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Friday, March 9, 2012

Playing Poker In The Net

Poker games had been online for quite some time already.  But I just started playing a couple of months ago making me a novice in the game.  It's easy and entertaining to play online poker since you'll have free initial money to play with... not real of course (lol) and you'll be also playing with real people connected through the internet, making it unpredictable and challenging.  

It's quite similar as to playing it in a real game, the only difference is you don't actually see your opponents face to face and you don't loose real money in the process.  But everything still applies, the strategies and the bluffs still plays a great role in determining your success in the game.  It's just easier to let go and play... and decision-makings are a lot faster since there's no real money involved.  So you can bet even $1 million but you won't still feel richer or poorer after all the cards on the table are revealed.

Also, the good thing about playing a poker game online is that you become familiar with the game's rules and you get free tips to help you win the game.  I suggest you try it first, so as to have a greater chance to win in a real game unless of course you just have a lot of money to waste.  Have a great game, guys and good luck.  Yahweh bless.

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  1. I'm not one for online games. Here various poker sites online run ads with malware and viruses so I don't recommend them. Hopefully it won't affect your computer from where you are! Cheers, Jenn