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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Who Can Really See?

The Gospel this Sunday is taken from John 9:1-41.  The bible tells of the blind man miraculously healed by Jesus.  But instead of praising Jesus for the healing, the Pharisees doubted this and believed it was just a trick, but they were proven wrong for the man was born blind and his parents testified.  Since they couldn't find any evidence that the miracle Jesus did was fake, they went looking for something else, they questioned Him for healing on Sabbath Day.
Jesus healing the blind man
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In the priest's homily, he mentioned about the experience of his missionary friend in Japan.  It was about a Japanese child waiting in line for food ration.  The missionary, pitying the child, gave his coat and share of food.  The child thanked him for his kindness, walked to the front line and offered the food to the first person in line.  The missionary was stunned.  He asked the child why did he do that... the child answered him that there might be someone in front more in need.

The priest compared it with his experience in the Philippines.  They were giving relief goods and what he observed was people were all rushing to get ahead of another.  Others were even taking advantage to get more than one... And majority of us are Christian Catholics.

Jesus said, “For judgment I have come into this world, so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind.”
Jesus came to earth to let people see the true meaning of being the children of God.  Yes, we do worship God but our action is very opposite to His teachings.  And there are those who see, but interpret and use God's word for their own benefit and selfish intentions... while some are so hypocrite that they pray and preach the gospel in public emphasizing how righteous they are and how sinful others are...
Sometimes those who we think to be followers are the real backsliders... I believe that the real blind are those who are claiming to be righteous yet their lifestyle shows otherwise. Although I'm not speaking in general, Japan is not a Christian country but their discipline and concern for others are so opposite what we see around us here in the Philippines.... 

For me, blindness constitutes not seeing God according to Jesus' teachings.  True Christianity can be shown more in deeds and action.  Let us not merely say we are Christians... but let us stand to what our religion is all about... Let us strive until one day we can finally say we are no longer blind... that we are true Christians. God bless.

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  1. "True Christianity can be shown more in deeds and action." Indeed true!