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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Moving Again

We left the place we called home for 6 months to transfer to a nearer location where my wife works.  Leaving wasn't easy for us, especially that we already were at ease and familiar with the place... it's already been our comfort zone.  The kids, most specially, had their friends in school and within the community... But we explained to them, that it would be a lot easier for all of us if we move to downtown Houston to cut the travel time.  The cold months are coming, and we don't want the kids to suffer the long travels.

We will surely miss our place in Pasadena.  It was our very first home here in the US.  The stores (just across the street) and recreation areas near our place.  The pool, said the kids (well, we still have pools to where we are transferring).  And most of all, our nearby Filipino neighbor friends, who had always been kind and helpful to us.  They were the ones responsible for making the transfer easy for us.  And for that, we can't thank them enough.

The kids way of saying farewell to the pool in Pasadena.
There's almost a week difference between the day we move out from our old apartment to the new one... but the Lord was so great that even before that we were offered by another Filipino friend (my wife's co-worker) to stay in their house for the time being since they will be on vacation during those days.  We were so blessed to have stayed in their beautiful house in Humble for 6 days... and we  enjoyed the place.

Making noise in the quiet neighborhood of Humble.

For all the Lord had done and given to us, the friends He provided, as if everything is in the right time.  In everything we do, He is always way ahead of us... so we always put our trust in Him.  Yahweh bless.