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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hurray for Our Company's First Sponsored MBA Program Graduates!

Just recently, several of my colleagues in our department who joined our company's MBA program had finally made through.  I may say they are very fortunate that their schooling expenses were shouldered by our company.  Also, they do not need to travel to their school because they are provided with an air-conditioned classroom within our company's premises by which was attended by their instructors.  This was in consideration of their classes being after their work.  Furthermore, their school did not require them to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).  They just took the university's entrance examination.  Because if it did, then they will be preparing for the GMAT which won't really be a problem as long as they are well equipped.

If, in any case, since a lot of MBA programs worldwide already require you to have a GMAT score to qualify, you need not to worry.  You just have to choose among the many reviewers that can provide you with the latest GMAT practice test which can best prepare you.  I suggest that in choosing, you may want to look at the reviewer's background and how good their instructors are.  It would surely make a difference and will definitely make it worth your time and money.

To our new MBA colleagues, we know it wasn't easy finishing your course. We heard of your countless sleepless nights and overtimes but you conquered it all. With this, my sincere congratulations.  Now is the time to take another step towards growth, and be what the company hopes you to become as you  go forth in an era thriving for sheer excellence. Good luck and God bless.

The MBA program of our company to its selected employees.


  1. I'll be very honest, I'm not sure what MBA is so I don't have a good comment. Now on the other hand if this is about sports, I'm not really a sports fan but you are definitely giving great advice.

  2. My sincere apology, Marie... MBA is an acronym that stands for "Master of Business Administration". It is a master's degree in academics. Thanks anyway for your kind compliment. God bless.