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Monday, March 14, 2011

Disaster in Japan, Don't Worsen It

I received a forwarded text message informing the 4:30 pm Fukumi nuclear power plant blast.  It was suggesting that we take necessary precaution of the possible effect of radiation brought by the winds coming from Japan.

Guys, this is a hoax.  We should not believe something especially if the source isn’t reliable.  This is just made up by people who cannot do anything with their lives.  The only beneficiaries of this are the cell phone network providers.

Foremost, there is no such thing as Fukumi nuclear plant, however there are the Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant, Fukushima-I, Fukushima-II and Tōkai nuclear power stations near the epicenter of the earthquake last March 11, 2011.  Yes there were blasts from Fukushima-I nuclear plant but even Japan only have a 20 kilometer evacuation radius from the blast site.  The Philippines is more or less 2,900 kilometers from Japan.  So there’s no reason to panic.

And please if you received the text message, don’t spread it and might as well tell the person who passed it to you that it wasn’t true.  In times of crisis, we Filipinos must learn from the Japanese... they were bombarded with calamities... first was the earthquake, then the tsunami and now the impending danger of radiation exposure due to damaged nuclear power plant... but they remained calm... they remained disciplined.  It was said in the news that they were waiting in line for their turn to receive relief goods and there were no reported robbing in shops and grocery stores.  All praises to them.

Instead of creating speculations and spreading rumors that would create a greater damage, we might as well offer a prayer for the fast recovery of the affected areas in Japan and peace in the Middle East.... May God give them the strength to stand up amidst the crisis they are facing right now and bless them with wisdom to rebuild their shattered countries.

For our Filipino brothers, friends, relatives and family currently in these countries... May God provide you what you needed most and keep you safe always... Our prayers are with you, guys... keep your faith in Him.


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