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Saturday, April 9, 2011

How to Add NetworkedBlog Gadget to Blogger

I've got a hard time figuring out how to add my networkedblogs (in facebook) so that it can be seen in my blog.  So I'll make it easier for you.  The steps below assumes you already have a blog (in blogger) and a member of networkedblogs in facebook.  Just look for the red circle markings in the screen shots I've inserted in case you can't follow my instructions... you'll never be lost.  Hope this help. Goodluck.

1.  Go to the "Profile" of your networkedblogs.

2.  In your profile, go to the portion "blog i write", then click on your blog (based on the sample, it's "Trunk Locker").

3.  Then, from the list of options below "Rate It", choose "Widget".

4.  Click on "Install Widget". (Actually there is also an instruction on this page, so just read it.)

5.  Copy the HTML or code for widget as shown below. (the trick is just right click on the content and choose "Copy".)

6.  Go to your blog (in this case, in blogger), and choose "Design" from your menu list.

7. Click on "Add a Gadget".

8.  From the list of basic gadgets, click on "HTML/ JavaScript".

9.  Right click on the "Content" portion, then choose "Paste".

10.  Type your title for the gadget, then click "Save"... and that's it, you're done. 

Congratulations, you have a newly installed networkedblogs widget on your blogger account. You're welcome. God bless.


  1. very helpful tips indeed ... try ko nga to

  2. I did it by myself by reading and following the instructions from Networkedblog in my facebook. Presto! It's there in your own blog site.

  3. Hehe. I should try this too. It's been a while since I've been to blogger, although I've used it long before blogger got so popular. I'll see if I can get my old blogger account active again and see how this goes. :D

  4. eccentricyethappy was the one who approved my networkedblogs widget before I lost hope that it won't appear on my blog.

  5. wow .. ganun pala yun.

    i love the way you used screenshots. screenshots are better than videos when it comes to tutorials IMHO.

  6. nice tutorial. i approved my own blog by putting a code in my blog. :)

  7. Thanks for the tutorial! Don't think i'd put it though, It might clutter my blog :(