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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How To Get A Rare Dragon In Dragon City

It's been a while since I posted something in my blog... and Dragon City is the reason why (LOL!!!).  I had my free time preoccupied playing it on my phone.  Anyway, for those playing the game, here are a few tips in getting the rare dragons:
  • If you are just starting, don't go for the rare ones (be patient).  Chances are you won't get any.  And if you are unusually lucky to have one in the early stages, you still won't have the habitat to put it in (speaking with the legendary dragons).  I suggest you start collecting the basic ones first.
  • There's no easy way to get the dragons, unless there's a cheat for it (which I don't know if there is any).  It's really a game of chance, so try and try until you succeed.  Although it's uncertain, there's a way to make the chances of getting the rare dragons higher.
  • For the incompatible elements dragons (like Gummy, Armadillo, Leviathan, Cool Fire, and Soccer), wait for Dragon city to give the free double same element dragons (i.e. Double Fire, Double Ice, etc.).  This will make the breeding very easy, giving you a 100% chance of getting the rare dragons.  Though there is still a chance of getting one if you make use of hybrids.

    Nature  +  Laser (hybrid)    =   Gummy (20% chance)
    Nature  +  Double Electric  =   Gummy (100% chance)

    Apply with the others except for Cool Fire and Soccer, since they have the same elements (Ice and Fire)

    Flame  +  Double Ice  or  Double Flame  +  Ice  =  Cool Fire or Soccer
  • Only the Dark Angel dragon (dark/light) for incompatible elements has no easy way of breeding and you have no choice but use hybrids to get a slim chance to have it...  Since there's no Double Dark or Double Light dragon.
  • How to get Legendary dragons???  First, you need to be in the level where you unlocked the legendary habitat or you won't have any place for the dragons.  Here, you have a slim chance of getting one since they are very rare.  But what I would suggest is to choose the dragons to breed that would give you the shortest time possible in case you miss... and that would be using 2 Pure dragons.

    Legendary Dragons... got them all :)
    You can only have Legendary dragons if you breed two pure or pure hybrids.  Any way you choose, the chances are the same.  Here's the difference:

    Pure  +  Pure  =  Pure (12 hours breeding time)  or  Legendary dragon  (54 hours)
    Pure  +  Pure Dark (or any pure hybrids) =  same as above but there's a big chance you also get a Pure Dark (48 hours waiting time)
  • Then the dragons with level 10 and above parents.  I made this last because almost all the dragons that I have under this category was bred using 2 (level 15 to 20) legendary dragons.  I also tried using  other dragons but the legendary dragons yield the higher success rate.
 There you go... I hope the tips would be of help.  Happy gaming.  Yahweh bless.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Thanks For The Help

The Lord is truly wonderful... He provides even before we think of it.  And He definitely knows what we need.  He let us meet new friends that helped us during our transfer to Houston... and even filled our home with things we didn't have, all for free.  Our family felt so blessed with everything we received.

As soon as we arrived here in Houston, people we barely knew offered their things to us (luckily, those were the things we were planning to buy).  They would always tell us that it's a "pay it forward" thing.  When they were also starting, there were also those who helped them.  More, there were times that we would find cool stuffs (mostly furniture) we can use within the vicinity of our apartment.  If the garbage collector in our place (the bote/bakal) can go here... I think, they would be the happiest people in the world.  For people are throwing away good stuff here (clothing, electronics, furniture, etc.), some are even good as new.  They just leave it in the side, and then it's free to take.  In the end, we have enough to buy the other things we still need.

We are really thankful to the Lord that He surrounded us with good people.  People (friends) who helped us during our transfer (it would  have been really costly and difficult had it not for them).  People who shared their things to us (which is a big help especially for someone starting in a foreign land away from our families).  And for all the people who helped us get  familiarized with the way of life here.  Yahweh is good... all the time.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Moving Again

We left the place we called home for 6 months to transfer to a nearer location where my wife works.  Leaving wasn't easy for us, especially that we already were at ease and familiar with the place... it's already been our comfort zone.  The kids, most specially, had their friends in school and within the community... But we explained to them, that it would be a lot easier for all of us if we move to downtown Houston to cut the travel time.  The cold months are coming, and we don't want the kids to suffer the long travels.

We will surely miss our place in Pasadena.  It was our very first home here in the US.  The stores (just across the street) and recreation areas near our place.  The pool, said the kids (well, we still have pools to where we are transferring).  And most of all, our nearby Filipino neighbor friends, who had always been kind and helpful to us.  They were the ones responsible for making the transfer easy for us.  And for that, we can't thank them enough.

The kids way of saying farewell to the pool in Pasadena.
There's almost a week difference between the day we move out from our old apartment to the new one... but the Lord was so great that even before that we were offered by another Filipino friend (my wife's co-worker) to stay in their house for the time being since they will be on vacation during those days.  We were so blessed to have stayed in their beautiful house in Humble for 6 days... and we  enjoyed the place.

Making noise in the quiet neighborhood of Humble.

For all the Lord had done and given to us, the friends He provided, as if everything is in the right time.  In everything we do, He is always way ahead of us... so we always put our trust in Him.  Yahweh bless. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cooking New Menus

Being in a new place, we can't resist to try the foods they usually have here.  Especially when we always hear them in our country.  We tried two dishes that's new to us:

First, the french toast.  It's familiar even in our place, I even tried it in one of our local restaurants in the  Philippines.  But I never knew how to make it.  Maybe because, unlike here, some of the ingredients were not readily available in the grocery stores or not included in our budget (hehehe).  Back to the french toast.  Well, it's easy.  Just mix milk, eggs, orange zest (if available) and cinnamon (I added sugar to taste).  Dip the bread to the mixture.  And fry it using butter.  Serve with butter and honey or maple syrup.  That's it.

Then, we tried cooking their local seafood... crawfish.  When cooking it, you should have live ones (or the dead ones will affect the taste).  Here are the steps:
  1. Clean the crawfish first with water. 
  2. Boil water into a pot.  Add seasoning (we used Louisiana premix) 
  3. Once the seasoned water comes to a boil, add the potatoes, corn, garlic, and sausage. Cover and cook for 10 minutes.
  4. Add the crawfish and cook for 3 minutes. Turn off the heat after and leave the pot covered for 10 minutes. 
  5. Drain well and serve immediately.

Now, eating crawfish is somewhat like what you do with shrimps.  Take off the head ant tail, then peel off it's shell.  And by the way, remove it's digestive tract (it's the black part located inside the meat of the crawfish).  It's easy to remove it, just watch YouTube if you'll get a hard time figuring it out.  Bon appetit!  Yahweh bless.