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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trunk Locker Got Style!!!

A fellow blogger Don Smith of Geezer Says just recently gave me my first ever blogging award, the "Stylish blogger Award".  I'm truly honored and humbled to be chosen as one of whom he believed to be a stylish blogger... haha.  If old geezer sayz so, then there's nothing I can do but to believe in his sense of style... Thank you, Don, I truly believed you deserve it too...

So, as accepting this award comes with great responsibility :)... now for the rules...

Thank and link back to the person who sent you the award.
Share seven things about you.
Spread the love and honor. Award 7 recently discovered bloggers. Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award.

Lets start, 7 things about me. Here goes:
1. First and foremost, I always thank Yahweh for the most important thing in life... my belief, family, relationship, health, nature and his intervention and continuous guidance in my life.
2. I'm a nature-lover... I love the gentle rain and sun... I love plants and planting various kinds of them, I love aquarium fishes especially swordtails, I love eating our homegrown fruits, I love the forests, swimming in the rivers and the seas...
3. I believed that respect is earned and not forced.  It's not gained through fear nor power.  People who think that they can have respect by enforcing it to others or due to their position are just fooling themselves.  Respect is not just uttered words, it's a feeling towards your fellowman.
4. I rather befriend a pack of honest to goodness wolves than be with pretentious lambs. I stay away to people who talks ruthlessly about other people's flaws behind their back... they are not trustworthy, and sooner or later, they will turn on you and find you some flaws to talk about.
5. I more of a writer than a speaker type of person.
6. I'm a PBA's Barangay Ginebra fan... since the time of Robert Jaworski until now with Caguioa and Helterbrand.  Maybe it's because of the crowd or I just like the team's "never say die" attitude... hehehe
7. I'm proud to be a Christian Filipino...

Now with my 7 bloggers with their respective unique style… tsk... tsk...   Only seven, so in as much as I want to include everyone, my apologies, but that's the rule! I choose the following, in no particular order:

1. These and Those – Pinx Labado
2. The Legend of ShengayTHEgreat – Shengy Pineda
3. Dreamers, lovers, and Star Voyagers – Teresa, aka T K Cypherbuss aka Willow
4. Girl In Your World – Hilda Wong
5. – Ben Sidoon (Bennix)
6. As The Wind Blows – Gio C. Tijano
7. Endless Cycle of 365 – Nyle

So that's it... CONGRATULATIONS guys! I won't be forcing you to do your part and asking you to follow the rules above and participate. I'll just ask you nicely ;)
It's a good way to share a little bit about our self  and to acknowledge and give due recognition to blogs we think are exceptional...To Yahweh be the glory always...

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  1. I wish I could but at the moment I can't. hehe

    Anyway, thank you for picking my blog. I'll do the same later on. Thank you again. God bless you too! (: