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Thursday, February 2, 2012

My PMA Cadet Years (Fourth Class) - December Affairs

December started with a “fatigue duty for the Barrio Fiesta” the following day.  We were there to collect native materials to decorate our booth for the said activity.  The Barrio was the site in PMA where we had our summer camp (beast barracks).  It was also where the barracks of Golf (Ramos Hall) and Hawk (Mayo Hall) companies were located.  It’s quite far from the center of PMA, might be the reason how it came up to its name.

Barrio Fiesta December 2, ’95 – We had a day full packed with activities.  It was the only day, we were allowed and required to wear our civilian clothes inside PMA.  We wore our jeans, t-shirt and rubber shoes again.  It was just kind of funny to see how fellow cadets looked without their usual uniforms.  We surely had fun that day... we had games which even included our officers... and later we’ve gone inviting for another hop.  I wasn't able to escort our drags (dates) after the hop since I had to post sentinel that midnight and it was a blessing in disguise since we also had to wake up 0400H for a fatigue duty... However, during our religious service, I was dozing like hell, couldn't help it. (LOL).

Scabies Outbreak -  With a roommate, we were confined for 1 and a half week in PMA station hospital for this tiny pests.  This was my second time to be confined with an upcoming parade held outside Baguio City, you just can imagine how low morale I was.  Good thing we were discharged just in time to make up for the drills we missed, and made the list for cadets going to Manila.

100th Nite Show (December 15, ’95) - Another annual tradition of the academy, were cadets displayed their talents in stage performance and posted as the characters that made up a Christmas belen.  Also, it marked the countdown for the remaining days of the first class as cadets.  That year, it was spearheaded by the Mabikas class ’96, as the graduating class.  The play, Isang Paghamon (A Challenge), was about a young lieutenant making his mark to his chosen profession by doing what's best for the many rather than that of his own.  Very ideal but with this sparks the hope for our nation's future.

The day after, we had an entrucking to Manila for the AFP anniversary parade.  I remembered we even passed by the portion of Pampanga damaged by lahar, it was vast.  Upon arrival, we took some time to fix our things, rest for a while, then a corps drill.  After the drill, we were then given privilege to roam around the city.  I decided to go with a  squad mate to his aunt in Pasig to spend the night.  The following day, I saw this awful sight, people were actually throwing their garbage in the river.  Our problem with nature and it's calamities are actually interconnected with the pollution we made throughout the centuries.  And we are just too lazy to take responsibility and practice discipline in ourselves.  I guess later on, if we continue with our destructive nature,  we'll know we still are the loser in the end. 

Getting back, we had done a lot of things that we're restrained as plebes, like going to the malls to watch a movie and getting to wear our watches.  You see, plebes were not allowed to wear any accessories, we kept track of our time though our issued alarm clock.  After the parade, we were also given an overnight privilege before we return to Baguio City.  Spent it drinking a couple of cases of beer together with some mistah.  No amount, I nearly endorsed myself in trouble to an upperclassman by returning to our billeting area still drunk.  Lucky for me, I wasn't punished, can't remember though who it was.  No wonder I still had a hangover even upon reaching PMA (LOL).

Upon arrival at the academy, we were again the Kings of Barrackssince our upperclassmen already had their Christmas vacation after the parade.  More, I was told that my family will be visiting me to spend Christmas with me, and that's a very good thing since 4th class cadets, being the least in rank, were required to stay in the academy to perform the needed responsibilities in the corps during holidays like this.  So, I went on a privilege and spent time with my family roaming around Baguio City and having a simple celebration for Christmas day... just glad to see them.

Then came the Superintendent's Reception Hop on the 28th of December.  Got no problem finding a drag, since days before it, I told my parents about the said activity and suggested me to invite a daughter of their friend, which I did.  It's actually perfect, since I really had no time to go on inviting busy being with my family and honestly, I didn't have anyone in mind that day (hahaha).  They saved me from the firing squad.

Oops mistah, formation in athletic uniform...
I wonder why?  Well, it's December anyway... hahaha.
There was just a lot of good things going on during December, lots of fun activities, occasions and holidays, even for cadets.  Indeed the Christmas spirit was intoxicating and everyone was already in the holiday and vacation mode, that's maybe why the upperclassmen wasn't that toxic or very strict anymore.  In fact, they were already becoming more friendly and accommodating... just not like the usual them hahaha.  Well, that helped a lot especially a lot of cadets will be missing their family for the season.  I just am thankful to the Lord, I was lucky to have my family with me. Yahweh bless.


  1. Siguro ang hirap ng training diyan sa PMA. Yung ngang officers training sa CAT at ROTC paiyakan na lalo na siguro diyan.

  2. Cadets are really a disciplined lot, no? Seeing those pine trees made me remember that mall's move to cut them, argh, sorry.

  3. Ahh, interesting glimpse of PMA life.

  4. I don't think I can ever be with someone na cadet, soldier, or police. I'd be too worried na everyday, he might not come back to me na.

  5. Wow.. Baguio. Pumunta kami ng Baguio last November lang. SYempre, hindi pwedeng mawala sa itinerary ang PMA.

    Picture-picture dun.. naging pasaway pa ako, nagpapicture malapit sa plane, sa loob pa tlaga ng lubid. haha.. Sinita tuloy ng plain-clothes officer. LOL..

    So you're a PMA graduate pala. Galing naman! :)

  6. when i was still an expat in malaysia, i hate december... it's just unbearable to be away from your loveones on xmas holidays.. our celebration here in the Philippines is uncomparable!! the best! ;)

  7. I love old photos! Napaka-meorable.

  8. Cool. That was an old memory you are sharing. Funny on how your parents ask you to invite the daughter of their friend to come with you on the event. Very Filipino. :)

  9. Wow! A PMAer, a RIDER, a BLOGGER...How cool is that!!!

    Been to the PMA camp once and had experienced watching PMA Cadets in their marching routines. Oh boy, they were just the most synchronized group of people I've seen and the way they walk and talk --- awesome! They were like living mannequins - so straight and stiff.

  10. Those days your still single and young you can enjoy yourself as you like, but if you're on the training your limited to see your love ones. If you dream to be a soldier you must understand the consequences of your chosen career. That is called sacrifice. x

  11. .. what a memorable adventure!!! nice to meet a PMAer! galing!

  12. It's really nice sharing the good old days, sir.