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Friday, May 13, 2011

Just Another Famous Boy Fever

I just can’t help myself not to write about the incident that recently happened at NAIA I've seen in the local news.  I’m not really fascinated with show business... but this is different... it's a foul move.  It was an encounter between a Filipino airport employee asking this Canadian pop singer to autograph  his CD.  This singer tapped the CD to the floor,  called the man stupid and walked away like nothing happened.

First and foremost, let me tell you something about us Filipinos... we are very accommodating and hospitable to our visitors, we cook our best recipe for them... offer our nicest things for their use and even giving them our own room for their stay... and what we only expect from them is to show us the GRATITUDE and RESPECT.  We are also very sentimental people and we often take the side of those who are oppressed or those who are underdogs.  So you see, it doesn’t really matter to us how good or famous a person is, as long as he did something ungrateful or uncalled for to another person, especially if that “another person” is our own, definitely you will lose a lot of followers from us.  You are lucky by the way; you’re not born in the Marcos’ regime, because if you were, being banned from our country will be the least that you’ll expect because you might have suffered the same fate as that of the very famous band would have had a concert in Manila in 1966.  We also have high respect to a person’s privacy and we value it.  Seldom do we have paparazzi here unlike in other places... and we seldom have incidents of people harassing artists especially if they are off-stage.  And most of all, I believe we are one of those having the highest percentage of educated and degree holder in the world.  So don’t call someone stupid, because you don’t know the educational attainment of that person.  Most of us earned our college degree even our masters’ but have to settle for a job unlikely to what we had finished or attained due to the lack of job opportunity.  So please before saying or doing something rude... stand first in front of the mirror and say it... does it feel cool?... or will it feel right?

Our men here don’t really show that much affection towards artists or famous personalities.  We tend to keep it to ourselves as not to gain a different impression from others.  Hence, the person that was asking an autograph from you was actually a father who was doing her daughter a very big favor.  I just can’t think of the humiliation he had felt that time.  And I can’t blame his daughter if she’s getting sympathy in the net for what had happened to his father.  Man, I don’t know... I’m trying to be as modest as possible... but I guess, with what you have done, you don’t just lose one fan, to inform you we may also consist of a large portion of the viewers in the net and well-known social sites.

I hope you’d change, you’re still young... please remember you are there because of your avid fans... and they’re the reason for the things you’re enjoying today.  I’m sure you’ve heard of stars rising and eventually falling from star dome... and that is true to everyone with no exception... but what people will always remember from you is the person that you become... With high hopes.  God bless.


  1. Yeah, I really agree on your point sir.We Filipino are trained with respect and hospitality to any one especially to our visitors.

    Kung pangod nga or may sakit si JB why not sabihin nyang"sorry I hate to go now,please can we do it next time?"hahahah...:)

    I personally don't like him noon pa man.

  2. It shows that you have different ideas about the things that is happening around you.Its good.Also a good post.Smart writing.

  3. Some ppl r jst lost in their own fantasy so much tht they frgt to sense the reality