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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Caught Unprepared for the Summer Outing

Last Saturday, I was confident in thinking its a normal working routine day.  Upon finishing logging in to our biometrics, I scanned the items posted in the bulletin board (which I  seldom do, having myself in the field most of the time).  I was reading this memo issued by our HR concerning the employees summer outing... and guess what... the date of the outing is on May 28, 2011 and the time of departure is 6:00 am.  The outing was scheduled at that very day.  No wonder there were just a couple of employees in the company vicinity... and I thought I was just early.  Not having that much options, I called my colleague and asked him if they were already in Samal... thank Yahweh, I was so blessed that they were still waiting for the food to arrive.  He then asked me to go directly to the departure area, so I was not able to changed to a more suitable attire or at least brought some swimming stuff.

Proud to belong to green team...
As we arrived in Playa Azalea, a private residential resort owned by our company, the parlor games started immediately after eating our merienda to be able to catch up with the program.  Yahweh again blessed us by making it possible for me to enjoy the games (most of the time cheering... lol) and the pool.  Good thing an office mate brought with him an extra shorts and let me borrow it.
Beauties and gorgeous smiles by the pool (way

It was astonishingly a great day.  Our group won first place overall and I got to enjoy swimming in the pool under the cloudy skies.  It's really amazing how Yahweh makes everything well even in the most unexpected situation... to Yahweh be the glory.
Enjoying a dip in the pool with an excellent weather


  1. hahaha...Salamat naman at nkahabol pa kayo sir. Anyway happy trip. I stay here in Davao but I haven't there in Samal ever since.


  2. oo nga eh... mabait talaga si Yahweh. You should visit Samal... like my wife always tells me, "isang beses lang tayo mabubuhay sa mundo"... so make the most out of it... pero yung mabuti lang na di ikasasama ng iba :)

    seen your blog... nice to know you're a great help to others... keep it up. Yahweh bless.