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Monday, January 28, 2013

2nd Year Of Trunk Locking

My new vocabulary, "trunk locking" which means enjoyably blogging using my Trunk Locker... hahaha. Time really flies, my blog is already in it's 2nd year.  As everyone would I think agree, that it's never a hassle once you're passionate in what you're doing.

I'm proud to give an update of what my Trunk Locker had accomplished and achieved more:
  • This is the 245th post of my blog.  I already wrote that much articles and I'm still planning to write more.  What to write about?  Well, our experiences never stops, right?  As long as my family, my life, gives me inspirations, then there's just a lot of things to share with you.  I just hope blogger can accommodate it.  hehehe.
  • I have 479 and 606 friends in Google Friend Connect and Networkedblogs, respectively.  Again and again, thank you so much for following my blog guys, I'm not sure why you are following my blog... just kidding... but hey, I'm truly honored and humbled.  Just to show you how much I truly appreciate it, I'll give each one $100 each... LOL.  Kidding aside, thank you.
  • Currently, I have a Google page rank of 3 and an Alexa rank of 100,543.  I would never gone this far if not for you guys, who never get tired of visiting my blog and reading my posts.  And most especially to my wife, who never runs out of strength to edit my post, even how tired she was after her shifts.  I share these achievements to all.
  • Trunk Locker has 3 blogging awards. Wooh, not from a recognized award giving body, but heartily given by fellow bloggers and it is as well deeply appreciated.  Formal awards are for those who worked full time and dedicated in building their blog's name and reputation... but I'm not closing the doors for Trunk Locker, maybe someday (LOL)... there's nothing wrong to dream, right?
  • My Adsense earnings is already $36.63, it gained $6.03 compared to last year. Wow, that's huge... hahaha.  Well, I just enjoyed seeing the advertisement in my blog, it felt more like it's worth something.
  • Received a couple of paid posts offers from various review sites.
  • Right now, I have a total pageviews of 136,933.  Again, not that much, but appreciate each one of them.  The only thing is, I've got more viewers from the United States than in my own country.  Hey guys, what's happening, where's our motto of "loving our own", hahaha... I guess the only way to explain it is population and landmass.
  •  Still, if one search "trunk locker" or "trunklocker" in Google... I'm proud to say, my blog's still tops the list.  It may not be 1st in Yahoo, but at least, it's still in the first page... yes!!!
I'm humbled with all the good things my blog accomplished throughout the years.  I will continue to stick to the principles which I started my blog from, to give valuable information, share my learnings and experiences in life and always give due praise to our Lord for all the blessings I received and will be receiving.  Writing is really easy when you are inspired and supported, it makes your thoughts overflow with ideas.  For this I will never get tired to thank the people responsible for it, my family... my life... love you guys.  To my blog friends, readers or visitors, my never ending gratitude.  And to our Almighty Father, may He always be my guide so that I may glorify His name with every post I make.   Happy 2nd anniversary to my Trunk Locker.  Yahweh bless.


  1. Wow you have achieved so much in writing posts to continue this blog. :) Congrats on your second year. But I'm still wondering... why the name "Trunk Locking"? Before I used to glance at it and recall "Truck Loading." Haha. (Too much warehouse management concepts in my mind, pardon.)

  2. congratualtion to another year of pure blessings in blogging sir!! This is my second year as wel lets just stay humble and have pure heart! god will do the rest! xx

  3. Congrats on your second year blogging and it's good that you are also earning.

  4. Congratulations on your 2nd year. Continue to write good articles.

  5. Wow nice post, congrats to your 2nd Year Of Trunk Locking!

  6. yay! congrats on your 2nd year of blogging :-) wish you more income to come and write beautiful article :-)