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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Security Blanket

The "baby" and the "dulo"
I just wondered how amazing it is for children to find their own security blanket in the most unlikely things.  Every time my daughter goes somewhere, seldom does she forget to bring this specific stuffed toy that she calls her baby.  Even when she was still small, I see comfort and she rests well when she has her "baby"  beside her.

Now guess what my son has for his... the tip of a particular old pillow.  He calls it as his "dulo"(means "tip" in English) .What he does is  rub the tip of the pillow with his palm until he falls asleep.  However, if he can't find his favorite pillow, especially when we are visiting their grandparents, he suits himself with any pillow with tip but with a bottle of milk... after a while he would already be asleep.

Showing with pride his fav tip... lol.

Each one of us might have something that makes us feel safe and comfortable when we were young or until now... I encountered a girl who brought a basketball in the hospital, I asked her mother what it's for, she told me its her security blanket.  Then, I asked the girl, what if you get married and your man don't want the ball, she told me, she'd rather lose the man... (lol).

I guess we  all had or still have our security blankets with us.  It can be of any form and it can change... when I was young (much younger than my age today... hahaha) ... I should have a blanket when I sleep and I want someone to be at my back... I felt secure that way.  But now, my security blanket are my children and my wife...  I feel comfortable and fulfilled being with them... maybe because I felt the love of our Almighty Father for giving me them.  Have a wonderful and safe day everyone.  Yahweh bless.


  1. My children have to bring each security blanket when visiting their Lola for vacations coz they can't sleep without it.

  2. It's funny how we find security in our things. I've been like that forever. Always wanting and needing to have my things surround me. Now, I just want to shed some of it because it feels like it is strangling me. Things are just things though and they don't take the place of love and friendship. Those are the best securities anyone can have. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I was also like your son way back when I was young but things may change.

    I remember on our lesson on theories of personality. It was part of the theory of Maslow Hierachy of Needs ~ no. 2 the safety and security stage.

    You're on blog roll daily list!

  4. I think my adult security 'blanket' is my own bed. I sleep wherever I am, but I always sleep better in my own bed. (sharing with my roomy, Sadie, the Bichon and Jake, the terrier.) Thank goodness we have a big bed! :)

  5. I have my only toy when I was young. It was a bunny toy. That's the childhood toy I remember. I didn't have expensive toys, but with it, I'm already happy. Hmmm.. I don't where that is now.. :)