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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Celebrating Special Occasions In A New Place

April is the month when there's a lot of celebrations in our family.  But unlike the previous years, we had begun having them all here in Texas.  It's a different yet meaningful experience for us, since we're used to celebrating these moments with our families and relatives in the Philippines.  The toughest I would say was the birthday of our daughter.  We used to have her cousins and friends visiting us during such occasion.  But now, all we could do for her was to prepare food good for a few friends (glad we had a Filipino family as neighbors who had helped a lot in the preparation) and a little cash gift.

Celebrating along with our new friends.

Also, my wife and I just recently celebrated the day we exchanged vows, a moment we would forever cherish and remember.  We now have 11 wonderful years of sweet memories and overcoming tough challenges.  I guess we lasted this far since we had these feelings of trust, love and faithfulness toward each other.  And above all, putting God in the center of our family... with this we know we are guided along the way.

And just celebrated my birthday.  The thing is as we grow older, birthday celebrations become less and less fancy as we had them before.  More especially now, we are in our new home, and we need to put our money to what we need to prioritize the most.  Well, I had all I wanted to have for my day anyway... I woke up feeling great that day, I was with the ones I cared the most (my family), and the Lord has always been there for us:
I was in the DPS office, to take my practical test in driving, but the officer in charge found that our car insurance expired just a week ago.  The insurance agent told us that we were given an erroneous copy and the expiration date should still be on August.  As a result, my test was rescheduled and I sued my insurance company and became rich (just kidding!!!).  I'm still thankful to Him that it wasn't a police officer questioning me about an expired insurance
I believe that everything is in it's rightful time and place.  We just need to put our FAITH in Him since He definitely knows what's the best for us, way beyond our human comprehension.

Happy anniversary, my twart... thank you for standing by my side throughout the years.  Everyday, you make me fall in love with you over and over again.
Happy birthday, our dearest Rael... we're proud you grew up to be a dependable daughter and ate to your brothers.  Our love for you never changed, from the day you made the pregnacy test result positive... until forever.
And a happy birthday to me... as again I conquered another year... and received countless blessings... I am humbled, my Lord.  Yahweh bless.