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Monday, October 17, 2011

Having A Touching Moment

Last Sunday, I had to wake up early to attend a parents' recollection as a requisite since my daughter will about to have her "First Communion".  Honestly, I was hesitant to attend it at first thinking it would just be reminding us parents as to the concerns of our child's activity... but I was wrong, the program was really intended for the parents.

The speaker stressed that seldom does the husband attend such activity, so a parent and I became the focus of attention for awhile... and I'm not really comfortable with that.  Then what I feared happened, I was called in front to share my concerns and personal experiences with my family... Now guys, I may express myself quite good in writing, but impromptu speaking... the worst.  But having not brought my escape shuttle nor perfected my disappearing magic (lol), I had to force myself to stand and I went in front.  Then I just shared the topic we parents were discussing before the start of the program (am I glad I was listening and having that conversation with them).  I told them, how concerned I am hearing about this kidnapping incidents in our place and worse, they take away the organs of their victims and sell them (though not confirmed but still very alarming)...  so, I asked them, to be extra cautious of their children.  If, this is really true, I personally condemn this soulless act and may Yahweh have mercy not only to the soul of these kidnappers but also to people who directly or indirectly participate in this malpractice.  And this does not exclude the family of the recipient of the organ... your family member might live, but to the expense of taking away somebody's life especially that of a beloved child... is but awful and unthinkable.  My only request, please verify the organ donor... There is NOTHING valuable than a child's life... even if what stature in life they are living... may they be street vendors, garbage collectors, beggars... YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TAKE AWAY THEIR LIVES... AND WHAT MADE YOU THINK YOU CAN PAY FOR IT.

My apologies, sometimes I just get carried away... I just can't help thinking that people would come up to such unthinkable ideas... I just hope and pray that this is just a pure hearsay.

To continue, there were a lot of significant learning and shared information during the duration of the half day activity.  But, what touched me the most, was the sharing of 2 grandmothers.  It was a parent recollection, then why were they there?  The first shared that she was the one already taking care of her 4 grandchildren, their parents were separated and already have their own lives.  She was teary when she told us, that though they (when her husband was still living) may give their children their love and care... still nothing can compare the shine they see in their grandchildren eyes seeing their parents together... so, she advised us to take good care of our marriages and told us how important having a complete and united family.

The second grandmother shared her disappointment to her daughter and the son of their family friend, when they broke her trust for an untimely pregnancy.  To her anger, she explicitly told her family, that they better get a babysitter, for never would she take care of the child.  But never did she expect, that as the child grow, the child would show her love and care... and even showed her concern like asking her if she was tired and volunteering to apply ointment an massage her back to relieve the pain.  She finally cried when she shared to us that she was told by her grandchild that if her mother would ever marry another man, the child would stay with her.  Never did she expect that her hatred for her grandchild would be vanished by the child's unconditional love for her.  And so, she told us in forgiving, you must also learn to forget and let go.

Then, as Christian Catholics, we were reminded of our faith and our obligation, to Yahweh... to our church... to our family... and to our fellowmen.  To become priests and communicate with Him regularly... To become kings and give help to our fellowmen especially those in need... And to become prophets and spread His words, teachings and good news.  They also told us the importance of the upcoming important event in our child's life... that is receiving Jesus as the bread of life for the first time... with them knowing the importance and significance of this holy sacrament to our faith.

A day I thought to be ordinary turned to be a fruitful and lesson-filled one.  Truly, He gives purpose to everything and He finds way to make us all spread His teachings... directly or indirectly... knowingly or unknowingly.  Then again, He reminds me that He has purpose to everything...  though we may sometimes do not understand, but only the Father knows what is BEST and Thy will be done.  That is my faith... Yahweh bless.


  1. Touching indeed. Well, there are instances that we never thought that would be intended for us.

  2. Very touching stories from the Grandma's in your group. And I would also be concerned about those kidnappers too. How awful anyone would consider doing that!! Cheers, Jenn.

  3. this ireally touching, thanks for sharing this sir :)

  4. This is very touching. It is also a great reminder to parents and grandparents how important our relationships with our children and grandchildren should be to us. How terrible about the kidnappings! I had heard a small bit about this a couple years ago. Anyone who would do such a thing is just horrible!

  5. Wow.. touching story form Grandma.. Unconditional love is the best.. Nothing beats it.. :)

  6. It's true what they say, lessons, or anything good, for that matter, don't come clothed as themselves but as something else altogether. Thanks for sharing this post!