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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sharing Some Trunk Locker Liebster

To the two wonderful writers Kathy Winans and Jenn Duffy- Pearson who have blawarded me with the Liebster Blaward (blog award... haha)... it's an honor to be chosen by you, guys.  Thank you.  People like you are those I consider ink to my pen... I am truly humbled of knowing you both.  By the way, if only you're not that popular, I would definitely choose you guys too for this award.

Let’s first elaborate Liebster Blog Award a little bit.  The Liebster award is from Germany where “Liebster” means friend or love.  It's simply an award to highlight new bloggers, the ones that have less than 200 followers.  Well, like me... you see I started my blog just January of this year (which makes me a neophyte in blogging).  Also, I can just count in my fingers those who really follow and read my blog posts (the others are just part of a list).  Enough about me, let’s go to the cool part, choosing my 5 fave bloggers in high hopes that all of you will be able to follow and liebster (lol) these guys as I would.  (Please do the same to those I chose as Stylish and Versatile bloggers.)

So, I'm giving liebster to the following...

Jenny O'Toole author of From Jenny with Love. Loved the reality. Real experiences... real people... real life. Philippines to Europe... gutsy, may I say.

Zennia Zamora of Zen Encounters. Loved the simplicity of details and the candidness of her works.

Amy writes the My Leisure Blog. Loved the pictures and how she captures each one of it... in an artist's perspective.

Michael Ferrer, the person behind Blobbs of B-boy.  Loved the updates with some of the twists from the blobber's personal insights.

Last but definitely not the least... the Nurses' Journal. My favorite writer, the love of my life... when it comes to this blog, let's just say I'm biased... and loving it. (lol)

Yahweh bless...

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  1. Congratulations to all awardee!

    I was also awarded with Liebster but since I am still so new in blogging, I only know a few bloggers and most of them have already established in the blogging industry.

    Anyway, I am still looking the those bloggers... I hope I will be able to rub elbows with them!

  2. wow!!! I am so excited!! This is my first blog award to 'My Leisure Blog'.Thanks for choosing me,its a honour for me......

  3. Wow, thanks. I will just turn a year in blogging. I have not blogged that much but I find this an interesting outlet of experiences..
    Thank you.. ♥

  4. I can't believe it I'm on the top of the awardee. Kuya Ralph - you made me cry. Thank you very much for appreciating my work. It means a lot to me. :) God bless you and your family.- Jenny O'Toole

  5. Wow I didn't know about this, thanks Sir Ralph for choosing me. I'm very honored thanks again!