo sya kanina, did you long to hug him?”

Natahimik si Steph...pumikit.

“Yes.” guilty na pag-amin nito.

“Yes?! Bakit tinarayan mo sya? Akala ko tuloy ginugulo ka nya.”

“I’m scared Jam, I’m scared that if I don’t show anger, I might end up loving him again, tapos anu namang labas ko? Kerida?”

“Well, he wanted to talk to you about something, baka naman nais nyang sabihing ikaw ang gusto nya at hiwalay na sila ng kanyang asawa...hahaha!” Nagliwanag ang mukha ni Jamie.

“Not a chance, nakita ko sila sa States...They were so happy together, so that ain’t gonna happen”.

“Steph, my dear, you try so hard.  You mask your feelings in vain, you...are very obvious sweetheart, so might as well be honest with yourself nalang... Just listen to what he has to say Steph, para matahimik narin sya.”

“I don’t know Jam, baka makalimutan ko nanaman muli ang lahat at kung anu nanaman ang mangyari”

“Mangyari? What do you mean?”

Guilty ang mukha ni Steph na nagpahiwatig kay Jam.

“Oh my!... Don’t tell me... My God!.. In love ka ngang talaga, doktora!..” Napatabon ng isang kamay ni Jam sa kanyang bunganga habang sinasabi ito.

“What am I going to do, Jam?”

“I am not gonna tell you what to do my dear, you know me, iba ako mag-isip.  Do what you think is the right thing to do para wala kang pagsisisihan.”

“Thanks Jam, I missed you so much friend... Mabuti nalang nandito ka, malapit na talaga akong masiraan ng bait.”

Grand Ballroom, Marco Polo Hotel

It was the termination fellowship of the five day seminar conducted by DOH.  They had a masquerade ball to make it more memorable.  Steph was wearing a cream silk gown with small crystal beads.  Her hair was temporarily set in big curls.  She looked like a “demigod”.  Parang si Athena sa Clash of the Titans.  So magical and so feminine.

Should I go to him?... No!... I should go to him.  Yan ang naglalaban sa kanyang isipan habang nakaupo sa isang sulok katabi si Jam.

Jam was looking glamorous himself.  He was wearing a vampire suit.  Parang si Edward Cullen ng “Twilight”.



“Kanina pa kita tinatanong!”

“About what?”

“Bakit kanina pang blanko yang mga mata mo?  Hhmmm...let me guess, you are thinking about him, aren’t you?”

“”No... of course not”

“Yes you are... I know that look my dear”

“No nga... kulit... I’m just bored, that’s all”

“Ok, I have an idea... why don’t you go talk to him.”

“What?... Why would I?”

“Steph, it’s now or never.  If you really don’t want him anymore, go talk to him and put closure to everything that’s happened between the two of you, para dika nagkakaganyan.”

“Like I know where to find him.”

“See... gusto mo nga syang puntahan... o, ayan lakad na dali” sabay abot ni Jam ang isang maliit na papel kung saan may nakasulat na floor and room number.
Tinitigan ito ni Steph.

“You know what, you better hurry, kase papalapit dito si Dr. Suarez, kanina pa tingin ng tingin sa iyo yan... hahaha... ikaw rin... unless type mong mag entertain ng doctor na may malaki ang tyan at halos wala ng buhok... eew”

“What will I tell him, Jam?” Tanong ni Steph na tila natotorpe.

“Andyan na si Mr. Suarez?...” Pakantang sabi ni Jam.

“I love you, Jamie... Will see you later tonight, alright.” Umalis na si Steph.

“Goodluck... mwahmwah.”

Matapos ang ilang hakbang, bumalik si Steph.

“Samahan mo nalang kaya ako.”

“Ahm, I don’t think so, it’s something you have to fix or end on your own. Remember, he wanted to talk to you in private kanina diba?”

Then she sighed... went to the powder room para magre-touch, whispered a short prayer and headed to the 10th floor to Damon’s suite.

It was almost 12 midnight, nanginginig ang mga tuhod nya at kumakabog ang kanyang dibdib matapos nyang pindutin ang doorbell.

“Nang bumukas ang pinto ay nagulat sya sa kanyang nakita.  Damon was only wearing a boxer shorts.  He looked so yummy with his lean body.  Oh my... Bibigay na talaga ang mga tuhod ko.

