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Friday, May 27, 2011


Bugsy, smile:)
He’s our Rottweiler dog in Gensan.  Every time I see Bugsy, I always remember the time when my wife was still staying in Gensan during her pregnancy with my daughter.  I always travelled during the weekends just to see them but always hesitant to go inside my in-laws gate since they let this medium size dog (Bugsy as a puppy) freely roamed around the house.  They say Rottweilers are good-natured and well mannered dog but they’re appearance is pretty much intimidating.  They are black (mostly), with firm and strong body and they have a big head... which I assume they have big brains and large jaws... meaning; they are intelligent and can bite big (LOL).  There’s nothing wrong of being anticipative and playing safe, right?... haha.  Anyway, at first I was hesitant to go near him because he’s too playful back then and I don’t have the slightest idea what’s in his mind... and one thing more, I always got this mixture of saliva and mud from him... even now.  But overall, Bugsy is a very nice dog, he protects the house from stranger (not because he attacks them, but it’s in his looks and the way he barks... though he seldom barks), very obedient, playful and friendly.
A pose or two...
Even if I wanted to have a Rottweiler at home, I don’t think I can maintain one.  They eat a lot (where do you think they get to maintain their body built).  If I’ll have one, it will probably become a Rottweiler with a built of a Doberman... or worst a size of a Chihuahua... haha.
Just enjoying the company...

I always believe that dogs or any other pets are good companions.  As they take care and amuse us in any way, they also need our protection and care.  You should only have pets if you are responsible enough and capable to have them.  Otherwise, let them go or give them to the proper authority or not to have them at all.  This will give them a chance to have a life that suites them most.  Yahweh bless us all.


  1. i think they can be sweet but they really intimidate me, especially the big ones.. if it's as big as a chihuahua or shi tzu, no worries.. but bigger than those, which means bigger jaw and bigger bite..nope.. lol..
    im not scared of rats,cockroaches,snakes etc, but dogs, kinda.. lol..

  2. @cherrey... i agree with you ;) i only go near the dogs whom i know knows me... just be careful, smaller dogs are more agressive maybe because they are insecure with their size... hahaha.

    @jyoti... you think so? thanks... he is so sweet... he even sometimes hug and lick (kiss) us but often we don't want him to do that... coz when he hugs you, you need to be able to carry most of his weight and when he licks you, you must be ready to endure the slimy mixture of dirt and

  3. i totally agree with you... I think having a dog (no matter how large or small the breed is) you should be prepared of all the responsibility that comes with it. For me, I always see to it that I have extra cash for my dogs.. (emergency vet visits, walks, dog food, chew toys, leash and collar, powder, shampoo, soap and so many more!)

  4. It's good to have pets and since dogs are man's best friend, they should be treated as such and they'll reward you with loyalty.

  5. I am scared of this breed. Probably because of all the news/videos I saw from the US that showed how vicious they can be. But I still believe the upbringing is an essential factor on how a dog behaves. Kami naman, we have pit bulls. People think of them as killers, but I see ours as sweethearts. Haha.

  6. You're right most of the dogs are "good companions." They're the man's best friends. Have seen the movie, "Balto"? It's a touchy movie on how the dog saved the community from epidemic. It's a tragic dog movie.

  7. awww I want a dog too! Been wanting one but I'm not sure if I'm responsible enough to take care of one since I'm only at home at night and sundays and I live alone. ;( but would really love to have one soon..

  8. Dogs really are a man's bestfriend. That is something I believe is true. :)

  9. aww, cute! i love dogs. medyo nakakatakot lang ung breed ng rottweiler, especially when it comes to people they don't know.