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Saturday, October 8, 2011

My PMA Cadet Years (Fourth Class) - Incorporation Day... To Alfa Company

May 27, 1995 Incorporation Day!  The most awaited... we will again see our families... we were very busy for  some finishing touches in the morning... then the open house... it was the only time our families were allowed to go inside our rooms... I heard my mom asking for me, when I was already standing in-front of her... she didn't recognized me (lol)... I was so thin then and darker than I used to be.  Seeing my parents, brothers and even my lola Paña again, made my eyes watery, but being afraid to be indorsed helped me to manage my thoughts and emotions.

Then, we marched towards the Borromeo Field for the Incorporation Day parade.  This was the first time that we joined the whole Corps in the “pass in review” parade... where we were in formation separately from them... executing every command they execute prior to us, just to show them that we can perform the command as well as they do.  The significance of this event was after almost 2 months of training and indoctrination in the “Beast Barracks”, we were already accepted by the Cadet Corps of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, as their regular members... taking our places to our designated companies, wearing the same uniforms and joining the Corps in all their usual activities.

After the parade, we changed to our picnic uniforms and had a chance to spend time with our family and tour them to the place where even myself haven’t got a good look of. We had a great time exchanging warm conversations with our family while we ate at the picnic area.  We also had the privilege to be with our families outside PMA... our first time since we entered the academy.  My family stayed at Venus Hotel in Baguio City, after taking some rest, I immediately requested that we eat in Jollibee... you just don’t know how I missed eating their burger and French fries.  Then BTB... along with some boodles of course... haha.

As Alfa plebes, we were known for our
hair style... center cut (LOL)  
May 28 – Re-barracks to whichever of the 8 companies we were designated.  As for me, I belong to the “Alfa Company”.  We carried our things to the 4th floor of the Florendo Hall building... our company location... “rotting as hell”.  We finally met our first classmen, the PMA class of ’96... known being the last all men class... and we can see their eagerness in seeing us... new environment, new pressure.  But what really bugged me that day was seeing a lot of my “mistah” still entertaining their family... while my family was already on their way back to Manila as not to miss their flight.  Well that’s life, most families that were staying were only from Luzon or nearby area... still can’t help to wish being human as I am.
Company seal... Alfa Indians.

However, it was also a good thing, since we were so busy in preparing for our jump off to Fort Magsaysay on the next day... where we will be having our first Field Training Exercise (FTX)... and the details will be in my next post.  Yahweh bless. 

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  1. Respect is all yours, soldier! :) God bless!

  2. Ang kisig mo dito Sir :) Being a soldier is one of my long-time daydreams :)

    Iam Herbert of Filipino Blog

  3. Hahaha na-alala ko noong CAT pa. Noong High School naka-pusod ang buhok, napaka-shine ng sapatos, ang oily ng face at napa-smart ang dating. Hindi ko ma-take kaya sumali ako sa banda. Well done! Ralph it's a life-time achievement being a soldier. x

  4. Thanks for your nice comments, guys... but, as I emphasized in my previous posts... I wasn't able to finish my studies in PMA...

    I was once a cadet... but I never became a soldier. Yahweh bless.

  5. Great pics and story! Looking forward to more :)Katwin2010

  6. Bok, ikaw ba talaga yan?

  7. @katwin Thanks so much... you can count on it, I will as I move on with my cadet memoirs...

    @anonymous find out... haha... joke lang, bok. baka pwedeng paki pop-out ng last name mo bok? hehehe. thanks. Yahweh bless.