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Monday, May 23, 2011

Double Celebration

Solemn house blessing held at the porch...
Yesterday, we celebrated two memorable events, the blessing of my in-laws’ house in Gensan and the birthday of my sister-in-law.  Headed by a pastor, we followed a step by step ceremony for the blessing of each part of the house.  It was a simple yet thorough house blessing; I could say that every part of the house was offered with a prayer, each area with a unique prayer for its use.  The ceremony ended with an open house, the guests freely roamed around the house. . I heard nothing but praises from all the guests as they check out every detail of the living room, kitchen, dining area, bedrooms and comfort rooms.  All these praises were later directed to the one who conceptualized the house, the birthday girl herself.  My sister-in-law is an interior designer and a well-known pocketbook writer.  She had designed some of the renowned establishments both in Davao and Gensan.  She is also behind the famous love stories and series in the Love Match publishing.

After the open house, we proceeded to Paseo del Sol for the reception.  The owners of the restaurant are a long time family friend of the celebrator.  Each time they have a celebration, our family was always invited.  They were giving this reception as a token and gift to my sister-in-law.  It was an enjoyable night... overflowing foods and drinks, games, slideshow of pics for the celebrator, dancing in the 80’s hits and latest music.

Wifey with Love Match's Kat Madrid and Eve Montelibano.
And in a rare occasion, we had the chance to take some pics with two of Love Match’s famous writers, Eve Montelibano and Kat Madrid.  We had been introduced to my sister-in-law’s friend, knowing their names but not their pen names, so as soon as my wife knew that it was the writer of one of her favorite book, she did not waste any opportunity.

Grabbing the chance...
Though we still wanted to enjoy the occasion, we went home early to give the kids a good rest and to prepare for our  travel back to Davao.  It was a good week of summer fun... It’s been years since the last time enjoyed this stuff, way back when I was still studying.  Maybe that’s the reason why I really had the time of my life 'coz you only cherish things when you seldom experience them... THANK YOU LORD FOR EVERYTHING, ALL PRAISES AND GLORY TO YOU ALWAYS... God bless.


  1. your celebration vibes are reflecting in your post. It looks like you had loads of fun..
    Enjoyy !!

  2. thank you jyoti... we surely did enjoy the party... Yahweh bless you.