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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Worthy Of An Olympic Gold

The 2012 Summer Olympics gold medal
In as much as we want our athletes to bring the very first gold in this year's Olympics for our country Philippines,  what we are asking might be a miracle.  In this 2012 Summer Olympics in London, only 11 Filipino athletes are competing for the games.  They were the only ones who qualified in their respective events.  So why is it that a gold is just miraculously possible for me?  Let me share to you my thoughts:

Based on priority and support.  Other countries allot enough budget in  the training, preparation and overall well being of their athletes.  Letting them compete and train internationally to gain needed experience.  Giving them world class facilities and coaches that aim not only to compete but  to be the best and break World or Olympic records.   We cannot just rely on the inborn talents of our athletes.  It must be polished and harnessed to be the best in the world.  But facing reality, given the problems we encounter in our country, world competition expenses is one of the last in our country's priority.

Based on quantity.  By observation, countries who trained and send a lot of athletes also have the most of those qualifying for the Olympics.  And almost all the time, they go home with the most gold and other medals.  But then again, doing so requires huge amount of resources and vast financial capability.

Based on ranking.  With all the experience, training and support athletes get especially from those countries aiming for the most gold medals, it's no coincidence that they ranked in the top 10 of their sport's category.  If a person can perform more; far more longer, faster, stronger and accurate then the medals are as good as theirs.  What we can rely on are games judged based on artistic performance, games where ranks fluctuates constantly and games where we are excelling nowadays (i.e. boxing).

Based on morale.  The greater the country supports their athletes, the greater is their morale.  The more players who win on their side, the more competitive their team becomes.  Though it's already an honor for our athletes to compete in this prestigious competition which made their spirits high, but still it'll take more than that to boost them in getting the highest honors.

Based on determination and perseverance.  Maybe these are the only traits we can rely and be proud of.  Lacking in most needed aspects, our athletes still managed to qualify to compete.  Due to our athletes' determination, they learned to improvise and use whatever resources available.  And they persevered to reach for the best, thus trying to make the impossible.  With these, I salute them.

I know that nothing is impossible, but only if we are doing something and putting substantial effort in order to achieve it.  A major improvement to our programs in sports is undeniably important since winning internationally will bring honor and recognition to our country.  But we are not as well-off as that of other nations, and we have problems far important which need  more of our resources in order to be resolved.  So, no one's really to blame.  It's just that I hope and pray  that someday, those having more than enough would support our promising athletes, providing them what they need in order to bring us our very first Olympic gold... just a wishful thinking.

So are we worthy to have an Olympic gold?  My answer is, people who prepared the best, trained the best, sacrificed a lot, push themselves to the limit and are very passionate that they give their all just to be the best in their games deserve the highest honor, the Olympic gold and nothing less.

Good luck to our Filipino athletes.  May our Heavenly Father bless you all with good health and safety in the duration of your events.  More than the gold, bring home the respect of your opponents and just do your best.  You guys already bring pride to our country.  To Yahweh be the glory.


  1. Our best shot is still boxing as its been a source of medals in the past. It's just a lot of difficult since we don't have much resources but hopefully, we can beat them when it comes to will and determination.

  2. Which reminds me that here in Thailand, they have schools only intended for sports. In this province where I stay now, the sports arena is very nice and is equipped with facilities needed for sporting events. I may not be right to compare but - it's just that if they can have these here why can't our country have them?

  3. There are lots talented athletes here in our country if they were given enough budget we could get what we aspire in Olympics. Eh sa Davraa or Palaro pa lang kinukurakot na eh, how can we achieve that goal?

  4. goodluck to our athletes! sad to say maliit lang budget ng government for our athletes, they can perform better sana if they have our complete support. haist. but still hoping they will perform good.

  5. Our athletes don't get what they deserve, primarily because of the short in budget. I still believe it is possible for them to score a gold medal. I just wish they get more support from the government.

  6. i totally agree... i think that's what lacks in this country... support for the athletes... the truth is there are plenty skilled Filipinos yet no one is backing them up... well i guess unless you are hot like those Azkals dude... which is both good and bad.. Good coz at least Filipinos and the government gives recognition but bad too, coz athletes should be supported not just of their looks but for their skills, most importantly

  7. It's really sad that our athletes get minimal support from the govt. That makes a lot of difference, because the other athletes already have the talent and the discipline, their advantage over ours is they can afford to train for most of their waking hours everyday, the whole year round, without worrying about dying of hunger.

  8. I do absolutely agree with you. With barely 11 best athletes the PH has and they're aiming to be on top of their games if miracles do happen. I understand in any competition especially in the higher sports competition like this Olympics, preparation is a must from practice, foods, and anything to bolster the athletes potentialities to excel. The only possibility which our athletes could win is by default. But that's amateur. Everyone playing here is professional so to speak.

  9. Agree! 11 is a very small number and chances of winning the gold is very very slim. I'm not being pessimistic though, it's just the sad truth that our national government give only a little support to our athletes.

  10. Perhaps I'm just really an optimist, but I still believe that miracles can still happen. Personally, now is not the time to criticize about what has not been done and should be done. Instead, we can give them all the support that they deserve from each and every Filipino that they are representing in the Olympic games as we speak. Even if they don't win any medals, we should still treat them as though they have. God only knows what they have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice just to be there right now and represent our country in whatever sport they participate.

  11. I am hoping for the best to our athletes who are competing in the Olympics. Even before the financial support has been an issue with our Filipino athletes. Good thing that our athletes are well-determined and courageous to compete.