She couldn’t speak... She just stared at his eyes.  She felt heat flowing from her veins to every part of her body.

Damon was surprised himself.  He almost swore when he saw her... His goddess. She was so enchanting, he felt the need to take her there and then... and so he did.

Damon pulled her and touched her face.  He pulled her waist to his.  Their bodies fit perfectly.  Steph just let him touch her face, her back... then he held her hands without taking his eyes off hers.  Then he bent to kiss her.  He lost control when she opened her mouth to welcome his.  Damon carried her to the bedroom and laid her on his bed and slowly removed her gown.  He took his time... slowly, gently, lovingly touched her and kissed every inch of her.

The moment she saw him at the door wearing only boxers, she totally lost her reason for being there.  She only felt the need to be one with him... For the second time, she let go of her guard and inhibitions and gave herself to Damon.  It was a night made in heaven.  No pretensions, no arguments, just sweet surrender to each other’s arms.  Maybe tomorrow they can talk... Yes, tomorrow can wait.  Tonight, she belonged to him.

It was around 9 a.m. in the morning when Stephanie woke up.  Her body was sore from last night.  He took her and gave herself willingly three times.  There were no words mentioned.

Damon was inside the shower room when his cellphone rang.  She got curious and checked who it was.  On the screen she read “Megan calling”.

When Damon came out, he smiled when he saw her already awake.

“Good morning sweetheart, I ordered breakfast.”

“Your phone rang”

“Who was it?”

“I don’t know, just take a look at it.”

Damon checked his phone. ”Excuse me”.  Paalam nito saka lumabas papuntang terrace.

She felt like she was picking the pieces of her heart one by one as she slowly gathered her clothes.

He didn’t fully close the door to the terrace kaya she was able to hear the conversation.

“Megan, you called?... what?... how? Ok, will fly back there tonight... Calm down, everything’s gonna be fine, where’s Abbie?... Abbie sweetie, papa Damon will be there soon.”

Stephanie couldn’t take the hurt anymore.  She didn’t want to listen to their conversation further.  She was so devastated.  She had to leave right away.  This time, she had to leave Damon, that’s the right thing to do.  She slowly went out and walked straight to the elevator at dumeretso sa isang taxi.  Then her Cellphone rang.

“Steph, where are you, what happened to you last night?” Worried na tanong ni Jamie.

“It over Jamie...Where are you?... I need you please.”

“Calm down Steph, where are you? Pupuntahan kita.”

“I’m heading to my condo at Eon Tower, can you follow me there?”

“Of course, Steph... Shall I bring all your things in your room in the hotel?”

“Yes please, Jam... Use my car, Nasa drawer ang susi. Thanks again Jamie, what will I do without you.”

“It’s ok Steph...Calm down. Cool ka lang ok?”

Damon couldn’t believe that Steph left him again.  He almost shouted at the waiter who brought the food sa inis nya sa sitwasyon.  For the nth time, Stephanie left him again.

He wanted to ran after her but she already left aboard a taxicab according to the guard.  He had no choice but to go back because he had to book a flight back to the US.  His kuya Alfred met an accident and is in a critical condition.  His family needs him right now.  He swore to come back and settle things with Dr. Tuason as soon as possible.

To be continued...

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Golden Eggs of Angry Birds Seasons

I'm still stuck with Angry Birds... hehe.  And now, I'll share to you some tips on how and where to get the golden eggs in the Seasons edition.

Let's start with Trick or Treat... there's only 1 golden egg here and it is found in level 1-32.  Just shoot your green bird in the other direction and activate its boomerang ability to hit the pumpkin bearing the golden egg in the upper right corner as illustrated below.

Then, to Season's Greedings... go to level 1-13.  Simply hit the Christmas wreath and you'll have the only golden egg in this edition.  Kindly see suggested attack below.

Let's go to Hogs and Kisses... also, 1 golden egg and its found in level 1-7.  You can use your white bird's bomb to hit the flying egg below the platform (encircled with blue as illustrated below).

Now, to Go Green, Get Lucky part... here, there's only a single golden egg and found in level 1-8.   Use your yellow bird to zoom its way up in a trajectory to hit a golden egg in the top right hand corner of your screen (you won't miss it, there's an arrow pointing on it).  See suggestion below in black dots.

