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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Our Justin's Day

It's the first time we celebrated our son's birthday here in Houston.  It may not be the same as what he used to have back in Davao, where we had his cousins and relatives with us to celebrate this special occasion... but still he had us, his family, and that's what mattered the most. 

It was just us, no friends and relatives, so we prepared food just enough for us.  Good thing we had Jollibee (the only one in Texas) and the newly opened Red Ribbon near our place, where we got his cake and pasta.  We also bought some turkey legs and crabs from a nearby market.  But it wasn't the food that excited him the most, so after blowing the candle on his cake, he immediately asked to open his presents... and he wasn't disappointed, we gave him something we knew he had been missing since we got here... a scooter.  We're very glad that he's happy.

How we wished he celebrated it with his cousins and friends back home... but our life is here now.  And for now, we just need to stick together as a family.  I know how he longs to have a kids party as we used to have... and we would love to make it happen for him... but we can't for the moment...

To our dearest Justin, we are so proud of you.  Since we got here, you've always been brave in going to school... didn't hear a single worry from you, always been positive.  Your thoughtfulness never fails to amaze us...  You always think of your siblings, not only yourself.  Like when buying stuffs, you always see that we would also buy one for them.  It costs us a little bit (that's the downfall), but we're just glad you are thinking of them.  You maybe a little naughty (makulit, malikot and may katigasan ang ulo) sometimes... but we know it's because of your age.  We maybe just only expecting you to act more responsible since you are already a kuya.  But it's okay son, just remind us that you're still 7. hehehe.

Happy Birthday, anak... We love you as always.  Yahweh bless. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Proud Parents

When we got here in US, we knew that school would be a big challenge for our kids. They entered school at almost the end of school year which barely gave them enough time to adjust. This was why when we transferred here in Houston, we didn't expect too much from them.  And yet they did well... 

My son was enrolled in a magnet school and passed the qualifying exam for his grade level.  When we got here, he still had a hard time in writing and reading words but he learned fast and now he's doing pretty well in school and more, having excellent marks almost all the time.  But what we admired most of him, is that he easily adapted himself in school, as if nothing has changed.  He easily got along well with his classmates and teachers... and had no problems in going to school, very independent indeed.

Our daughter also had very good marks in her card that she was recommended and eventually got transferred to their school's magnet program and also, became a candidate in joining an inter-school competition.  And although I'm the one who gets intimidated with her subjects (lessons I only encountered in high school and college... engineering, chemistry, advance math... they even have robotics), I always believe that she can handle these.  She never fails to amaze me when it comes to her studies... very reliable ate indeed.

We know that things will not be easy for us here in the US... even for our kids.  Everything is new and I can say, it's not our comfort zone.  That's why we are so proud that the kids are doing well with their studies and even excelling in some subjects.  We are so blessed to have them as our children... we will always thank the Lord for them... and cherish them, for as long as we live.  Yahweh bless.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

To Our Youngest Child

It's seems like yesterday when you had your first birthday... we really can't stop you from growing.  You don't even know how to blow a candle back then, but now it's no effort from you.  How time pass by so fast... I hope it slows down a little bit.  You are our last baby, so we won't have any if you grow up so quickly.  Oh well, reality bites.

But on the other hand... growing up has it's perks.  Now, we know that you are hungry and tell us when something hurts.  And we are more confident now when you are moving around the house... and some more years, and we can say bye bye to your bottle and diapers.  I guess watching you grow up wasn't that bad after all.

Daddy just can't make up his mind... I guess all I want is to keep you guys a little more longer.  So take your time growing up, me and mom will always be by your side in every step of the way... to guide you and cherish your every accomplishment for the rest of our lives...

We may have a simple celebration today, since we are far away from our relatives and friends back home... but our presence and love will make this day nonetheless a very special day for you.  We wish you all the best in life... and may the Lord bless you with the things you need most.  Happy birthday, Jacob, our bunso...

Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick Or Treat Houston

It's our first time to really go house to house for the Halloween trick or treat.  The kids have long been looking forward to this since the start of October.  So, even if we already felt the autumn cold wind... we pushed through with our plan.  First, we drove downtown and went to the Children's Museum (I thought it was a free event, oh well (LOL!!!)).  The kids enjoyed the place since there were a lot of activities and learning stuffs prepared just for them.  The kids still wanted to stay longer but we had to move on with our main plan... Trick or Treating...

Being new to Houston, we had a hard time finding a place for the event.  But as we were about to call it a night, we found this village where people really go and accompany their children for the Trick or Treat (lucky us... thank you Lord).  Then the long walk begun.  It was a merry event... the homeowners (of really nice houses... whew) were prepared.  My kids collected two bucketful of chocolates and candies... and you could really see how delighted they were, that they didn't even had the time to mind the distance we walked.


There were still a lot of houses we had not been through and I know they still wanted to go on... unfortunately, we still had one more stop.  We needed to buy stuffs for the birthday celebration of our youngest (which will be on the following day, the 1st of November).

When we got home, we were all tired but fulfilled.  After a short late dinner and kids sorting all the candies they collected (and given to mom for safekeeping and control)...  It was I think the first time that we didn't even ask the kids to go to bed (that's how tired they were).  A great way to end Halloween with a smile.  Yahweh bless.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How To Get A Rare Dragon In Dragon City

It's been a while since I posted something in my blog... and Dragon City is the reason why (LOL!!!).  I had my free time preoccupied playing it on my phone.  Anyway, for those playing the game, here are a few tips in getting the rare dragons:
  • If you are just starting, don't go for the rare ones (be patient).  Chances are you won't get any.  And if you are unusually lucky to have one in the early stages, you still won't have the habitat to put it in (speaking with the legendary dragons).  I suggest you start collecting the basic ones first.
  • There's no easy way to get the dragons, unless there's a cheat for it (which I don't know if there is any).  It's really a game of chance, so try and try until you succeed.  Although it's uncertain, there's a way to make the chances of getting the rare dragons higher.
  • For the incompatible elements dragons (like Gummy, Armadillo, Leviathan, Cool Fire, and Soccer), wait for Dragon city to give the free double same element dragons (i.e. Double Fire, Double Ice, etc.).  This will make the breeding very easy, giving you a 100% chance of getting the rare dragons.  Though there is still a chance of getting one if you make use of hybrids.

    Nature  +  Laser (hybrid)    =   Gummy (20% chance)
    Nature  +  Double Electric  =   Gummy (100% chance)

    Apply with the others except for Cool Fire and Soccer, since they have the same elements (Ice and Fire)

    Flame  +  Double Ice  or  Double Flame  +  Ice  =  Cool Fire or Soccer
  • Only the Dark Angel dragon (dark/light) for incompatible elements has no easy way of breeding and you have no choice but use hybrids to get a slim chance to have it...  Since there's no Double Dark or Double Light dragon.
  • How to get Legendary dragons???  First, you need to be in the level where you unlocked the legendary habitat or you won't have any place for the dragons.  Here, you have a slim chance of getting one since they are very rare.  But what I would suggest is to choose the dragons to breed that would give you the shortest time possible in case you miss... and that would be using 2 Pure dragons.

    Legendary Dragons... got them all :)
    You can only have Legendary dragons if you breed two pure or pure hybrids.  Any way you choose, the chances are the same.  Here's the difference:

    Pure  +  Pure  =  Pure (12 hours breeding time)  or  Legendary dragon  (54 hours)
    Pure  +  Pure Dark (or any pure hybrids) =  same as above but there's a big chance you also get a Pure Dark (48 hours waiting time)
  • Then the dragons with level 10 and above parents.  I made this last because almost all the dragons that I have under this category was bred using 2 (level 15 to 20) legendary dragons.  I also tried using  other dragons but the legendary dragons yield the higher success rate.
 There you go... I hope the tips would be of help.  Happy gaming.  Yahweh bless.