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Sunday, May 15, 2011

When Forgetting Is Much Better

Today, we had a good time in a nearby beach resort.  For just 120 pesos per person, you already have a free boat ride back and forth the resort (since it is located at the Island Garden City of Samal and we're in Davao City) and also inclusive of use of all their amenities except for their pool with the gigantic slides and  zip lines... And yes their white beach is free and for those who can't live without the net... they have free WIFI zone. We just regret it because we had to leave early for General Santos City so as not to arrive late. Besides I already accomplished what I wanted to do there... to get a bucket of white sand for my landscaping project in our small garden.  I asked my family to bring some more... however they forget since they told me they we're all in a hurry.  We'll that's okay, guess, just have to do it some other time then...

Taking time for a nice pic...

The shortcut... just kidding (LOL)
Preparing for the zip? Nope just for the pose...
That's my mom... no fear challenge conqueror.
So  up we went to Gensan, while on bus, I asked my wife if we can bet for fun (no money  Our ticket cost P480.00, having no exact amount I gave the ticket in-charge(kunduktor) a 500 peso bill.  And he told me to just wait since he also didn't have any change... he got my ticket, put a note and returned it back to me.  Our bet was, if the man would give me back the change without me reminding him then I win.  And guess what, I lost.

I told my wife, there are two possibilities for a person not to be able to give back our change without us asking him: First, is that he purposely did that for us to eventually forget it or... second, he just honestly forgot the whole thing.  We prefer to think it was the latter...

It was not a very smooth sailing ride, we nearly bumped by a backing mixer truck.  Thank God, we arrived safe and sound... and the best thing is we again saw our children... eagerly waiting for us... God bless.


  1. indeed, its better to forget few incidents rather than repenting on them uselessly

  2. what can we ask for than to see our kids waiting for us. they remove every problem that we have in out head...

    bumpy ride glad you made it.

  3. Wow! You're mom is so impressive for conquering the zipline.

  4. Sometimes we just have to continue believing in the basic goodness of man in spite of limitations such as forgetfulness , or else we lose hope.