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Friday, April 29, 2011

Missing My Kids...

Its almost been a week now since we left them with their grandparents in Gensan to have their vacation.  I'm not used to not having them around.  Our home is really quite empty without them, especially when my wife is still with her shift.  I can talk to them but still nothing is compared with their presence.  But to learn from them that they are enjoying and they are well taken care of, makes it worth the sacrifice. 

I wish time would move fast for me and would slow down for them.  I hope they would never miss us the way we misses them... and they would only feel it as soon as we are already with them.  I guess that's the irony of life... there will always be times when you must be far from your love ones... to show them how much they are loved.  Two more weeks, our dears... meanwhile, live without worries... my heart will always be with you...  until then... God bless you both.


  1. never mind ralph, they'll be back naman! for the meantime, enjoy the days alone with your wife. but yeah, it's still different with the kids around. they are our life and joy!

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  2. yes hazel, I know... puhon. thanks for the thought. My regards to you and your family... God bless.