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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Working on Labor Day

It's holiday and it's Sunday and I'm working... hard labor... literally.  It's a good thing though, I really need to divert my longings and do something productive.  I'm landscaping a small vacant space in our house to make a garden... I already bought white stones, bricks, garden soil, and some plants... the rest of the materials were from what can be found in our house.  Arranging the bricks, stones, wood and plants was the easy part... filling the area with soil is a whole different story.  I had to dig up soil from our backyard and bring it in the spot using 2 buckets... with one having no handle (guess I'm just quite short of options).  So I had to dig in the dry topsoil in our backyard and carry it up to our front yard... keep repeating the process for at least 15 times... you just don't know how glad I am that I'm done... haha...

These are my paints...
And this is my canvass... still in progress.

We are so blessed as a country... our soil here is very rich and fertile.  Grasses and plants grow all year round... if you throw a seed in the soil, it'll just grow.  I hope Filipinos would appreciate this blessing  from God and take care of our natural resources... Our topsoil might be thick but if we constantly abuse it... we might lose it's fertility someday.  Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is I won't have any problem with growing the plants then... however, I still have to choose the right plants and work on the walls... I'm still halfway in completing the project... long way to go.  I'll post the picture here when I'm done... God bless.


  1. it is true what you have said about planting in Philippine soil. unfortunately, a ot of people stopped toiling the soil. more and more young people choose another road.

  2. I agree, I guess people just don't appreciate what they already have. Farmers in our country belong to the low income earners unlike in other countries... that's why many of our young ones choose to study other professions that could find a greener pasture, preferably in other countries, even if they risk their lives. thanks for the thought al bjornstad. God bless.