And to Easter Eggs, where you'll get most of the golden eggs... 9 eggs to my count.  Since there's a lot, I'll only show illustrations to where it needed most.  Ready, okay lets enumerate where to find them and hints on how to get them:

1. Level 1-2 - simply hit the egg found in the patch of grass right under the slingshot.
2. Level 1-4 - hit the grass nearest to the platform and the golden egg will be revealed.  May I suggest to use the yellow bird to destroy the wooden structure and then use the red bird to bounce its way to the grass, as illustrated below.
3. Level 1-6 - Zoom your yellow bird up in a correct angle to hit the golden egg in the far right portion in a platform in the enemy's territory.

4. Level 1-7 - Bomb the concrete blocks at the back of the platform by firing your white bird backwards and the golden egg is yours.

5. Level 1-8 - hit the TNT hanging under the platform by firing your red bird to the opposite wall and bounce its way to your objective as suggested in the illustration below.

6. Level 1-9 - hit the TNT found at the back of the platform and an egg will appear in the far right side below the platform of the enemy's structure.

7. Level 1-10 - hit the grass in the side just below the slingshot platform using your green bird and an egg on a rope-like made of wood would fall down from the sky.  Don't do anything, it will just break and fall.

8. Level 1-12 - Use the green bird to hit the doughnut hanging in a platform in the farthest right corner.  Then, hit the golden egg that drops.

9. Level 1-15 - Hit the grass patch at the back of the slingshot platform.  And a ball made of wood would appear... you need to destroy it.  Then, eggs will drop down from the sky and break to the ground... followed by a golden egg swinging in the sky... here timing is everything. 

And last but not the least, Summer Pignic... get 2 golden eggs here. 

1. Level 1-3 - Using the white bird, drop a bomb at the rear where the platform of the slingshot stands.  It must be accurate to hit the specific spot (as encircled below in the illustration) and the golden egg is yours.
2. Level 1-14 -  Just like in Go Green, Get Lucky... zoom your yellow bird up in a correct angle to hit the golden egg in the farthest right portion of the platform.  Or you can blow up the TNT near the pile of rocks, if that would be easier for you.  See illustration below.

So that's it... I would most welcome any information or strategy I haven't mentioned here.  Or any correction to what I had just parted.   Enjoy the game and hope to be of help.  Yahweh bless.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Getting To The Angry Birds Fever

I've got pre-installed games when we bought our laptop... my kids got curious if they could play it, so I let them,. Thing is they would usually ask me to play it for them if they can't beat or solve the game (which I enjoy yet get annoyed sometimes especially if I'm busy doing something).

But, having this long vacation, I'm quite struck with this game called "Angry Birds Seasons".  It has the same concept as those of the previous 2 Angry Birds... the Classic and Rio.  For those not so familiar with the game, it really has simple mechanics... birds are provided to you in a specific order, you then use your mouse or touch pad/ screen to stretch the slingshot and release the birds to bump the enemies (pigs, monkeys or an enemy bird... depending on the series you're playing) and/or destroy their structure... You must be able to eliminate all otherwise you lose.

In the Seasons Edition, you can play Angry Birds in different themes, namely Halloween's Trick or Treat, Christmas' Season's Greedings, Valentine's Hogs and Kisses, St. Patrick's Go Green, Get Lucky, Easter's Easter Eggs (which you'll find most of the golden eggs) and Summer's Summer Pignic.

