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Saturday, April 23, 2011

7 Last Words of Jesus

My family was invited by my in-laws for a fellowship in a Christian Methodist Church in Gensan.  I had been open to other Christian religions even before as a cadet in PMA... I was joining the CCF back then.  Their teachings and practice isn't that far from our beliefs and the people are very warm and treats you well, so I really don't feel aloft.  With my wife, being a Methodist herself, makes it a lot more easier for me to adjust.

The ceremony started at 1:00 PM and was estimated to end at 3:00 PM, as to conform with the death of our Lord, since it focused about the 7 last words of Jesus.  But due to uncontrollable situations, as each word was assigned to a speaker to express their thought on it, it lasted til 4:30 PM.  But it's okay, as one of the speaker told the congregation, this is just a little thing we do for our worship... nothing compared to what Christ did for us.  Below are the last words of Jesus in the cross and some thoughts I gathered.

Jesus died for our salvation from sin (taken @ the Our Lady of Manaoag Chapel)
1. "Father, forgive them, they know not what they do." Lk. 23:34 - it is truly amazing that anyone being crucified and suffering a lot of pain can still think of others sake.  This shows the love of Jesus for His people...  that He never lose His hope for us...  that He is willing to offer everything, even His own life just to save us from God's wrath.

2. "This day thou shalt be with me in Paradise." Lk. 23:43 - This is the promise of Jesus to each everyone of us...  to those who admits their sins and weakness, opens their hearts and accepts Him as their savior and puts their faith in Him... a promise of salvation, of eternal life with God.

3. "Woman, behold thy son." Jn. 19: 26-7 - Jesus shows us His deep love for His mother whom He respected all His life. In spite of His suffering, Jesus was concerned about His mother's welfare as He was about to make the ultimate sacrifice to fulfill His divine destiny. He wants John to treat Mary as his own mother... to take care and love her.  Jesus wants us to love and take care of our parents, and when we do, we also show our love for Him.

4. "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Mk. 15:34 (Mt. 27:46) - This statement shows the relationship of a son to a father. Due to the unbearable pain, Jesus called to the Father, which God answered instantly.  He filled the earth with darkness that day... to show that His heart is also suffering with His Son... that if not only for Jesus love for us, He won't let this happen... but everything is according to His plan... and Thy will be done.

5. "I thirst." Jn. 19:28 - Again, Jesus might have showed his human side here... but yet, it can be deeper... I thirst would mean the physical need for water but it can also mean His need for all those who believed in Him, for their presence at the time He needed it most... For us, He thirst for our hearts to open so He could come in.

6. "It is finished." Jn 19: 30 - What Jesus was intended to do here on Earth, His mission, His sacrifice... God's ultimate plan for Him is complete.  He had saved us from all sins... All of us, even the children of our children... He had opened the doors for eternal salvation for us, all we need to do is to believe Him with all our heart and follow Him without any doubts.

7. "Into thine hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit." Lk. 23:46 - The final words of Jesus, submitting Himself to the Father.  Showing us, in spite of His divinity, His genuine faith to the Father... that He offered His spirit to God, with all confidence... with everything that He is.

Jesus' last words showed both His humanity and divinity.  He suffered and ultimately gave His own life for our salvation.  He never lose hope... and so as our Father in heaven, He had given us His only Son... He could had not let that happen... He is God, but He also love us too much, that He is willing to make the greatest sacrifice... to give us a chance... a spark of hope... God bless.


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