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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Money in Trading Online

I remember my office mates  before, they were talking about their stock accounts in the stock market.  During that time, they kept on complaining of having a hard time in keeping track of their stocks' market value, since they had to communicate with their broker using landlines.  I even heard one of them telling he's willing to sell all his stocks even if it was way below its purchased price just to return even a partial of his investment.  Hearing this back then, made me think how hard it was to invest in stocks.

But based on my readings, stock investment is just "buying stocks at low cost and selling them when its market value goes up".  Sounds easy but trading and investing in stocks do have it's risks because the stock's market value is very dynamic, thus unpredictable.  However, you'll minimize it if you just know  the "HOWs".  And the internet has made all the answers easy, convenient and accessible to all of us.

Now, you can easily open a stock account online.  But remember you must first be knowledgeable about the stock market before engaging.  You're not entering something unprepared, right?  Online stock account lets you do the common stuff like selling and buying stocks with the advantage of real-time monitoring of the stock's market value and potential stock history.

When investing online, one must also assess the risk of not having an online brokerage that can provide professional advices and offer their expertise in completing the necessary legal paper works and needed transactions to complete the deal between the buyer and the seller. Choosing a reputable internet brokerage gives the investor an advantage and convenience of having a trading platform that acts as a hub for buying and selling stocks, monitoring and tracking tools, real time streaming quotes and stocks' news releases, as well as other necessary tools for trade profitability.  It is definitely a must have and there's no need to worry, brokerage firms protect their clients and themselves from unlawful and erroneous transactions so as not to affect their operating license.

Moreover for starters, in researching for investment, we still have to filter our readings.  Thus, not believing in everything  the internet or social websites say.  Always turn to unbiased sources such as your government online (if any) Securities and Exchange Commission and securities regulator or securities industry  self regulatory commissions to avoid investment frauds.  Basic rule, there's no fraud if you don't give them even the tiniest opportunity.  God bless. 


  1. hi ralph.. i traded in the local stock market for 15 years and barely make any..
    there were too many speculations, and the economic fundamentals always affect market sentiments and bring the prices down :)

  2. thanks for the nice comments, guys... love to hear and learn more from you "cooking varieties"... God bless.

  3. Nice blog. hope will learn me how to trade in forex and make some money :P

  4. I am not really good in trading especially online but your post gives me a good insight.keep it up!thank you.

  5. investing in real world is indeed very different from the things you learn in books. nice blog.