There are seven types of birds in the Seasons series:
  • Red Bird - the most basic type and has no hidden ability... just makes a sound when you click it.  Breaks glass fairly, but doesn't do much with other construction materials.
  • Blue Bird - it has the ability to split into three small projectile in a simple tap on the screen or left click of the mouse.  Especially good in breaking glass constructs.
  • Yellow Bird -With its ability of super speed (still upon tapping of the screen or clicking the mouse), it can reach long distance structures and enemies.  Provides great damage in woods but doesn't do much in materials like glass and stone.
  • Black Bird - the "bomb bird" automatically turns red and explodes when in contact with enemy and it's structure.  Great in any construction material and do massive destruction especially when placed at the bottom.  Just be careful not to tap or click since it also explodes that way.
  • White Bird - it drops an explosive egg upon click or tap and with the right angle, can also be used as a good projectile weapon at the same time.  But when not clicked or tapped, it is just an ordinary projectile bird.  Effective usage would be in structure gaps... for it only destroys the material directly hit by the bomb egg.
  • Green Bird - the "boomerang bird" has the special ability to spin backwards with roughly a double speed.  It is mainly used to destroy the other side of the construction which mostly is its weak spot.  But bear in mind that just like the other birds with special ability, once it touched the enemy or its structure, boomerang function can no longer be activated. 
  • Big Red Bird - otherwise known as "Big Brother Bird".  Upon contact, it gives a good wallop to the enemies and its structure... it does have the same power as the black bird just that, it does not explode.
Here, you need to hit the Christmas wreath to get the golden egg.
There's no technique in playing the game... it's a long trial and error method.  But one thing I can share is how to unlock additional games.  First, is the golden egg... each golden egg you get means an additional game for you.  You just need to find and hit a specific spot or thing (i.e. grass, concrete, egg or something odd) in a particular game, then you'll be prompt by a golden egg appearing in your screen.  Just be watchful for some of these eggs are hidden. 

By the way,  you can find and play the extra game by clicking the eggs located in the last part of the game selections.  You'll earn a star in your eggs when you finish the game successfully.  

And secondly, earning 3 stars in all games in each season unlocks an additional game for you.  You can go to the game by clicking the center piece in a season's page.  As a sample illustration in the left, its an egg with 3 stars.  It has a pale color and isn't accessible when you had not yet accomplish all 3 stars in all games in a season.  Further, the 3 stars will turn yellow/gold in the center image (here, in Easter, is a colorful egg) if you accomplished the game successfully.

So, that will be it.  I hope you enjoy the game especially with your kids.  Me, at first I wasn't that interested, but as the game progressed and I was challenged to get the 3 stars in each game... I started to ask my kids to go and play some physical games... and told them that I have something important to do... then I'm back to the game to get those egg robbing laughing annoying pigs... LOL.

Have a nice day everyone... Yahweh bless.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Time For A Week Long Vacation Spree

Having October 31 and November 1 declared as holiday, my wife and I decided to go visit my in-laws... and do the needed transactions we had to accomplish at the same time.  So we had our leaves arranged for the rest of the week.  The kids were really excited to visit their lola, lolo and titas. Well, I know their grandparents were excited to see them as well.

During our stay, as the kids were enjoying the pool in a nearby resort under the care of our parents, we were able to watch our long awaited movie... hassle-free and with piece of mind that the kids are well taken care of. After watching Amanda Seyfried and JT's "In Time", we were impressed with the writer's concept of using time as a metaphor for power and money, as it used time as currency... and literally, running out of time will cause a sudden cardiac arrest causing your death.   I like to elaborate more... but that would definitely kill the thrill for those who want to watch it... all I can say is... it's a two-thumbs up for me.

We always  enjoy our stay everytime we are in Gensan (with my in laws). A very comfortable one indeed.  From as simple as, a nice warm shower with no water interruption... to the convenience of WiFi and cable for some leisure time... not to mention the relief of having a lot of comfort rooms (whew)... the strolling in malls and around the city, and most of all, the food feast... from viands to cakes... to candies and chocolates... to fruits and ice creams... to chips and fast foods... boodles in every fridge. Just glad to still have control over the kids sweet tooth... or was it just the kids (hehe) :))

Well, our stay was not all for fun, there were stuffs we had to do and take care of ...It's nice to have an unfinished business get over and done with....for good.  We also couldn't avoid uncool things like the kids tantrums... as my in-laws termed it, the "long playing", since its annoyingly long and seemingly endless like a "24 in 1" compact disk.  Oh well, what's a  life of a parent without some little spices... it'll be so boring, right? hahaha.  I'll share some thoughts about it with you guys later and I would love to exchange techniques and meaningful experiences that help us go through with children expectations... LOL. Nevertheless, I thank Him for sparing me a little quality and precious time to enjoy and take some needed rest... just enough that it made me want to crave for more.  Take care everyone... it'll be one whole busy day ahead... Yahweh bless.