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Friday, February 11, 2011

Pampering One’s Body in Spa

I first experienced it, years ago; it was my birthday gift from my wife… a gift check from Philosophy Spa in Bonifacio St.  Well, at first, I was hesitant (it was my first… LOL)… had a lot of shameful experience which I’m not gonna tell… but it was an overall good and relaxing experience.  I had a good shower, steamy sauna, relaxingly warm jacuzzi, and a detoxifying massage.  I chose Swedish over shiatsu, 'coz I love it with oil, since it lessens friction.

That was when I discovered how good it felt to be massaged for almost 1 whole hour.  So, since then, I and my wife always find time to visit our favorite spa to relax and give ourselves a treat after days of hard work and pressure.  We secretly call it as a “meeting” so our children won’t mind us leaving… LOL.  We were a “suki” then of Body Bliss in Lanang, since it's near our place, making it convenient for us.  But, one day, there was no vacant therapist (masseuse) at the said spa, so we opted to find another spa.  Luckily, there were 2 spas near it, Firm Spa and K1.  We tried Firm Spa, and it wasn’t bad.  In fact, we loved it.  For P300, you’ll have 1 and a half hour of relaxing massage… “di dyud mabayran”… and I always thank God for these people who bring comfort and relief from the stress of life (don’t get me wrong, I am not against stress, my children bring me stress but I cherish every moment I’m with them).

Let me give you some insights of what to expect:  the ambiance in a spa is very relaxing, very smooth music, dim or low light, aromatic fragrance of oils or burning candles, and polite attendants.  The attendant will wash your feet (but please, if possible, have your feet cleaned before going there, a little dust might be acceptable, but if you turn the water muddy, that will be disgusting) and accompany you to a cozy room where you’ll change to something more comfortable.  Then the massage session begins.  You get to choose from a variety of massage, Swedish which uses oil and long strokes; (for oil haters) Shiatsu which uses the technique of pressing with palms and thumbs; or Thai style (does not also use oil) which involves stretching and deep massage (there are a lot more types, but these are the most common).  But, at the present, I think they are combining the 3, so you don’t need to choose. If you don’t like oil, I suggest you tell the attendant before the session begins.  Spas also differ in the amenities they offer like in Pressure Point and Philosophy Spa, you’ll get a shower, sauna, jacuzzi and a choice of drink (iced tea or fruit juice).  Others might just offer you tea or nothing, so don’t expect it’s the same. There are also those which others prefer 'coz you won’t have to take a shower first but instead they just wash your feet and let you prepare for the 1 hour massage.  To name a few, there’s Body Bliss, Firm Spa and K1 Spa.

It might cost you around P150 to P1,500, depending on the package you choose and where you decide to have your spa (spa by the way is associated with water therapy) and massage.  You see some places are more expensive than others, because of the ambiance and included amenities.  But, it is an experience worth having. Especially after a long day tiring day. Your body had worked so hard, it deserves a break… you need to treat yourself, sometimes.

Guess what, it will also be a nice gift to your partner, friend or loved ones… especially that the day of hearts is only a couple of days from now… God bless.


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