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Friday, March 16, 2012

Foreigners In Singapore - Third Day: To The Jungle

Me and my wife woke up early because we wanted to cherish the remaining moment we had in the Sands, and we were eager to take a dip in their jacuzzi and to enjoy the moment by ourselves (since the kids were still asleep).  The cool morning breeze, with the solemn but magnificent view of the Singapore Port, and the warm bubbling water of the jacuzzi... felt so blessed, it's just my wife described it, "haah....this is life" and I totally agreed with her. We stayed there until the break of dawn.  Just how heavenly it was to see the light as it slowly engulped the sea and land.  How we wanted to stay there a little bit more but we had to get the kids, so they could enjoy a little bit more... and we knew that they wanted to have a swim at the pool before heading to our next destination... the Singapore Zoo!

Just perfect...
Mr. & Mrs. Infinity Pool 2012... (LMAO)
So the kids had their last dip in the pool, while we watched them on a couch nearby.  Then we had our breakfast while packing our things and off we went.  Lucky for us, Manong Floro, the ever generous, shared his tickets with us, so we just had to buy a few more for the family.  More, he joined the tour with us and gave us a free ride on his car.  Great help, it saved us time, effort and money.

When we got there, the kids were so eager to see the elephants... but there was more to it especially if one just follows the trail in the map which was provided during admission.  It was quite a walk around the place, good thing our friends, Ionne and Raul, lend us their stroller so I won't have to carry my boy during his tantrum times.
Borrowing Dora's explorer map...
Orangutans freely roaming above the trees.
So we started our journey to the jungle.  We first saw the cotton-top tamarins and looking closely to them, you'll see their tiny babies clinging on them, really cute.  And then we passed by the false ghavials (from the crocodile family), through the Treetops Trail, known for their slender and elongated snouts.  The kids were really afraid just looking on how big they were but they were not known to be a threat to humans because they're on a fish diet, and I wasn't kidding. And then there were the otters, tapirs and babirusas.  We then proceeded to the primate kingdom, where you''ll find different kinds of monkeys, macaques, langurs and baboons. Orangutans, chimpanzees, mandrills and gibbons were segregated.

Tiger, your yellow stripes, where art thou?
Then, we had a site of the famous (or should I say renowned) white tigers. Personally, I was delighted to saw them,  never seen one before.  From there, we passed by the orangutans going to the "Wild Africa " portion where the white rhinos, zebra, warthogs, lions, giraffes, and jaguars, to name a few, was located.  Then we decided to ride the tram... at last.  Though there was a stroller, it was still a tiring walk under the heat of the sun and a humid atmosphere.

Nyalas or South African antelopes
I also felt sleepy upon looking at this lazying jaguar.

Passed by white rhinoceros during tram ride...
The tram ride was just to relax and rest our feet, but if one really want to enjoy the sites and animals, walking would be better.  So that you can stay and watch the animals as much as you like.  After the ride, we went to the nice places we passed by during the tour like the kangaroos in their Australian Outback.

Then we proceeded to their Rainforest Fights Back Show where they showcased their trained animals like elephants, lemurs, otters, peacocks, apes and monkeys.  Showing and teaching little kids to save the forest and animals and how important they are to our ecosystem.  They also had other shows that features great animal talents, just don't had the leisure of time to see them all.

Spider monkey, my son's favorite Ben 10 alien.
A quick pose right after the show.

And by the way, the Night Safari was just a few walks away.  We haven't tried it though, it just wasn't included in our plan.  Maybe if we'll have a chance to come back, why not.  Their tour starts at 7:30 pm till midnight, daily.  And I heard it's thrilling one, hehehe.  

Then we took a leisure walk towards the marine mammals.  We got a close encounter with the humongous  Manatees and cute and very vigorous penguins.  After that, we went to KFC, to have our merienda.  Even their regular meals had some distinct tastes that differs with that in our country.  Oh well, it still tasted good and I was hungry...

When we returned home, the kids were fast asleep so we went to Mustafa in Little India.  The prices there were just fine, but you'll also find really cheap selected items and brands, and take note, you'll never find imitations, it's forbidden in Singapore especially in their known malls.  It's amazing how they just file their foot wears (Adidas, Nike, Puma, Ipanema and etc.) as that of our sidewalks and with no boxes, and the prices were almost the same as that of other department stores.  It's just that you'll find all the brands, sizes and style stocked in one place, thus making it very convenient.

And again, I just don't know how to thank Yahweh for all this blessings me and my family had received... and for surrounding us with wonderful people  that made our tour for that day possible...

For my next post, I'll be sharing with you our Sentosa's Universal Studio daring rides.  Thanks for visiting my blog.  Yahweh bless.


  1. I love the jacuzzi... it is like o=your just on the clouds at tsaka how come na parang yung pool ay batatapon sa background? hehe, *curios!

    1. nice description on the jacuzzi, agree... hehehe. ung infinity pool ba, edmar? hahaha... it just look that way, but merong sumasalo nyan, don't worry. thanks. Yahweh bless.

  2. Kakatuwa naman st enjoy na enjoy mga bata sa trip ninyo.

  3. Omy! Totoo pala talaga yung pool na yun! Nice! And yung Zoo nice! :)

  4. Ay! Bakit ka nag lalakad lakad sa alambre?

    1. nagsideline ako sa show nila... ala na kasing pera, eh maganda ang offer... sinunggaban ko na... LOL. me kalokohan ka talaga, cha... hahaha.

  5. got curious sa infinity pool! kung ano itsura dun sa pnakaside nia...ahaha nkakatakot tingnan sa pic para bang mahuhulog kna pag napagilid ka...waaaa...:D

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  7. I wonder how it feels like when you are swimming on top of the world. I want to know for real. Please Lord, give me this experience soon.

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    i love the night safari the most <3 <3

  9. I love the jacuzzi photos, and of course, the scary MBS infinity pool! Last time I was in SIN, I only got to the mall area.. Wasn't able to visit the top deck anymore. =( Anyway, should you go back to SIN, make sure to include the Night Safari. You and your kids will definitely enjoy the experience. =)

  10. Always fascinated with the infinity pool. I've been seeing pictures of it and it truly is fascinating. Sana makapunta ako diyan. And your pictures are great, vacations are always better spent with your family. :)

  11. you guys should've have seen the family orang-utans they go down up in the trees like 2pm for the zoo workers to feed them u can actually feed them and have a photo carrying the baby ones! enjoy singapore! xx

  12. family bonding is the BEST.
    going to a place is more worthwhile with our LOVED ones around.
    great experience and fantastic photographs.

  13. that is so romantic, jacuzzi while watching the sun rise :)

    if I were in that situation, I would also say "ahhh...this is the life!"

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