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Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Day of Celebrations

A lot of momentous happenings today call for a celebration and thanksgiving.  First and foremost, it's the day of all the moms in the world.  Let us make this day special for all of them by showing them how much we appreciate them in our lives and how important and dear they are to us. We can make them feel this way by showing them that we love them even in our own little ways.  A simple thank you will do but you may want to treat them also with something nice, like doing something for them, perhaps cooking for them or cleaning the house.  Or if you can afford, surprise them with a vacation spree or a nice relaxing spa, but if you can't, flowers will always bring a smile in their faces, especially if it comes with words of endearment.

My loving wife with my son...
To all my mom friends and loved ones, especially to my mom and to my beloved wife, I salute you all... for carrying us for 9 months in your wombs... for accepting whatever we look like the day we were born... for nursing us and providing our needs... for helping in molding us to what we are today... for all your sacrifices and giving almost all of yourself... for all of these, please accept our deepest appreciation and thanks.  I hope and pray that in this day, God will provide you what you need most... and may your day be filled with what your heart’s desire. 

Secondly, Hon. Representative Manny Pacquiao again made his nation proud by winning an impressive unanimous decision against his opponent Sugar Shane Mosley.  Almost all rounds favored Pacquiao, knocking down Mosley on the 3rd round and even the round when the referee called for a standing count knockdown to Pacquiao.  I really didn't get it though why the referee did that.  Looking at the replay, Mosley had accidentally stepped on Manny's foot and it's actually more of a push than a punch.  Well, he still won fair and square and he never forgot to pray to give thanks to God... I think that's what mattered most.  Congratulations to the Pacman, you never stop to impress us... but I guess we must also give due recognition to his Nanay Dionisia for making it possible for Manny to be the champion that he is today.

Pacquiao directed by the referee to go to his corner after
knocking down Mosley on the 3rd round
To all mothers... May God continue to bless you with the strength and wisdom you need to help mold the future pride and champions of our country.


  1. I am 72 years old and I can attest to the value of a Mother. I have never forgotten mine. I don't think anyone every forgets their Mom.I am so glad that we have this special day where we can show our Moms respect, love and appreciation in a special way. Of course, we should make every day "Mothers" Day for that wonderful woman in our lives. My Mom has been gone for a long time now, but her memory never fades and never shall. I was going to put a link to my blog in this space, but, on reflection, I find that would not be appropriate at this time and in this place.

  2. Hi sir,you have a good write ups. I have found your blog from my friends FB account-William and he refers me to you...:)

    I am following you right now thru GFC and NWB.

    I have my blog, if you are interested just drop by too!

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts... and for the flattering remark... I truly appreciate it. God bless.