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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Remembering People Power Revolution After 25 Years

The People Power Revolution or EDSA Revolution (February 22–25, 1986) was a very significant event for us Filipinos.  I remembered as the event was taking place, it was in every television, radio and even in the circulated newspapers... all were crossing their fingers to the possible outcome of the nationwide demonstration against the former President Ferdinand Marcos regime.  Everybody was praying that nothing violent would happen since the possible result of the clash between the demonstrators and the military would be very ugly.

I believed the assassination of Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. was the turning point when the Filipino had enough.  And the boiling point when Filipinos had too much was when the COMELEC declared Marcos as the winner for the presidential race in the 1986 snap election.  With this, millions of Filipinos (including religious groups, government officials, and known personalities) marched and gathered at Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) to demonstrate their grievance against the present government.  Also, a group of military and police officers and personnel were supporting the revolution.  Eventually leading to the departure of the Marcos’s from Malacañang Palace...  And I saw and felt how happy the people were... many were dancing, singing, smiling while congratulating one another and thanking God for what had happened... our nation seemed to be one at that moment...

The 1986 EDSA Revolution was truly a momentous event.  Despite the heavy artillery and armed military and police deployed to protect the current president, not a single blood was shed.  We exercised and showed the world what democracy meant... and how the power of prayer worked...
But did we really learn from EDSA?  Our nation is still struggling and full of controversies and corruption despite the fact that we dethroned the person we believed to be the cause of our country’s problem.  Why do we find much worst officials in our government?.. does this mean they do not acknowledge the peoples’ cry in EDSA?.. the change we were shouting back then was not for Marcos alone... we were shouting change in our government, that they will manage the country honestly and truthfully... that they may be worthy of the trust given to them by the Filipino people.

Filipinos... What EDSA meant was change for the better and not become worse... where are we now?  Why are we doing the same mistakes as we did before?  Worst is that the only learning we had is how to escape from the anomalies we do... and put a lot of loopholes to our justice system... If we truly and honestly learned something from the 1986 EDSA Revolution, it will show... I hope someday we could proudly and not shamefully say... this was what we have done to achieve democracy... look at where we are today... God bless us all.

The Faces of 1986 EDSA Revolution...
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  1. it is so sad to hear that we are fooling each other..

  2. Do you know what our media in the USA took hold of and ran with? Imelda's shoes. While people starved, she spent money on more shoes than any one person could wear out in a lifetime...