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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Best Things In Life Are Free

Indeed, never spent a single cent for any of them!  May it be a blessing in disguise or a fruit of hard work and dedication or a reward for the patience and faith or simply, a kindness from our Lord...  let me just share some of  the recent freebies in life my family received from our Almighty Father in which we are much thankful about:

Newly painted motorcycle.  My motorcycle incurred minor damages during an accident I had riding it.  Most of it's plastics were scratched including it's tank.  Good thing, all cost of damages were covered by our insurance.  It was restored and painted, giving it a brand new look.  But with all the pain and bruises I had, really it's okay if I have an old looking bike.  Still, I believe, that the accident was meant to happen for a reason...

New kids and a calf.  Yes, I'm proud to have 2 new kids and they're not from my wife... but from one of our goats (gotcha!!!) he he he.  Double the joy, my cow also gave birth to a bouncy black calf.  And please don't ask me who the fathers were, I'm not into complicated love affairs... LOL!

Breaking the 100,000 barrier.  With 1 as the highest, my blog's current global rank in Alexa is now below a hundred thousand.  I'm just proud that it accomplished much.  But it wouldn't reach such heights if not for all my friends and visitors who never get tired reading my posts.  Most especially to my avid fan... my wife... thanks for all the help.  And to Yahweh, for nothing will be possible if not for Him.

Free Immunization.  As our baby turned 4 months he's expected to have his costly but needed shots.  Good thing my wife heard of their hospital's offer for free immunization and priority to their employees.  The extra savings really helped a lot in our day to day expenses.  But more importantly, our child complied with his shot requirement.  Good health is still the best way to cut cost... and it's a blessing.

Kids having good grades.  School year is about to end in our country, and there goes the test papers and school cards.  We were just proud of our kids doing well in their academics.  Seeing them improving, learning new things and getting good grades is already enough, but getting some honors and recognition or topping their class... well, that will be more than what we bargained for.  Either way, we will always be proud of them.

Current priority date.  The long wait is over.  As we were expecting, the priority date for our application is already current.  There's still a lot to do and more or less, months to wait... but it's a good start.  This great news might be free of charge, but for the rest, hahaha... good luck to us. 

I still got a lot more... got one of the coolest job, wonderful and loving family, friends, health, etc... but I have to stop somewhere or this list can go on and on.  In the first place, everything good or not so good in life are all blessings.  We may fail to recognize some of them right away because we might be too overwhelmed of the problems and busyness of life.  But amidst all the troubles we've been through, still give thanks.  Let us not forget that everything is already planned.  We just got to have faith in Him.  Yahweh bless.


  1. There are a lot of perks in life if you know how to grab opportunities and secure yourself from eventualities.

  2. True, Being free is very good but there should always be precautions and limitation over it.

  3. very nice! best thingsi n life are free indeed. I have close frends who's on top of business managing their own and everything as in things you wanted, surely they have. But because they have tons of money, they dont have wife and dont even know who's their rela friends. Love seeing those cows! xx

  4. Indeed good things in life are free and it feels great having so much to thank the Lord for. God is good all the time =)

  5. What a blessings you have had. Continue or nurture your faith in Him above and I know for sure He will be giving you more blessings for free because of your being faithful, true believer of Him. God bless!

  6. Very nice you are counting blessings and that is very important. Good thing that damages where covered by your insurance caused by the motorcycle accident.

  7. you've a blessed family and hurray for trunk locker! more power to your blog!

  8. Yes, the best things in life are free and everything we received in our life is blessings from our God Almighty.