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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

In Memory Of The Founder Of A Great Corporation

Last Saturday, I heard the sad news that Don Antonio Floirendo Sr. already passed away.  He left Friday night of June 29.  A man of his character wouldn't want us to focus on his death but to the greatness of his deeds.  A long journey of trial and errors, ups and downs, improvements, crucial decisions and heart and passion for work not only to help people land a job but most importantly, to be their mentor on how to achieve with excellence... which he did, until the 96th year of his life.

He had made landmarks in Davao and nearby cities.  As a child, I usually passed by a building on my way to school, displaying automotive.  For a long time, I thought the place or street was named DAMOSA, as how everyone would tell the jeepney when stopping at the area, "Nong, lugar lang sa may Damosa" (sir, please stop at Damosa).  Later, I discovered that it was the building's name and an acronym for Davao Motors Sales.  Now it serves as a home to its affiliate's offices and other known companies and businesses.

His other known companies in Davao are: TADECO, Pearl Farm, DAVCO, Pitrade, Nestfarms and Nenita Farms, Unifinance, DAPACOR, Pantrucks and Anflocor.  

With all these companies rely a great number of families.  Providing them their hard-earned salaries, enough to give them a decent life.  He and his family are truly a blessing to Dabawenyos.  They give their employees what is due them, all the benefits and even bonuses.  They are not selfish in sharing their blessings to their employees.  That's maybe why, they continue to receive lots of it from the Almighty Father.

I bet, most people would say, that he touched and helped a lot of lives, one way or another.  He gave people a comfortable way of life, by giving them work.  Or luxury maybe, by opening Davao to other businesses and bringing them here, like the just recently opened Abreeza. Not to mention the many least fortunate families he had helped in his charities and foundations. His toughness as a leader is undeniably compensated by his kind heart making him gain everybody's respect.

We didn't just lose someone but he will forever be remembered as a great man, a strong leader, a good mentor, and a kind person who helped a lot of people during his lifetime. Thank you sir and may you rest in peace, sir.  Yahweh bless.


  1. Wow, he owns Pearl Farm. I was able to visit that place. It's a nice place. From the many business he establish, he was able to generate employment in Davao. Truly a pillar of a good corporation.

  2. Hope the corporation still prosper and give better lives to their manpowers.

  3. maybe a truly great person indeed...hope he touched many lives

  4. He will always be remembered. He left his landmarks, and wow so many companies, he gave employment to so many people.

  5. Condolences to his family... I've also heard about his name since I have cousins in Davao and I visit them twice a year. May he rest in peace... Btw, I was able to visit one of his farms too. :)

  6. Kudos to him. Thanks for his legacy.

  7. people like Mr. Floirendo is an inspiration to all of us... he is a legacy... I hope his family can continue and maintain what he has started...