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Friday, March 9, 2012

Poker Around The Corner

Last Saturday, my family was on vacation and we  stayed with my wife's siblings.  Everyone was still tired from the previous days of city strolling.  Bored, I asked if anyone of them knew how to play the game of poker.  Luckily, they  knew the game, more they had a deck of cards.  So I asked them if they wanted to play, just for fun... and  so the game begun.

As replacement for the chips, we used actual coins to make the game a lot more interesting and so the players would also take the game seriously.  But we limit the amount to a thousand each so as not to take away the motive that it's just for fun and not gambling.  And what's more fun was that we dressed up like some of those famous poker players', some wore sunglasses, others with the cowboy hats, some with leather jackets... while I wore my baseball cap.

It's funny how every player tried to read the faces of their opponents and how everyone tried to manipulate each other by talking their way to win.  But how can they, I brought my poker face with me... no emotions and no eye contact... ha ha ha.  So did I won?  What do you think?  Nope, I lost to my wife... but only because I wanted her to win.  Okay, fine, she won fair and square... how can I lie to those pretty, lovely, sharp eyes.  More, she knew me well.  But everyone won actually, the sum of money was used to buy some snacks for everyone to enjoy...  Everyone had a fun and yummy lazy Saturday afternoon.  Yahweh bless.

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